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Resolved issued credit took it away

I am a disabled person of working age. I received a large sum of back pay when I took my Social Security judge awarded me over $60, 000. Wells Fargo Investment Services demand I have a Wells Fargo Credit Card.

I said "no thank you."

One year later a card arrived in the mail with a limit of $8, 000. The interest rate was over 17%. I contacted Wells Fargo's credit services and told them I wished to close the account. They advised against that as it would damage my credit. Wells Fargo then proceeded to lower the interest rate on the card.

Wells Fargo Credit lowered my interest rate to 5.9% and issued me a line of credit for a total of $11, 500. I owed at the time approximately $8, 500. Which I paid in full.

I invested with Wells Fargo Financial. One expert was fired and Wells Fargo's new investment "expert" advised I take my investment funds and liquidate them. I lost $50, 000.

Two years later when I had once again reached the amount of $8, 000 in debt on my Wells Fargo credit card. I never missed a payment, I never over drafted and Wells Fargo took my card away.

Now they are calling me with threats and demands. What are WE going to do????????????????????????????

Resolved credit card rewards ripoff!

Every time you use your Wells Fargo credit card, you collect points per every dollar spent. These point can later on be used to redeem gift cards and other items as well as for travel related things as hotel nights, flights etc. I ordered gift cards for a total of 16,500 points. The total value of this is appr. $165. After a couple of weeks the letter came. However, the only items in this letter was a packing slip stating what I ordered and a black piece of paper with the note 'Congratulations! Here's Your Rewards. Have Fun'.

I understood that something was not right so I called them up immediately to report that I did not get any gift cards. The woman on the phone could not do anything (as always when you call a company now a days), but had to send it to her managers for investigation.

The story is also that the envelope to the letter had a slit on the side. I assume some under paid worker at either Wells Fargo or the postal office must have found a way to make some extra Christmas money. The managers have now been calling me every 48h to tell me that they are working on it. However, I think in this case I have not done anything wrong. Why should I be punished for this and not receive my cards until they have solved their problem.

I would assume in this case they should send me my replacement cards immediately and then take care of their internal problems later on. Until I have received the letter with the gift cards the problem is completely on their side. They have to deal with the postal service if they believe that someone there have stolen them. I should not be involved in that process and get my ordered items delayed or even refused.

Until I see these gift cards in my mail box I assume they are not willing to send me my replacement cards and they totally ripped me off of these. I have now switched to use another banks credit cards and I will payoff my Wells Fargo credit cards and then probably close that account and totally quit all my personal banking with Wells Fargo.

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    wellsfargo unethical Jul 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo is a huge institution, they are extremely unethical and have stacks of complaints against them. We borrowed $100k for home remodel and were told we would get the best interest rate for 813 credit score. When it came to, they resended their quote and gave us the "average" credit score interest rate. We will NEVER deal with them again. We have our first mortgage, PMA account and a lot of savings with them. Unfortunately, they locked us in for 3 years (penatly free), so we will be leaving them in 2years 9 months (at the earliest). We were also promised $250.00 gift card since we applied and were approved $100k home eq line of credit and we have fought with them (5 phone calls) to get the gift card. We will never see it. It's a fraudulent offer they advertise to get more of your money. Our attorney, a personal friend, is now involved. Wells Fargo is extremely profitable and nearly unstoppable. Fortunately, we have a credit union and are happy to be going back to. I don't mind paying a bit higher interest, because they don't lie or rip you off like WF.

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    wellsfargo unethical Jul 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I forgot to add, there is actually a website dedicated to Wells Fargo. It only consists of complaints and their unethical business practices. wellsfargosucks.com

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    Ran Jul 19, 2008
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  • Jd
    jdavis2821 Nov 12, 2009

    I just had a bad transaction with Wells Fargo in Delaware. I just can't get over all the things Wells Fargo gets away with. I have had dozens of loans thru the years and have never got scammed until now. Wells Fargo Sucks and so do the people that work there and rip people off.
    [email protected]

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  • Cd
    cdabis Mar 24, 2010

    I've used Wells Fargo's credit card since 1983. No problems. I am an active consumer, as opposed to a passive one that makes no decisions; consequently, I have never had any problems with them.

