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Wells Fargo / overcharged

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I was so fed up with Wells Fargo and their strange overdraft fees I began searching online for others who may have had the same situation as me. I was surprised to see how many people were complaining and relieved because I know I am not overdrawing my account and just crazy. I have had overdraft fees when my account goes low and then purchases keep moving around as to which date they actually come in. Wells Fargo internet banking keeps changing the dates or times when things post or come in. Things get moved around so that your deposits may or may not actually be entered with a correct date/time. So by moving the deposit time around on any given day, your account will go into the negative.

Here's my most recent incident.

I had money in my account and transferred my last 20.00 from savings to checking on Monday last week, 3-23-09. By Tuesday I had six dollars in my account with nothing coming in. I checked off all my purchases or bills before I left for work and checked the internet against my register. Everything had gone through. I spent four dollars for lunch. The next day I dropped in 26.00 just to spend if I wanted. All week my account was fine. Never did it show that I was overdrawn and according to my accounting I was never overdrawn. By Friday morning I had $20.89 as I knew I should. At 3:20 pm I had two bounced check fees.

What happened supposedly was that I bounced that four dollar lunch expense on Tuesday and the fees didn't show up until Friday afternoon but one of the fees was dated for Thursday. I did not see an overdraft on Thursday. Never, during the week, did my account show I was overdrawn. I could have went to the bank to talk with someone they could have corrected it if I saw the fee. How is it that a bank can consider you overdrawn but wait 3 days to let you know? I could have really messed up with having an overdrawn account for 3 days and not even knowing it because it doesn't show up for 3 days to even let me review it.

During the week all the purchases kept re-arranging themselves. I believe there is some formula that knows when I am low and re-arranges everything so I do bounce a check. I keep telling the Bank Manager that I want true accounting and whatever this is - it's not true accounting. Whatever comes in first needs to be put in the account first and whatever purchase come in first need to be paid in the order they come in. They said they pay the biggest bills first. It's my money I want the bank to be a bank. I am entrusting them to handle my money.

When a deposit hits the account in the morning and then purchases come after that deposit, they should be covered. This is not what is happening at Wells Fargo. Your deposit of cash may actually be moved to later in the afternoon and then your purchases may bounce.

I am not spending before money is in my account. I monitor my account several times a day because I have had so much trouble with Wells Fargo.

I am fed up with them. I'm tired of the bank manager telling me that I just don't know how to balance my account. I have believed for a while that there was some formula in their system that knows what to do when I am low on my account - not overdrawn - but the funds are low. I have had this bounced fee situation going on for a while and it happens about every four months and only when I am low.

I also have two bills that come into my account on a specified date. Then they drop off for a couple of days and come back in. Doesn't that seem strange? The bank blames it on the companies that I am paying and says that it is not their problem and it's really the companies that are doing this that are at fault? Ummm really? None of my other friends with banking accounts at other banks have this problem. Bills don't pop on and off at random.

I am interested in pursuing a class action suit against them as there are so many other people, on various sites, that are saying the same thing about overdrafts as well as strange mortgage situations. I am tired of being screwed by the man and then bailing them out.

I do not want to here people say that I can not balance my account. I live paycheck to paycheck like most people and manage my money to the last penny. I feel as though the people who are making sarcastic remarks probably never have had just six dollars in their account. I'm sure they have thousands and just think those of us that complain are idiots.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore!

Please write to the BBB and the Attorney General of your state and the Federal Trade Commission. I will be pursuing a class action suit.

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  • Va
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    I too had small debits from a Friday come through on Tuesday with a large check. I should have had 1 NSF fee, but they always manage to make it look like all charges came through the same day and charge you 6 NSF fees. I have sent my complaint to the Office of the Controller of Currency. Don't know how they can get away with it.

    I had fraudulent charges on my account 3 weeks ago, and they have just now resolved that issue with items returned and huge late fees. When I asked how they can return items when the problems is still trying to be resolved, I got the answer of "Well, the system doesn't understand". What idiots.

  • Va
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Wells Fargo have held off depositing my pay check in order to collect overdraft fees. Wells Fargo debit larger checks before smaller ones that are drawn on the account in the same period. Doing so assures that a larger number of checks bounce if I have insufficient funds, resulting in more fees for the bank.

    I would like the bank to reimburse all the fees that was wrongfully charged. Fees totaling $1000 over the years.

  • Ma
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    the same thing happened to me ... i had money in my acct. and went about doing my errands since i did have the money in my acct for the debits i was making.. end of day i pd my rent.. since i was having direct deposit that night... the damn wells fargo put my rent check at the bottom of all the debits i did... that already went through and charged overdraft fees for 6 debits i did for the day... i am now in the minus and they held on to my direct deposit a extra day.. i am fight ing them now to give me bk the over draft fees... they refuse... they really screwed me over good... this really sucks... i am letting everyone i know about how they work..

