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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / harassing, bullying customer service & phone calls

1 P.O. Box 29704Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-559-3557

I have been late on my payment due to personal issues and have tried over and over again to try to find a resolution to this. I've spoken to several customer service rep's, none of who would help me. They were only concerned with getting a payment over the phone. They continually called my house...8 -10 a day until I stopped answering because they wouldn't help me. When I did speak to them they were rude, bullying, be-littling and condescending. On Saturday, March 29, 2008 I spoke to Duane from Wells Fargo. Once again...rude and mistreated me. I started to read about them online and this seems to be a common practice of their tactics on how they treat their customers. Duane told me I was irresponsible and needed to get my act together. At this point I became angry and told him the phone call was now ended because of the way he was treating me. My girlfriend stayed on the other end after I hung up and Duane continued to say Valjean if you want to keep the car don't hang up. Wells Fargo has continually harassed me for 3 months straight. The phone calls start at 8am and do not stop until 9pm...7 days a week. I tried to work with them on this...asking them to refinance me or come take the car. They wouldn't do either. I couldn't afford to get any more upside down in this car at 17.75% interest...I couldn't afford the payments anymore. So my girlfriend on 3/29 made a credit card transfer through Citibank because she wanted to help me because of the stress its been causing our home.
It takes a few business days for it to go through. On Monday, March 31, 2008 I received another call from WFAF. I tried to explain to the guy 3 times that we called for the payoff and paid the loan off. They would not take this answer and kept harassing me for another payment. He asked me where the car was and that I needed to clear my personal possessions out of the car. Then he got a "supervisor" on the phone...who also started to be-little me. So my girlfriend got on the phone upset and let them have it and they got rude back with her and hung up. Now anytime I've ever asked to speak to a supervisor they would never put one on.
Wells Fargo has never sent me by mail any letters regarding this account being past due...even though I've asked them to stop calling my house. They continued to call, call, call, call, call, call call. Quite a few times I've answered and said hello 5 times to no answer so I hung up. I've had it with this company and there has to be some recourse for this type of harassment isn't there?

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  • Ri
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - Harassment over inappropriate late fee charges!
    Wells Fargo Auto Finance
    United States
    Phone: 8005593557

    Customer service refused to accept a canceled check with wells fargo stamp which validated the payment was made cashed and cleared the bank stating that I had to send my personal account information of a bank statement showing that it had cleared the bank. They refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor and hung up on me when I asked to speak to one.

  • Un
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I too am dealing with them, they keep harassing me saying I am behind in my payments. In Dec they said if I paid 1000.00 dollars it would make me current so I paid it. But to this day they still keep insisting that I am not current. Now they call constantly harrassing me at work at home and they have even threatened my co-workers. It is so hard to try to get it straightened out cause the customer service people who call be-little you and and practically call you stupid. I don't know what to do anymore I can't get this resolved and now they are threating to pick up the car.

  • Ro
      23rd of May, 2008
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    You don't even have to be late on a payment to be subject to the Wells Fargo harassment team. I am a couple years in on a 60 month auto loan, and have never been late nor a penny short on a single payment. However, my car insurance lapsed for a month or two, which, while not a good idea, is still a completely legal thing to do in my state. Without my permission, they added me to their own auto insurance plan and bumped up my payment over a hundred dollars per month. So now they're calling me about 10 times a day and I have to deal with their harassment despite fulfilling my end of the agreement to the letter. Even when I agreed to make a payment, the calls didn't stop. I finally told them I'd send the payment once I went two days without a call from them, and it still didn't stop. It's not even 10 in the morning here and they've just called me for the third time. They are making a business practice of turning good customers into bad ones for their own simple profit.

    To ANYONE thinking about becoming a new customer of Wells Fargo, avoid them like the plague. I cannot stress that enough. Again, I have never been a day late on my payments, and have always paid the full amount laid out per our contract agreement, and that is just not enough to spare you their harassment. I have had problems with bills before, but that was a long time ago, and no one has been as rude or had as much evil intent as Wells Fargo. I will now actively encourage anyone I know to avoid them and the misery they will try to inflict on their customers in the name of turning a quick buck on the backs of their good customers, who they know are more likely to pay their ludicrous fees, no matter how questionable it is legally.

    AVOID WELLS FARGO LIKE THE PLAGUE! And if you're already in the unfortunate situation of being their customer, I NEVER answer the phone when they call. You have no obligation to answer the phone and should not feel the least bit bad about it. WF knows, as any debt collector does, that harassment works and preying on peoples feelings of guilt works much better over the phone. And answering the phone will only encourage them to keep calling. And second, send them a certified with return receipt letter demanding they stop calling under the FDCPA.

