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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / scam and cheating!

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Bought a car in Sept/07 and made every payment to date. Provided my insurance the day of purchase and even followed up with agent. I have been with state farm for 20 plus years. Now in Jan/08 I get a letter from Wells Fargo that I am soon to be charged 1826.00 for insurance. I made contact with agent information was again sent. Then 2 weeks later another letter stating that it was sent to the wrong address. How can that be when it was indeed sent to the address and fax number on their letter? This is my first and last business with this company. I plan to file many complaints and/or lawsuit due to these improper actions. If they are too damn large to find something its sure not my fault. They should never send letters providing addresses and fax numbers that are incorrect. I think it is a way of them making extra money by way of consumer fraud!!! I place some of the blame on the dealership that arranged the finance because they should know a companies reputation. However they have been notified making them aware of these illegal practices. I want to warn everyone to avoid this company at all costs. As well as any dealer that endorses them as a client. And please fight back to prevent more victims in the future.

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  • Ji
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    Has WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE put BALBOA ins. on oyur vehicle even if you do have your PERSONAL INS.? Do they keep on saying that you don't have ins. even though you have faxed them proof & talked to them over & o again to stop their wrong doings... worst of all have they reposed your vehicle b/c of this... well i came across a website where these sets of lawyers are looking into this & it could result as a CLASS SUIT... which will be great for us... heres the link check it out it might be the answer to our prayers w/ this damn company!!!

  • Te
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    I whole heartedly agree and I have followed your link and submitted my information as well. Because of Wells Fargo and the amounts that they charged and refused to take off even after repeated attempts to show them that we had the insurance they asked for we had the vehicle voluntarily reposessed because we were so far behind with their extra insurance charges and late fee's because we refused to pay the insurance. And of course they couldn't get what they financed the car for. It almost seems as though they do this on purpose and in the long run make more money in charges and fee's because of it. They need to be stopped!

  • Cd
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    i had the same thing happen to my husband and i twice on our account. i phoned wells fargo and told them to come pick up the truck. they have called us 273 times in two months. we are both firefighters and are required to keep full coverage on our vehicles and are inspected by the fire boards. they are so rude and do not know how to speak to a customer. when im on the phone with them they are calling my husbands phone and telling him im lying and i haven't talk to them. now mind you heis next to me and wells fargo is on speaker phone on my phone. never, never, never, again will i deal with them or ever refer anyone or anything to wells fargo. they are a rip off and do not deserve to be in business. and they can read everyones complaints and comments and say whatever they want to try and make a logical reason why the cusomers are at fault, but the truth of the matter is, they are the sad worthless pathedic money hungry trash digging sorry dogs that are starving animals. they are one of the reasons this society is is such an economical turmoil. sorry dogs.

  • Bi
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I had the same problem with Wells Fargo on more than one occassion. It didn't seem to matter whether it was me or the Insurance Company who faxed them the information they just claimed they never received it. I had numerous problems with them regarding the insurance and twice they added the insurance charge to my loan and then charged me interest on it. After fighting with them for weeks they removed the insurance charge but never removed the interest from the loan. It went on and on. They financed my truck for 17, 900 and after 2 and 1/2 years of payments of $393.00 a month according to their records I still owed them $15, 000. My father was a co-signer on the loan with me and about 2 years in he was killed in a vehicle accident. After that they required we send them a copy of the death certificate to have him removed from the loan. After being out of work for 4 months with my father in a coma and eventually passing away, I was behind on some payments but working dilligently with them to catch up. I was just about caught up when the repo company showed up at my house with an order for my truck. Now mind you just the previous day I had made an electronic check payment to Wells Fargo over the phone and they had assured me that my account was no longer delinquent and I was fine until 15 days later when the next payment was due. I cooperated with the repo company and surrendered my truck to them. Even the repo company said that Wells Fargo was the absolute worst finance company out there and that I should avoid them at all costs and tell my friends the same. Wells fargo took my truck and sold it at an auction i'm sure for roughly $5, 000 and then sent me and my deceased father a bill for balance of $10, 000. They are the most ignorant disresputable company I have ever dealt with. They will never see another penny out of me, so I hope they enjoyed the thousands of dollars they suckered out of me. Thanks Wells Fargo!

  • Ps
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    I despise Wells Fargo, and everything that it stands for. They are a group of degenerates. After my divorce I took over my X-wife car note, on various occasions I have tried to refinance the vehicle. I was told that the vehicle is worth less than the loan, so i could not refinance vehicle which was fine. But every other month they would call me for my bank information. After giving this information time and time again, they were never able to get it right in so much that they would call me and tell me that I am 3 months behi, and that I had to pay the full amount in order to get out of repo status. Well this happened about 3 times, and they have one more time to screw with me, and it’s a rap. They don’t even have to come pick it up. I would gladly leave on the side of the highway. People-people beware of those parasites. P.S.Cox

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