  • Cl
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    Six weeks ago we checked our credit report with all 3 credit agencies. It was perfect, pristine except for an auto loan that Wells Fargo claimed to have given us 8 years ago in which the payments were untimely... damaging our credit. Neither my husband or myself have ever done business with Wells Fargo!

    Sent them a letter over a month ago asking for copies of all their documentation on this 'loan'. Wells Fargo has not responded at all. They are responsible for this mark on our credit report which is a lie and has injured us yet they ignore our request for documentation which the government says they must give us. Not trustworthy to ever do business with from my perspective.

  • Ma
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    Wells Fargo Financial Cards called me at work to collect a $35 over-the-limit charge on my credit card. By the way, I did not want the card, but it was transferred over to Wells Fargo from Lazy Boy Furniture. When I told the person that I was not at liberty to discuss the issue at work, she became rude and demanding, insisting that I settle when I was going to pay the amount then and there. I gave the collector my home telephone number (which they already had) and asked for a call-back after 6:00 pm when I would be able to discuss the call. Later, when I arrived home, I called their 800 service number because the call at work had been very distressing.

    I was told by the customer 'service' rep that the $35 was the annual fee that put me over the limit. I asked her to remove that amount. She verified that I was a good customer, always paid the bill on time, etc. So she agreed to remove the $35 which put me over my credit limit. She then told me my next payment was due at the first of the month. When I went back to my personal bill file, I noted that I had already paid that bill (about two weeks before the bill was actually due). The next morning, I called the 800 number again just to verify that the charge had been removed. It had not. I once again explained to that 'service' rep all that had happened and she assured me that she would indeed remove the charge. When I asked for her last name or the name of the manager so I could be sure to follow up if necessary, she declined to give me that information.

    About a week later, I started receiving phone calls from Wells Fargo Financial Cards collection again, now stating that I owed over $70 in overcharge to the account. I told them they were mistaken, but apparently 'new charges' had been added to my bill. They insisted right there and then that I make a payment arrangement. I declined, telling them that I would not make any arrangements until I actually had a bill in hand and since I had already paid the bill for that month, they would have to generate a new bill. The 'service' rep insisted that I make a payment arrangement then and there. I firmly declined and asked to speak to her supervisor. 'Michelle' came on the line and told me that I had not adhered to the terms of agreement for the card. I was also told I would receive a phone call every day until I made a payment arrangement. I asked for the name of the president of the company and Michelle LAUGHED at me, told me to have a nice day and hung up.

    Through time and energy, I found the name of Anne Jackson who is supposedly the president of Wells Fargo Financial Cards. I wrote her a letter of complaint, telling her that I did not want to be contacted any further by telephone and asking that she write me a letter of confirmation. I sent the letter by certified mail and received a confirmation that my letter had been received, however, Ms. Jackson had NOT signed it. It was signed by John Pierson who probably works in the mailroom. I seriously doubt Ms. Jackson has seen my letter. And here's the reason why:

    I received a letter yesterday from Wells Fargo Financial Cards informing me that my account had been closed and no further charges will be accepted on the account. (Yesterday was February 24, 2009. On February 20, 2009, I sent a payment in to them, again it was two weeks prior to when the actual payment is due.) I was instructed to destroy all my Wells Fargo credit cards and convenience checks (which I have NEVER used).

    I will never do business with this bank again. I will also make it my personal campaign to tell everyone I know who is thinking about getting a credit card, applying for a mortgage, opening a checking account, investing in a CD to NOT use Wells Fargo Bank. As far as I am concerned, they are a shameful lot. I hope the next company I hear about going under on the national news is Wells Fargo Bank. They certainly deserve it.

    By the way, I will be sending Ms. Jackson a second letter with half of my cut up credit card, along with several reports I've copied from [redacted], and a copy of the idiotic letter I received yesterday. I will be giving her my home telephone number so that if she chooses to call (which I highly doubt she will) I can ream her and her company good.

  • No
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    I called Wells Fargo about a charge on my bank statement that I didn't recognize, and they answered my question. I had done this before many times for free, and thought nothing about it.

    I check my online statement a couple days later to find a $2.00 charge for that phone call. It was the toll free number that allows a person to check balances, ... and to speak to an operator. I then called again, and spoke to another representative about this $2.00 charge. He said Wells Fargo charges for questions that could have been answered by the automatic teller.

    There was no warning of this charge before a live operator picked up the phone. I think it is B.S., and want to warn everyone.

