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Wells Fargo Bank / poor service!

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On 08-31-07, I deposited a check in my business account for $4000. I was told on that day there would be a five day hold on that check amount. On September 4, 2007, I was sent a e-mail to my on line banking account, stating they are "imposing an additional hold" until September 10, 2007. When I called to ask who gave them permission to assume I wanted to allow them to use my funds for their own purposes, they advised me they were complying with company policy.

I asked the bank manager why they could manipulate my money, impose unauthorized holds on my account, and who was going to pau my rent for my business? The manager did not care. She kept telling me how the bank had the right to adjust the length of time for the hold as the bank deemed necessary. Hum

I thought that they had government restrictions on this bank practices. I guess Wells Fargo Bank is special and can make up the rules as they go along. I wish I had that power to withhold money that is not mine, because I would be holding Wells Fargo's money in the New Bank of Chris.

Who do you think you think you think you are? YOU ARE A BANK NOT GOD. I hold Wells Fargo responsible for any damages I suffer due to their illegal, willful acts ,with intent to defraud their customers. Wells Fargo needs to stopped, and fined or jailed or whatever is necessary for them to
do business in a fair way.

You should be ashamed of yourself along with Sandy Chow, Bank Manager of 24th Ave and Irving St branch and Angel Chau for lying to customers and being for lack of a better word a two rude ###. Not business motivated, or banking professional, just plain rude ### with no accountability for their actions.

Wells Fargo you need to teach your employees customer service. NOT CUSTOMER DEFRAUDING SHAMEFUL!

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  • Ja
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    We purchased a vehicle and our lender was Wells Fargo Bank. We did not have an issue with them until we moved to a new state. First they called and asked for proof of insurance. OK no problem but we couldn't send it to them. It had to come from our current insurance provider. Well we exchanged info and gave them our insurance info and called our insurance agent to inform them of the request. 2 months latter our car loan bill come in the mail with a charge of $169.00 extra for insurance. It took a several phone calls and a fax and thought it had been fixed. Well it did not they are still trying to charge it to us for it. Ok I can forgive, no problem, but now we are in a phone war to get our tags done. We moved from Kansas to Oregon and her you need a title for your car sent in to get a vehicle tag. They have not done anything for it. We were suppose to send our tag fee and the tagging info required by Oregon to them. They sign it and mail it off to the Oregon DMV, and we get our tags in about 4 weeks. Well that was almost 3 months ago. We called them 3 times before we sent it to them to make sure it would not take longer. We were informed everything was in order. We were lied to. When we called them after 2 weeks to see how it was going. They told us they had to send off for a new title and that could take 6-8 weeks. What the heck. That was never discussed or even brought up as a potential issue. Now here we are our tags are expired. We called Kansas last week and guess what? They have not received anything. No letter, no title request, and not even a phone call. Needless to say I called Wells Fargo and do you know what we were told. Well maybe we needed to pay off the insurance balance to get that taken care of. I was enraged now. Spoke to 3 different customer service people at Wells Fargo. They said they sent an E-Mail to Kansas DMV. A dang E-Mail. All they had to do was sign the paperwork and send it in, or sign it send it to Kansas and they mail it in. Now we are going on 3 months of this. Wells Fargo never ever again. I strongly urge any of you to not use them. They don't know or care about there business, customers, or simply doing the right thing!

  • Ka
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    Well Fargo - Poor service!
    United States

    Well Fargo NA has been overcharging me on my mortgage for the past year of 2007. This was due to forced placed flood insurance. I already had insurance that covered flood and this was brought to their attention and supposedly cleared up 3 time. It never was. Now I cannot get a total on what they owe me and in trying to get this matter fixed. My mortgage is payed up and they are still sending me threating repayment plan letters. I don't get it I get letters from three different offices SC, TX and CA. Could someone please fix this and hold them responsible for actions. I have almost lost my home several times because of this. My payments are $877 a month and I have been paying $1047.00 for the past year.

    This is fraud!

  • Ja
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    Wells Fargo - Poor service!

    Wells Fargo wasn't even the company the lease was originally with. I have been stuck with an exorbitant lease for 72 months. I have paid more than double the value of the vehicle already and now this company wants another $4000.00 at the end of the contract (including taxes, which I have already paid every month). I tried several times during this torturous lease to ask them to repossess the vehicle, but they refused. They threatened to sue me if I took it back to the dealership. This lease wasn't even signed by the dealership. Originally , it was with Trans Canada Credit, and then one fine day, I received a statement from Wells Fargo, who I never dealt with in the first place. They have been hounding me ever since. I have paid because they keep threatening me, however the final straw is this $4000.00 they want at the end of the lease. The car isn't even worth that much and I have already paid $30 000.00 for a $15, 000.00 car. Thanks for reading this!

  • Be
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I have a similiar complaint. I have made several large payments to Wells Fargo over the past three years to prevent foreclosure. To date they have not explained why they have charged me fees, raised my mortgage paper or given me an accurate total for my escrow. What can be done about this company?

  • Br
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    i went to close my loan on new home purchace 3-19. i tried for a week to get a copy of final hud 1 form. i never got it. 1st time i saw it was at closing. it had charges i was supposed to pay that was not in original loan app. they postponed closing 3 times & during that time the rate went from 6% 30 yr fixed to 6.87 i locked that rate after the 2nd postponement. nothing i could do even though they postponed. i didnt sign. i called bank of america got 6% 30 yr. fixed no pmi & no closing costs. wells fargo & chicago title are the worst ive ever seen. like the keystone cops. if you do any buisness with wells fargo, they will lie, cheat & postpone for no reason. use them and you will regret it till you die. this was my 3rd home purchase and i could not believe the mess that wells fargo and idiots at chicago title in phoenix did. deal with, and you will be sooo sorry!!!