  • Lo
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - calling me at work repeatedly
    United States

    I have requested repeatedly, both verbally and in writing that I NOT be called at work, period. I know I'm behind, I've made arrangements, the calls need to stop or I'm going to lose my job. I've made that abundantly clear.

  • Ki
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    Can you imagine if everyone this has happened to would post a complaint!!! This board would probably shut down due to excessive use! This is the worst company I have EVER had any dealings with! STAY AWAY...FAR, FAR AWAY !!

  • Le
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - phone harassment
    wells farto auto finance
    United States
    Phone: 608-240-1630

    phone harassment within 10 day grace period, rude people. get wi. commissioner of banking involved the better business beareau . the calls have stopped now they are harassing me on paper but who cares they cant help it they are ignorant.

  • Jo
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    I paid my car off, and now wells Fargo said they have no record that I even had a loan with them, therefore I have not received my car title. What can I do?

  • Si
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I hate these ###s! they call 15 times a day! we have hit reallly bad times lately...had a couple family deaths, and i feel like my blood pressure is so high, i will stroke out. maybe that's what they want? i hate them! i am getting a lawyer to stop the harrassment. none of my other loans do this ###!
    i'm soooo done w/them. i never knew what ### eaters they were. i keep telling them to stop calling me at work. if my boss hears me on the phone, i will get fired and they'll NEVER get their damn precious money!
    ### 'em! they can rot!

  • Ma
      7th of May, 2009
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    All of you are idiots. If you had paid your bill on time they wouldnt be calling. You wouldnt need them to tack payments to the end of your loan. Take personal responsibility for your own actions and you may not have the problems you have now. Sometimes you just have to admit you are at fault.

  • Ja
      12th of May, 2009
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    In one letter I received just today Wells Fargo Auto Finance thanks me for being such a loyal and responsible customer and because of my responsibility I qualify for "cash" against the value of my vehicle. CALL TODAY For CASH. They must be joking. I wouldn't accept another dollar from them if it were the last dollar on earth. In the same day they want to thank me for never being late they have as usual started their monthly harassment and abuse beginning at 8:00 am this morning because my payment was due 4 days ago.

    YES 4 days ago my payment was due and they have called me six times today. I answer and I hang up now in one swift motion, next time I will blow a whistle in their ear. After 19 months of this nonsense and abuse I am so sick of this company. Unlike many of the responses I read here (and I have been reading) I have Never been beyond 5 days OF my due date, depending on when my husbands paycheck falls and I am well into my 19th payment. Not only have I never been beyond five days of my due date, I make an additional 30.00 -100.00 payment ON TOP of my monthly payment each month to try and get this paid early. YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. I AM PAID IN ADVANCE OF MY PAYMENT and they still stalk me. Wells Fargo are habitual abusers and harassers. They are the worst of predatory lending and as soon as I can dump this loan and this vehicle and them it will be done. They will never see my business or the raping 14.75 percent interest they charge from this "responsible" (in their own words) customer again.

    AVOID THEM. I urge you and I warn you. You will regret doing business with this company.

  • Th
      17th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just got off the phone with them again, and my blood pressure is about to pop. More than 5 times now, I've given written and recorded oral permission for my wife to discuss the loan with them. Again, today, they told her when she called that they couldn't talk with her about my loan. I called back to adjust a payment arrangement that I was browbeaten into making yesterday, and to express my irritation at having my wife told that they couldn't talk to her again, and received the usual bullying, lecturing, threatening crap. I fully admit that I am behind on my payments. I'm trying to make good and get current. They've received 2 other payments from me this month alone, and I'm just trying to adjust the timing of the last one so my children can have medical insurance. They also constantly call my father, who cosigned the loan years ago, and threaten him for money, though they know he's retired and on a fixed income (It seems to be the one thing that they keep on their records). But, since I have rarely ever paid the payment on or before the exact day that I signed on to pay, I'm told that they can't work with me, they question my career choices, etc. They are trained to be ###s, but, I would guess that the majority of them come by it naturally as well. I wonder how they sleep at night?

    My wife is lodging a Better Business Bureau complaint today. Not that it will do much good. Their umbrella company recently purchased my bank as well. I'm leaving that bank soon because of it.

    If you have any question of whether or not to get a loan through Wells Fargo, don't. Whether you're current on payments or not, they're a bad business decision.