  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

  • Ro
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The same thing happened to me and I am pissed, my email is

  • Du
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Good old WELLS FARGO
    I was going over my 92 yr old mothers bank statements. I noticed a check #---- no payee for 103.68 Then it said the check was converted to electronic form. Cannot be returned, copied, or imaged.
    It was intered on her statement as, Ovat 5813 D Premium. I do not believe my mother wrote this check. I called Wells fargo, of course I hung up the phone more confused And pissed off then before. Is this WF oferdraft charge. Which no overdrafts were made ??
    And yes WF will probable start charging to enter thier Bank doors.


  • De
      17th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Oh My God. Use a check register Lady, then maybe you won't have to worry about how things process... BTW, you can't sue the bank. You signed your rights from that when you opened your account. Read your is in simple terms about how order of posting and processing works.

    To Duane.. The merchant takes the check and converts it electronically..ACH ( automated clearing house)... and they (the merchant, NOT Wells Fargo or other Financial Institution) destroy the original check. If you're confused then RESEARCH the company itself, not the freaking bank. The Bank accepts the transaction only. If its fraud then file a fraud claim, place a stop payment, or just close the account. In response to your remark about the bank charging...Maybe they should give you a idiot test before you open your account?!

  • Se
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wouldn't never recommended Wellsfargo bank to anyone, especially business banking. They ripped you off with every little fees. If you can get out to other bank!

  • Cl
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    I had been a customer at Wells Fargo for over 15 years when I went through a nasty divorce. I noticed right away I was treated differently as my ex- got the business and all the money even though they had only dealt with me. In November of 2008 the bank misplaced my deposit of 10, 000.00 and even with a receipt in hand they would not credit my account. The bank manager asked me to leave the receipts with him while it was researched while over the next three months sending me home with a dept phone number and no money in hand.

    While this was happening my credit card was overdrafting to the tune of 17000.00 and in late December of 05 I received another phone call stating I never made my payment. I had all my accounts on auto pay and had over 20000.00 in the bank.It was a Saturday when i got the call that i had not made my payment and after everything was said and done I found out i was overdrawn. The following Monday I spent 6 hours in branch, The teller took my money and then asked me for exactly the same amount for my checking. I questioned why I would pay both my credit card and checking account and so we began out inquiry. I found out i had overdrafted my credit card over 17k and no one had told me. They rewarded me once again by recharging my credit card which overdrafted again and charged off my account. was pissed.

    I went to another san ramon branch and begin trying to straighted out this mess. I could not and it continued to snow ball into my business accounts. Even though i took everything off auto pay the bank helped themselves to another payment and overdrew my business account. They then closed those accounts and turned me into telecheck even though they were the ones who over drew me. The bank president has been working with me on this mess since Dec and it is still not resolved.

    Last week the same overdrafted credit card was turned over to there recovery dept which in turn is now suing me.They informed me there was no fraud because the overdraft came from my checking account even though I have a fraud claim filed.

    Bottom line in 2 months i went from having a credit score of 800 to 580 and the refuse to correct there mistake.

  • Ju
      27th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    To Depeche Mode Rules: Your comment was not only stupid, but very rude. WellsFargo is NOTORIOUS for making bank errors. You sound like you're a bank whore. What do you do...go around and stick up for banks? How much did you get paid to write that idiotic comment? His mother is 92 years old! Do you even HAVE parents? Or were you raised by ###s? Since you know so much about how the banking system works, sounds like you're one of them. People like you should not be able to comment on boards. I hope you have a banking problem that's SO big, you lose your house and all of your money just for being such an ###. What are you a bank CEO? This person just wrote a comment about his experience and you go and insult him. This is for COMPLAINTS only! So take your remarks and know-it-all attitude somewhere else and let people have their say without people like you acting like you're so above them. What the hell are you even on here for? To monitor what people say about your precious money suckers?

  • Jo
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    A similar thing happened to me. Because of the "mistake" I have no food money for next month. I think we should organize protests. My email is

  • Ca
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also have had the same problems with Wells Fargo. I was a teller many years ago and the service these days is anything but customer "service". In those days, it was customary to process deposits first and then debits. When I questioned by bank manager about it when three overdraft charges were added to my account she said that the debits are processed first. This is another way Wells Fargo has been making money.

  • An
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    Happened to me too ~ the first couple times I just dealt with it ~ then the last time I took the info down to the Branch, explained how the charges were incorrectly hitting my account which is causing the O/D's ...the Branch Manager said she didnt have the authority to change anything ~ even tho all I was asking is the extra O/D fee's to be removed and how I could prove with receipts ect and even the shops deposit records that WF was posting the charges incorrectly. When the branch wouldnt do anything about it ~ I scanned all the info and sent to the customer service contact given to me to contact. This is what I got back

    Overdraft and Return Check fees are posted to your account on the business day after the actual overdraft occurs.
    In reviewing your overdraft fees, I found that although you made your Check Card purchase at xxxx for $8.25 and $5.75 on 10/16/2009, xxxx did not present this transaction to Wells Fargo for payment until 10/19/2009.

