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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / taking a payment out of my checking account with my knowledge cause of a system error!

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Made a phone payment on Oct. 12th 2007. I did the whole automated system where it ask for you account number and checking information. After entering all my information the phone system said there was an error and they would forward me too and operator/banker to take all my information. After doing all of that I started to receive letters from my bank that my account was over drawn and starting getting overdraft fees. Not knowing anything I used my debit call that weekend (Oct. 13-14) and thought everything was okay. Went to the bank the following Monday (Oct. 15th) to get a print of my banking statement too see why my account was negative. Comes to find out Wells Fargo Auto Finance ended up taking the payment that the operator took out plus the payment that I tried to make through their automated system. The automated system never game me confirmation number or anything saying that the payment had been accepted.

After getting my bank statement I called up Wells Fargo to see what was going on. On hold for about 10 minutes and I get a hold of someone in Pennsylvania and let me say they are so rude and stupid. I told the operator about my situation and she kept cutting me off not letting me complete a singe sentence. After being put on hold numerous times the operator told me to fax my bank statement to her. Then she said that there was a system error with the automated phone system and they apologize for the error. I was a little ticked at the time but kept my cool and asked her what am I suppose to do for money since it was Wells Fargo error and not mine. After sending about 10 faxes to Wells Fargo, they kept saying there weren't getting them even though I got the confirmation letter back from my fax machine. So finally after a week and ended up going to the local Wells Fargo Finance place and talked to one of their people. I must say the guy was very nice and helpful. But the operator gave the guy at the Wells Fargo Finance place the run around as well. I had him fax my bank statement from their office and they called my late Friday night saying they got my fax but couldn't read it. That's kind of funny since I put for them to call my cell phone on the fax and they called, but couldn't read the fax. So know it's been a whole week and nothings been taken care of.

Come Monday morning (Oct. 22th) and I called Wells Fargo and I talk to a operator in Tempe, Arizona. She asked for me to fax my statement to her and she would look at it. Well I called Wells Fargo back a couple of hours after I faxed and wanted to confirm that received a clear copy of my fax. I ended up getting a hold of an operator in Pennsylvania and she was unable to forward me to someone at the Tempe, Arizona office. So I talked to the floor supervisor for the collection department in Pennsylvania. The guy said that I could go to the bank and they would take money from the Federal Reserve and Wells Fargo would pay for that. Went to the bank and told him what the guy said and they just laughed. Lucky my bank was nice enough to take money out my checking account even though it was in the negative. Thanks to Wells Fargo error my checking account was $900.00 negative and all they could say was were sorry. So whenever I called to check on my account I would ask the operator when she asked for my account number if they were in the Tempe or Pennsylvania office. I will say that the people in Tempe are a lot more friendly then the Pennsylvania folks.

I also requested that they call me when they got my fax and never received a single phone call. So when I was talking to a operator they told the would email a certain person and tell them to call, never heard my phone ring. Finally I received to checks in the mail. One for the extra payment they took out and one for some of the over draft fees that my bank had charged me.

I guess I just want everyone to know not to do business with Wells Fargo cause they don't give a hoot about their customers and are extremely rude. I even had on manager tell me that "we are paying you back so I don't seeing it being a big deal". Talk about pushing the wrong buttons. So know I'm waiting for another check for the overdraft fees to get my checking account out of the negative. I also asked the Wells Fargo dummy why they call me when I have payment that is one day late and take my money out the same day but they can wire money to my account. I wish me luck I'm about to call them here shortly too see what the status of my account is.

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  • Ke
      16th of Dec, 2007
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    I had an issue with Wellsfargo Auto Finance where I went and paid my bill for my mountaineer. In cash230.00 had paid on the 15th of November. I just received a bill in the mail that was generated on the 19th of November and showed a $0.00 amount due for Dec. SO I happily didn't make a payment because Wellsfargo sent me an INVALID INCORRECT statement!!! I got about one hundred freaking harassment calls to me, but when I tried to call them I was either put on hold for 30 Minutes or hung up on!!

