Wells Fargo Bank / fraudulent fees assessed towards recnt ly closed accounts.

Wells Fargo [Oregon]Finaicial Services, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 951-894-2560

Attention Wells Fargo consumers who were charged wrongful fees,

For Wells Fargo Civil Lawsuit Class Action call me at [protected] Ask for Mr. Terry.

We never charge you legal or processing fees of any kind. We will recover the fees that Wells Fargo fraudulently stole from you and people like you. In addition we have received the green light to seek punitive damages, as this case was not born out of negligence or an oversight, but rather cunning calculated financial planning and taking into account their propensity for getting caught. They actually did quite an impressive job of keeping it out of mainstream medias or the consciousness of anyone that matters. Because of the seriousness of these civil and criminal complaints we are sworn to secrecy and all Discovery is kept classified until judgment day and we can have them served. Their Oregon state financial services will be the first released indicted by the Grand Jury, as a heads up. We are close, real close.

We need you if you have a similar case or perhaps all you know is Wells Fargo charges you fees that do not seem legal or right. Perhaps you canceled an account only to find out you still owe on it.

A long haul though Wells Fargo is now about ready to pay up and be held accountable for their actions along with all the upper management personnel we can trace. The staff giving the orders and mandates of "creating debt" and subsequently charging the monies off. We have several written memorandums though to Wells Fargo credit they kept this well compartmentalized in order to assure compliance of the scheme yet for no one to piece it all together .

Theses upper management directors and principles of Well Fargo Bank are all in an active process being reviewed by our expert team and we have brought in some outside help, an ex-circuit court judge, for the purpose of sledging out any weak spots or flaws that could make for a reasonable doubt. We are not ready till every last ounce of doubt is purged from this case. We invented the term "Air-tight Case!" Their Credit Division in the state of Oregon has been the easiest to unravel with full fledged supporting documentation coupled with two highly reputable and trustworthy banking employees that have first hand eye-witness accounting of the men and women of Wells Fargo they believe were in full collusion at the highest point of this financial conspiracy to defraud the IRS and American taxpayer out of millions of dollars.

Note to Wells Fargo: Contact us should you have any ideas of solution. Time is not on your side. Act quickly, you are warned.

All others: We will prevail as we always do. Call Mr. Terry for Class Action Civil Suit, based on fraudulent fees assessed to your account. Call [protected]

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