    (more blah blah blah on how its not THEIR FAULT etc ... but note I never said it was or wasnt their fault I was asking that 2 of the 3 O/D charges be removed because I could prove with receipts that their was funds in the account at the time of the charge...but Nooooooo they'd rather lose a customer than lose their precious extra fee's and predatory income they sooooo rely on ...all Ive found are bad reports on Wells Fargo ~ so never again with me and Im telling everyone I know how they treated me...the letter continued)

    At your request, I have closed your Custom Management Checking account effective today.
    We realize that in today's environment, customer service often becomes the deciding factor when a customer chooses a financial institution. Wells Fargo is truly committed to coming through for its customers. ( Yah right~~!) Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed your service expectations. (If that was so a simple ~ removal of excess fee's wouldve been the answer!)
    We are sorry that we failed to meet your expectations but hope you will allow us the chance to serve you again in the future. (Again ~ Never again!!! EVER!)

  • No
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    Wells Fargo is like the biggest Mafia. I'm not here to judge anyone, where their from, who they are as people, because aren't we all consumers and when it seems as though one of us is getting ripped off, turns out we're all getting ripped off. I am here to say that Wells Fargo is the mafia and they will Nickel and Dime you for everything you have if you let them. If everyone who is not happy with Wells Fargo wrote a letter to the corporate office and submit bad reviews and surveys. I loved Wachovia and went there years ago to get away from Wells Fargo and sadly now Wells Fargo has rubbed their bad name on the best bank I have ever banked with. Wachovia ranked #1 in customer service surveys is now ranked the worst at Wells Fargo! Boo. It's crazy at how many people hear the same stories and excuses from the least responsible financial institution. I mean I have money and don't worry about overdraft fee's but completely remember when they used to pull those schemes on me for insufficient funds of $2.00 (ridiculous!). Thats when you know the quality of business to expect; when a BANK, has to continuously rip of the weaker lower and middle class especially during this recession. PLEASE NOTE: RIPPING PEOPLE OFF IS THE ONLY WAY WELLS FARGO CAN MAKE MONEY!!

  • Ms
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Banks have processes that are somewhat confusing to those who have never worked for one, but I assure you most complaints are unjustified... Merchants ad retailers have alot to do with error and incorrect posting dates but banks take the shot for most errors. Posting dates are highly determined by each company you do business with, checks and whether funds are collected or not. Although it's a modern era, there are still alot of old fashioned restrictions and it's important to understand that going into a bank or any other company and raisig hell is unfortunately equivalent to shooting the messenger. Alas all banks have pitfalls, but if switching banks makes you feel better do it! In fact, if hiding your cash under your mattress makes you feel better, more power to you. We live in a world of "unjusified" acts.. But try to remember that your place of business has flaws equal To all other companies and how you feel when you're trying to explain your companies mistakes or even policies and your customer refuses to accept what you're trying to say. This is not to say that some claims are not justified, but keep in mind human error and that your bank is not "out to get you". Stop buying into the media and treat others with respect.

  • Jp
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Re the OVAT D notation. This is the notation that Wells uses to note that a handwritten check has been converted to an ACH payment by the check payee. I recently had one from my AARP medicare drug insurance program that came through that way on my statement. It would be much easier if Wells would post the check number on the transaction, since they do have that info. I had to call customer service and the rep told me it was Check number blah-blah. They would have fewer calls if they included the check number in the description.

  • Jp
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    PS - I am NOT a bank Ho - but, I have had excellent results in taking my compaints directly to my branch manger at Wells. I had a problem with a misapplied deposit (they put in wrong acct), which resulted in snowballing bank charges. After being presented with my evidence, the branch manager fixed it all within 10 minutes, applying the deposit correctly and removing all service charges. Branch Managers DO have the authority toremove service charges, OD fees, etc, but must answer to bank auditors if they accomodate one particular customer too often for no apparent reason.

    Generally, if you present yourself to the banker as a "banker" (ie; dress in business attire and have all your douments neat & tidy in a case or folio), they will be much more ammenable to helping you out. Insist on seeing them privately in their office. This will also help set the "professional" tone of your meeting. If you happen to get a real A-hole, then don't lose your temper, just ask for an appoitment to see the District Manager or whoever the next guy up the line is. Also, document all your conversations with name, date, etc. In the long run, if they are wrong, you will usually prevail.

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