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Wells Fargo Auto Loan / harassment calls

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I am seriously disgusted with this company. WFF starts to make back to back phone calls starting the 2nd day after your car payment is due. My payment is due on the 29th of each month and by the 1st they start calling me over and over again. I have asked them not to call my cell phone all day because I am at work and need my cell phone for business and that I will get fired. They even call my house after 8pm and even on Sundays. I have requested that they block that number and still they call even after they promise not to. I recently owed them $68 and they were harassing me just 2 days after I have just spoken with someone 2 days prior and informed them that I would be making payments later in the week. I had made a payment online 3 days prior to that due date I promised and still they were calling. They are very nasty and not friendly at all. I would never do business again with this company.

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  • Ti
      21st of May, 2007
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    Well Fargo do not suppose to call you for another three days once they talk to you that day. They been calling me every hour and sometimes every thirty minutes. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act once you notify a company in writing not to contact you by phone they have to cease communication. I don't know much about the cell phone send them a letter by certified mail and tell them to stop calling you. Visit this web site or just go to google and type fdcpa and this web site will come up.

  • Cb
      8th of May, 2008
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    I am becoming incredibly irritated with this company. My stepdaughter has an auto loan through this bank, which I co-signed with her. She was late one month and promptly doubled up her next payment. Now they have put insurance on her vehicle without her consent and will not withdraw the demand for insurance payment until her current insurance company faxs them her information. They are calling and harassing me for 745.00 that she doesn't even owe. To keep track of her account I regularly check it online. Her payment schedule is current with her next payment not being due until the 19th. Worst of all, is the fact that my stepdaughter is in the navy with little time to deal with all this nonsense. They act like she is 6 months behind on her payments or something. Her loan started in November of last year. Thats 6 months of payments. As of "their" online records, she has made 6 payments. I would never, ever do any sort of business with this institution again.

  • Ru
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    Wells Fargo Auto Loan - Harassment
    Wells Fargo Auto
    1104 MARKET ST
    United States
    Phone: (570)321-9006

    I have Wells Fargo Auto Fiance and alerted them to the fact that I had been seriously ill (and had been on time with all my payments as of that date). They started bombarding my home with their collection calls, telling me it would be very difficult to get to work without my car. I told them I had alerted them months ago about my illness, made a payment at the end of June of $210.00, but that caught me up for May's payment, but how did I want to handle June's payment and we are now in July. I asked if there was anyway of getting one of my payments forgiven (meaning we drop it, and I would have an extra payment at the end of my contract). Their representative said they had such a program, but I was not entitled to it since I was only 8 months into my contract. I feel that with the economy the way it is they would want to work with people. After all, they have a 22% interest rate which means I am paying double for the amount of monies I took out. Why can't these people be more understanding, if it was them being sick and trying, wouldn't they want a break also??

  • Do
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    I asked WFAL's collection department Rep. for the specific guidelines for getting one month forgiven on 3 different days & spoke with 3 different people. I even talked to a supervisor one time. I was told 3 different things... and I am pretty sure I was talking to people each time, at different locations. So I have a theory.
    I think that Wells Fargo out-sources their collections department to general contracting services (or, as i have been calling them lately, "ghetto customer service")
    If your payment is late & you call Wells Fargo on their automated toll free number, you will be prompted to select if you are a customer... then you are prompted to enter your account number... then, even if you are one day late & you are calling to make a payment arrangment... you get ahold of a hussler trying to force you to pay your auto payment over the telephone, using a personal check!!!
    Anyway... if you need help... and I don't even know if THIS will work, my advise to you is to try to find a direct line to Wells Fargo Customer Service... and do not let them transfer you to their collection department... or else mail them a letter asking if you can fill out an extention request and submit it yourself, instead of relying on a call center employee to care about your credit.