  • Cm
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    this is the worst bank ever and we all need to get together and file a class action. i get phone calls the day after my payment date, my note is $380. a month i pay $400 yet i allways get some sort of fees hanging on my account, i requested a statment it took 5 months and then it was not accuret.
    we need to do somthing what ever can be done i have had car loans in the past and never had a problem.

  • Re
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    I totally agree. My parents have a mortgage through Wells Fargo. The recently went through a divorce but are still paying the mortgage until the home sells. They each pay half the mortgage each month. If they are even 1 day over the grace period, the amount owed goes up drastically despite the fact that the late payment is less than $60. I continually did not understand why the payment would be so high. So today I took matters into my own hands when they called my mother. She had to give them permission to talk to me but once she did, I started asking questions about the total amount due as it did not add up. It took me 20 minutes talking to them to get an answer. They were very vague and would not explain the charges until I continually questioned them. My mother and stepfather are elderly and I am sure they did not know what they were getting into.

    The answer they gave me about the extra charges is that the loan is an interest bearing account and they are adding extra interest. This might sound okay... but the extra interest is astronomical... around $170 per month in additionf to the late fee when they are late. Mind you they are never more than 10 days late... perhaps they were a little over 30 days one month when the divorce dispute was happening. One of the "extra" interest fees was $369. So please be aware, this may be where some of your extra charges are coming from.

    I called our state's Attorney General's office. I urge you to do the same. If enough people start complaining about their practices, perhaps something productive can be done. The Attorney General's office is very interested in looking into this. They too felt this sounds unfair. Please call your Attorney General's office to have them investigate. You may have to fill out some forms and send them some information, but it the more people who speak out, the better. I am appalled by their business practices and by the way they harrass my parents as well. My mortgage company is wonderful compared to them. A late fee is a late fee when it comes to my mortgage... no added charges. Please help to stop the insanity.

  • Sa
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    Wells fargo is the worst bank I have ever banked with in my life. They have so many insane hidden charges and are a freaken joke. I can't believe people still bank with them, they must be rich and not realize their paying alot of money for nothing. They sent me an overdraft letter today and then I called because I closed my account a week ago and was unware of this. The slow unhelpful supervisor said I owed ten more dollars because I was late 2 days in paying my overdraft fee and its 5 dollars a day after the third day. They send overdraft letters late so your unaware and charge you on top of the late charges. They are insane and something needs to be done in the first place about insane overdraft charges. Im a hard worker I only make 9 dollars an hour and they want to charge almost 50 dollars in hidden fees 23 dollars on each overdraft, Americas banking system needs to change ..

  • Jo
      30th of Jul, 2011
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    I had been doing business with Wachovia bank for my business for about 9 years. Wachovia is now Wells Fargo for whatever reason. I was charged $170 some dollars by Google on an ad account that was non existent or closed. I informed Wells Fargo. They offered a credit and canceled my business debit card. I was told I would receive a new debit card in about a week. I did not get the debit card in a week and checked back with them several times over the next month. All my business was done on the debit card, gas purchases, withdrawals and have still not received a debit card. WELLS FARGO HAS LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER. I hope this complaint saves others from the grief, stress and cost this has incurred me and my business. I have ran out of gas and had to walk on a busy highway in a rough neighborhood. I could not pay my cell phone without my debit card and lost my service and lost service for my wife and two sons. My damages go on and on and on and on. I will never recover my losses but hope I might save others my anger and frustration.

  • Jw
      16th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes
    Wells Fargo Bank - poor service
    Wells Fargo Bank
    United States

    Where to start? Business account for more than 6 years. In transition from Wachovia to Wells Fargo monthly fees tripled. Found out we were in a cash/retail business account. We don't deal in cash. Was told they would not reverse the fees, but they could save us money in the future if we wanted to add more services. Why would I want to add more services from a company that has screwed us in the past? Just sat in the drive-through for 10 minutes with no service. Left and tried to call the bank, but of course there's no local number, just the 800 number. Pathetic. We are looking for a new bank who cares about its clients. Never have been overdrawn, never presented a bad check.

  • Ga
      25th of Jan, 2012
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    Wells Fargo - Poor service!
    Wells Fargo
    United States

    My Business partner took out a loan for our business, as it turned out he ended up using it for his cancer treatment
    after he passed in 2009, Two days to be exact three reps from the local branch came to the shop and wanted to know who would be paying the debt. Keeping in mind it had been two days since he died. I said I would. For the last three years I haven't missed a payment.Some time later I noticed that after all the payments 2 years worth. the balance was the the same. I called the bank
    and asked what could be done about the APR they told me to pay it off. I will be able to do so soon but I cant believe that the were so mean about the subject. I only asked for them to lower the APR so the $ 500.00 a month payments would bring down the principal
    I was told pay it in full or to bad. I will pay this note off some day. But I promise to NEVER due business with them again
    I hope that every one who reads this will join with me and never due business with Wells Fargo any where.

  • Ph
      27th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Agreed. They have absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Je
      27th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

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