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Wells Fargo Auto Financing / grace period

1 Clarksville, TN, United States

What is the purpose of a grace period? Apparently for Wells Fargo, it means nothing. Every month I go to their website and schedule my auto payment. Each time it is at least 2 days before the grace period ends, but each month I still get collection calls. I don't have an answering machine, but on my caller ID, it showed up that they had called my house 5 times in one day and on the 6th time I was at home to take the call.

I informed them each time I have spoken with them that I schedule my payments on their website so check that before calling me. I realize it is probably an auto dialer that dials the number then a live person gets on the phone, but it should be changed as to when the machine starts to call someone.

Another thing, it is no one's business at Wells Fargo as to why I use my grace period. I am never late and it is always before then end of my grace period, so to that idot that asked me that,IT IS BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

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