    For example: Home mortgage. I never sign loan documents if the interest rate is different than the one agreed upon. I never accept pre-payment penalties on a mortgage document.

    Credit Card Example: I like money, not points. I redeem my "cash" rewards quarterly. I phone them, usually late at night to avoid the heavy telephone traffic. They put the rewards credit onto my credit card and provide me with a transaction confirmation number.

    Point: If you are pro-active, you are in control. If you are passive, whining is your only option.

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  • Ba
    Bauerete Oct 26, 2010

    I hate Wells Fargo's Rewards. I redeemed my points 2 weeks before closing my account, and for some reason i didn't get my cards. So i called them and they told me that there was something wrong with my address (BS), there was nothing wrong... So, they said that they got the cards back, and they wanted to give me my points back but because the account was already closed, so they cannot re-send my cards or give my points back.

    PLEASE DON'T ENROLL TO WELLS FARGO REWARDS!!! And for sure, i will change my 8 accounts (4 checking and 4 savings) that i have with Wells Fargo to Chase.

    I thought customers are always right, but i dont think wells fargo think this... Wells Fargo doesn't have a good CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • M7
    M78956 Jan 25, 2014

    Wells Fargo closed my rewards credit card for no reason AND WITHOUT NOTICE! I use the card a few times a year and has less than $150 balance from a purchase the month prior. I had almost 31, 000 points that they stole from me! When I called and spoke with a rep, I was transferred over and over and over again until my call happened to disconnect - not by my doing. I called again - round and round and round we go - to nothing. If I would have been notified they were closing that account, I would have used the points I earned!!! But NOooooooooooo... They have to steal from their loyal customers time and time again! I am sick and tired of being screwed by this stupid bank! I loathe Wells Fargo!

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  • Jw
    J W W Apr 22, 2014

    I also never received my Rewards certificates. They can talk about dates sent... blah blah blah... bottom line is that I never received anything in the mail. They are investigating 4 weeks now... sounds like another ripoff.

    I agree with an earlier praise for PayPal. They stand by their customers! I had someone not send what was paid for using PayPal and they quickly refunded my money and then went after the slime ball. It doesn't get any better than that. I use PayPal for every credit trnasaction and sleep like a baby.

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  • Ja
    Jaime w Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I made a deposit for a secured credit card and they said the card would be mailed out in the next few business days. Immediately, the deposit and new acct showed up on my online banking. 10 days later... I still haven't received the card, and the new acct has a $0 balance, which is odd considering I still haven't even received the card. Apparently, WELLS FARGO decided to close the acct for me and transfer it somewhere else??? The customer service ppl were so sassy and rude when I called to locate my missing money, trying to tell me, "No worries ma'am, we mailed you the new card two days ago and once you receive it you'll be able to see the money online in your acct" even though it already showed me the acct, and that it had a $0 balance. Not to mention that I have a deposit slip from when I opened the acct and deposited the money at the same time, which apparently is now a meaningless piece of paper bc that acct doesn't exist anymore. And, through all the junk mail and emails I get from Wells Fargo, no one "working" over there felt it was necessary to let me know where they were taking my money... And I still don't know after spending 30 mins on the phone with some extremely ghetto customer service ppl, I'm just sayin... Wow Wells Fargo, way to pride yourself on quality customer service and banking. Looks like y'all have a lot of learning to do. In the meantime, I'll take my money elsewhere. Good day!!

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  • Gv
    gvvj Jun 03, 2016

    I agree. I had a new debit card issued and on its way. However, before I even received it in the mail. I noticed three charges to my account from a card I know nothing of. I found out that the new charges were on my new debit card, which is still in transit someplace.
    I finally, after some phone calls had the charges removed. Only after a good spill about how I must be careful on who I give the number to. Seems to me the only one who had the number is Well Fargo. The crooks are in the bank and doing well.

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