  • Sa
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - difficulty with getting customer service
    United States

    There is no way to call to speak to an actual human being who can help me. I have been out of work for 2 months and need to speak to someone...ANYONE about payment options for my car loan. Who can help me? There sure are humans who work there to call when you are ONE DAY late with a payment though.

  • Aa
      14th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It's so true, all of it. I turned my ringers off on my house phone and my cell phone because I'm so tired of Wells Fargo calling constantly: Between the two phones, 37 calls yesterday. 37. Thirty Seven. I answered at one point and I very calmly let the rep know that I would make a payment as soon as I can, and that I could not say when that would be. I understand that they are a business and that it is entirely my fault and my responsibility to make payments for the money that I owe them, but if I called you 37 times a day, every day...would you be entitled to legal action against me? Of course you would, you'd file for every kind of cease & desist order available and probably a physical restraining order on top of that. It's harassment, plain and simple, and it's another testament to how currency overpowers law.

    Even as I type, there's Wells Fargo calling again. lol.

  • Ju
      2nd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    they do this all day long. It is now sunday and it started at 8 am and then they continue nearly every 15 minutes until 9:30 pm for me. Not even my damn bill. I am in a divorce, it is his bill from the house and they do not care. I have told them, given them his cell and i am ignored. I have filed complaints, nothing works. I have not slept at all due to all the stress. When i finally try to like at 7:30 am they woke me with the calls again. I do not speak to them either. I just pick up the handset and hang up on them. I rather do that asap than here it ring over and over. They are so stupid. I mean dont they get it when this happens all day to them those ###. DO NOT USE this bank no matter how desperate you are.

  • Ju
      2nd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    yup me too. I just left that post and they just called again. Up to 3 times now sunday morning 9:12 am third call. I am going to pick it up one day soon and tell them to [censored] off

  • Pi
      6th of May, 2010
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - harassing phone calls to WORK!
    Wells Fargo Auto Finance
    United States

    Wells Fargo Auto Finance is illegally harrassing me at my place of work (I'm a school teacher) for being one day late! Are you kidding me?!

  • Ms
      13th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They are BANKING GOONS. They are using verbally violent methods of interrogation to intimidate innocent families out of work. Imagine you are an elderly woman, just lost your husband, are in bed, after a critical operation, struggling for life, and these goons never stop calling you. It is criminal because the callers are actually keeping the person from healing do to stress. Why is this not criminal when one of the many people being harassed are actually losing their lives because of this stress. If they cause the death, is that not by definition, manslaughter? Should we not ask our District Attorneys to file criminal charges against Wells Fargo for manslaughter?

    Additionally, with millions of people out of work, it is obvious that the banks know this. So for this reason it is unethical and immoral for them to be hiring "Goon Squads."
    What if the people of our country called the banks 800 numbers jor the PRIVATE LINES LISTED BELOW, several times a day LIKE THEY ARE DOING TO US, and said, "We want our money back that we the people were forced to give you without our vote, where you have refused to lend and help others with that money and have given yourself millions of dollars in profits. If enough people did this, they wouldn't be able to function and the national news might actually pick up on this and we might actually finally get rid of the banking system as we did many years ago. THEY ARE CRIMINAL..

    Take action now. Do the following to end these criminal banking activities.

    1: Hit redial on your phone 2 times every hour, tell the person you want our money back and we are going to file a class action suit, etc.
    2: Call your news papers and radio stations and national TV, local TV, and the office of our president, and your congressman and senators.
    3: Send the email to everyone, friends, businesses, government agencies, everyone and as often as you can and to the Better Business Bureau.
    4: Call several times a day to your local branch if they are part of Wells Fargo. Just work on Wells Fargo for now. If the pressure is great enough, the other banks will back off too.
    For profiles of Wells Fargo executive officers, please click on the names below. CALL THESE PEOPLE AND WRITE LETTERS.

