Wells Fargo Auto Financefraud and scam

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I have had the same on going issue with wells fargo auto finance company for about a year now, I have cried and I regret ever choosing wells fargo to finance my vehicle. they have repeatedly added there auto insurance from balboa insurance with out any kind of cancellation notice from my insurer or even from me, there response has been they had not received any new documents so therefore it is added automatically and it is added to my original monthly payment. The first time this happen I submitted the initial dec. page and just assumed as long as i payed my insurance i was fine no reason to worry. WRONG!

2 MONTHS LATER i received my statement ind it showed and extra $125x2=$250.00 that was showing due and 2 months of late fees for not making my entire monthly payment in full, now mind you my payments were $260.00 per month but with the automatic insurance added on with out my knowledge my payments were now $385.00 and they had reported that I had been late to the credit bureaus.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tucson, AZ Oh and i never received an insurance form showing my coverage, limits or any other info other than the extra charge on my car loan statement and when they do finally receive my proof then they say it will take about 6 weeks to clear up but in the meanwhile they still tack on the late charges and report that only partial payment was made. this cant be legal and how can they get away with charging for insurance they you never see a policy to.

To this day the dings that have been cause by there shady practices are still on my credit there response is that i must dispute them through there dispute department and because if they admit that a mistake has been made over and over again and not just with me but with many others then that would hold them liable for a lot of pain, suffering and the anguish of how little people really do get taken advantage of by the big corporations like wells fargo who employ a legal team and here we are trying to get someone to help us to have a louder voice then theirs... I WANT THEM TO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HOW AND WHEN THIS WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF AND WHAT IT WILL COST!

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  • Ma
      Nov 13, 2008

    Here is the direct numbers for the people in charge . keep notes of time day, and what they discussed. They will try to play you, don't take it. Look at the Fair credit reporting act, to see what they can and cannot do. You will see they do alot of things hey shouldn't and legally cant. report them!!!

    will coakley VP Collections
    e-mail. [protected]

    Alex Alverez
    direct number [protected]

    e-mail [protected]

    if this doesnt resolve your issue ( it won't, they are VP's cause they are better liars) report them to

    If your complaint is with a national bank (has the word “national” in its name or the letters “N.A.” after the name), please contact:

    Customer Assistance Group

    Comptroller of the Currency

    1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3710

    Houston, TX 77010

    Telephone: [protected]

    E-mail: Customer.[protected]


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