  • Mi
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Wells Fargo claimed I was up to date on my bills. Then called and said I missed May. I took time off of work to fax proof that I hadn't. (I always pay). The woman I talked to first, had the same story as the woman I talked to second, that I was up to date, except for May. WHILE ON THE PHONE WITH ME, this woman was "locked out" of my account, sounding utterly confused and confounded. She said, "Let me try to look at it another way." Then continued to say someone must have frozen her access and was reviewing the account. Days later, the story changed. I hadn't missed May at all, it was December. Ah. No wait, it wasn't Dec. It was January. Either way, they want proof of payment. I can't find my receipt, but even when I said I thought I had the stub from the money order, they told me that might not be enough. These were Wells Fargo BRASS (you can find their numbers look). I mean. UN-REAL. Hope they like their $700 billion. I'm pulling out of all commercial banks and going the route of a CREDIT UNION. Look in to it. They are much better. These people do NOT deserve a dime.

  • Ap
      27th of Dec, 2008
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    you know i really hate wells fargo...i had gotten a loan threw then with my step-dad well just in aug 2008 i got into a car accidemt and my car was totaled i called wels fargo and explained my story because of the accident i lost my job so i was in the process of tryin to get a rent a car and a new job well when i called to talk to someone they all treated me real bad and i asked to talk to a supervisor and they where still nasty..i still owe 2000 dollars on a car i no longer own so i asked them if there was a way i can still keep makeing payments and they told me no that they wanted it all up front and once a again i reminded them that i lost my job due to the car accident and they still didnt want to hear it...needless to say i still havent paid the 2000 dollars off i have just been makeing payments as i can and they call me everyday at least 15 times a day starting at 7 am and goes on untill about 9 of 10 at night its way out of hand i wish i never have went threw them for a loan and i will never ever do it again...

  • Un
      23rd of May, 2010
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    Wells Fargo Auto Loan - Harrassment
    Wells Fargo
    United States

    My father- 74 year old with Parkinson's disease who jut had major back surgery and cannot walk nor hear is being harassed by Wells Fargo. He and my mother live on a very tight budget, my mother who takes care of my father with the help of me and my son all live here, my mother lost her job 7 months ago due to company cut-backs and got laid off indefinitely. The only income we have is mine and my fathers SS/retirement.

    Starting at 7am each morning the calls begin, non stop horrible mouthed collectors call to claim they want a check by phone and try to mind boggle us into saying we will authorize it or if not that means we refuse to pay, we became 2 months late on the loan about a year back and have been making a monthly payment since. Not missing once but behind still. Now I have begged them to refinance or make it so the loan was not charged ridiculous late fees as we are paying we just got a little behind.

    They refuse to help with anything whatsoever. It is not as if we do not pay we pay every month we just had a difficult time and still are catching up. They say things to us like " Well I highly doubt that let's just do a check by phone and take care of these charges" I say I cannot we do not have the extra funds, they then usually call me a liar in some way and yell into the phone that I should pay my debts and if I could not afford the vehicle I should not have bought it. This loan is a old loan, I had a bonneville that my father could not get in and out of so I traded it in on this truck so it has been a ongoing loan and I could afford it till about a year ago and have been working my tush off to keep payments flowing, just got a little behind.

    I am truly scared they are going to take our only form of transportation, I have no way to "catch" up to the late charges no way to stop them from calling up to 25 times a day I pay monthly I do a whole payment each month, I just got behind and missed those two months and now it seems like I am dealing with the devil, they are so cruel and heartless, please people find other lenders if these demons pop up and say they will loan you money because they do nothing to resolve a situation even when you try your hardest.
    God bless

  • Wh
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    Collections Agencies are allowed to call on Sundays, and it makes sense because most people are off saturday and sunday. why don't you just put yourself on do not call list.
    And for the insurance issue, why don't u just fax your insurance paperwork so they stop charging you?? it seems like simple fixes, lets not get lazy!!

  • Wh
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    wow 22% ?? didn't u shop around for financing before buying a vehicle?? i bought at 0%... never pay a dime to the bank in interest!!!

  • Ka
      20th of Aug, 2011
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    Wells Fargo Auto Loan - Harassment
    United States
    Phone: 9032786061


  • Br
      8th of May, 2012
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    We payed off my husband truck over a month ago and we were told we would get a clearance on the title within 10 days.We are still waiting and when we call we are told that the department is back just give them a couple more weeks. Do you think if we were behind on a payment that we could tell them just give it a couple of more weeks.

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