    Howard I. Atkins, Senior EVP, Chief Financial Officer

    Patricia R. Callahan, EVP, Office of Transition

    David M. Carroll, Senior EVP, Wealth, Brokerage & Retirement Services

    David A. Hoyt, Senior EVP, Wholesale Banking

    Richard D. Levy, EVP, Controller

    Michael J. Loughlin, EVP and Chief Credit and Risk Officer

    Avid Modjtabai, EVP, Technology & Operations

    Mark C. Oman, Senior EVP, Home and Consumer Finance

    Kevin A. Rhein, EVP, Card Services and Consumer Lending

    James M. Strother, EVP, General Counsel, Law and Government Relations

    John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Carrie L. Tolstedt, Senior EVP, Community Banking

  • Se
      13th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wells Fargo is horrible I have been laid off since Dec. of 09 I had spoke to a lady there when I got a laid to inform them to not start harassing me because I am doing my best to make payments to them. The lady assured me she would note the system. Well guess what I try my best to make payments every other week so they can see I am making some type of obligation to pay them and now they are calling the following people that I have no contact with, my ex-boyfriend from 8 years ago, his mother that I do not speak to that lives in another state, and then to make matters worse they called my mother on a cell number that I don't even have and then my father on his personal cell phone, who also lives in another state from where I live, oh and my daughter who’s cell number is under her Fiancés account that lives in VA, I live in Florida...An image they told me that they would note in the system that I have been laid off and my payment arrangements will be at best try to be kept up. I mean really what do they expect me to do cell my kidney and my kids for GOD sake, give it a brake enough is enough, you are getting money in and the only people that can pay you is either myself or my husband so why the extra calls to people we don't speak to or that don’t know us. All I need to find out is that they are calling my husband’s family that lives in Central America. STAY AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO!!! These people will make you want to commit suicide or just push the dam car off the cliff!

  • Nv
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also have been having problems with their financial services dept. I have an auto loan through them, and we fell behind because my daughter lost her job and only receives unemployment at the moment. We have been sending them what we can to get it caught up, yet their collections department says our payments are "unacceptable", yet cashes our checks anyway. We get numerous phone calls at home and work and on cell phones demanding that this be taken care of this week, but our bill is only 30 days past due! Yes they want their money, but their company has done NOTHING to help us out in this rough time. They are rude, non understanding, and just horrible to deal with. We have asked for deferments, and a refinance and they denied us both. We have been threatened that they will have to take "further action" on our account, even though we owe them less than $300! I have never had any problems with any other credit company or auto loan company before in my life until I got involved with this. I am desperately searching for a place to refinance my loan so I can kick these guys to the curb!

  • An
      19th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am currently LIVID with Wells Fargo. We are a military family and we got hit hard with a relocation move. I was Prego with our second child, got a gallbladder infection (which my son and I almost died from thank you very much!) and 10 weeks after having our son had to have it removed. So because of all this I was obviously not able to have a job. I have applied during pregnancy and after, before surgery/after surgery for jobs but quite honestly no one is hiring and those that are hiring are only looking for high school students who can be low pay employment...not an army wife with 2 kids...seriously. So because of this we have had some issues making the full car payments. We have been sending in $50 less then what we owe since June and they have been HARRASSING me! Literally 40 phone calls a day...who does that!!! Nothing we pay was good enough, but yet they still took our it had to be good. They sent me a letter asking for our insurance, I faxed them the insurance and they decided to get insurance for us because "we didn't have any" ...? really? So Last night I talked to Tehani who told me "you should get a second job, oh how about a first", "I have 21 thousand reasons to call you", "You don't make payments, you haven't made a payment in the last 3 months" (I'm sorry I thought sending in a check was making a payment no matter what amount...but apparently wells fargo auto has a different idea) "Where'd you get the money to pay us" (like its her business) "you don't have the money to sue" AND THEN i talked to a supervisor...she told me she'd "talk to tehani" ...sure. and that "this is collections not customer service, we don't have to be nice", "well you are 65 days past due so before you go making complaints about anyone maybe you should look at your situation" "I don't think you really sent out a check anyway, I think you're making that up, so we'll just come get the car cause it's not like you can afford it anyway" ...Well excuse me!!
    I believe I have looked at my situation and I don't think paying $500 each month makes me 65 days past due and I came to find out this morning from a customer service rep, my $1300 check (sent out last Thursday to a city not longer then an hour away from me!) that I paid these rude inconsiderate "people" was in processing yesterday morning and was posted to my account at 5am yesterday...interesting. So I do believe they were ILLEGALLY harassing me for PAYING THEM ...interesting.
    I'm tired of it.
    They need to be sued
    The stress I have been under has been incredible, they wake my babies up with their never ending phone calls, they make rude comments. I've gotten snippy messages from James from wells Fargo, Ben from wells Fargo. Telling me that if I want to be a part of this decision then to give them a call back but if not then don't bother...oh wait you mean the decision I've talked with multiple people about multiple times and oh that’s right I already told you I sent the check! OH MY GOODNESS THEY DONT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS!


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