    Well, needless to say, the reason that my bill was incorrect was an error of Wellsfargo. One of the tellers that I had handed my payment to posted it twice, so when the bank figured this out, they had already sent me a statement saying that I didn't need to make a payment, but here is the part that makes me sooo MAD!!

    I got a hold of a real nice young woman, who, was attempting to fix the problem that she admitted the BANK made, not the customer. I was then put on hold for 15 minutes and then the phone started ringing and the line went silent.... the call was lost. I then called customer service again only to be transferred to a man who was arrogant, rude and must have thought that I was an idiot. This WELLSFARGO representative didn't even give me two seconds to dispute my problem before he rudely demanded my bank account number because I was "past due" on a bill that I had right in my hand stating that I didn't owe anything. I asked him why he needed my bank account when I was disputing a billing error. He rudely said "YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME,I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! GIVE ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER." I was soo angry by then I requested to speak to a superior. The man said "ok just one moment." This representative didn't even bother to put me on hold while he told his co-worker my problem out loud where he said "she is just angry about her account, here talk to her." He must have handed it over to his neighbor thinking that a woman would make me submissive to his rudeness.

    This woman continued to give me the go around about how this error was my fault and then continued to talk to me like I was an idiot. She said to me " you CANNOT tell me that you didn't know that your statement was an error. Wouldn't you think to call if your statement was like that?? YOU KNOW that statement wasn't right so YOU should just know to pay it." My response was that regardless of what she thinks, Wellsfargo sent incorrect info and that Wellsfargo is a financial institution and I shouldn't have to question it. She then snidely stated "well, a manager will tell you the same thing." UMM wait a minute didn't I directly request the man for a SUPERRIOR??? Yea I thought so... I asked this woman if she was IN FACT a SUPERVISOR she said "um, NO". I then begun to raise my voice and yelled "I BLAINTLY REQUESTED A SUPERVISOR, WHY AM I BEING PUSHED AROUND, I WANT YOUR SUPERIOR NOW!!!"

    After waiting again for 15 minutes I got a woman who claimed to be a supervisor by the name of CAROL in the collection/finance department (who knows if she was REALLY a supervisor) she then told me that they made a double post of the payment that I made in cash and then reversed it on the twentieth. WELLSFARGO SCREW UP NOT MINE but continued to blame it on me. I got no where.. NOW I OWE LATE FEES!!

    Just todaY 12/15/07 I got a call from the collections department demanding payment over the phone, with a ten dollar fee..hum kinda funny charging fees to punch some buttons in to a computer, so hard and time consuming that it requires a fee! I refused the phone payment and said that I was visiting the local bank to file a formal complaint with Wellsfargo Auto Finance and that I was submitting a complaint to BBB. That was when I was told that I had a "code 48,41" On my account which the lady told me was Insufficient FUNDS... ON WHAT? A CASH PAYMENT THAT I MADE IN PERSON?? IMPOSSIBLE IF I DIDN"T WRITE A CHECK!!! So warning to any one who disputes a bill... Wellsfargo will deny any mistakes they make on your bill... Customers and consumers are not alway or ever right, these big FDIC insured BANKS are..they chew you up and eat your money... You will never win a dispute against a FDIC bank... END OF STORY!!

  • Ne
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    My payment was due on the 7th of July, which was wierd because it has always been due on the 12th before. I did not recieve my bill until the 15th so I just repeated Junes payment of $100 on the 1st because I was always paying $10-12 extra and figured my minumum was still $84 and $100 would easily cover that and keep me out of the realm of high bank fees. Not only did the Wells Fargo change my due date to trick me into paying late, (which didn't work) but they had changed my minimum to $101, leaving my payment short $1. They understood the mistake and that the bill was hung-up in the mail and came late but I still lost $39 because the payment was short $1, it makes the payment LATE. They probably get odd stories from disgruntled customers all day but my payment of $100 should have made some impact in the believeability department. Is it any wonder I don't want to see ANY bank bailed out for making bad decisions?...most of their bad decisions screw the consumer. What a bunch of dis-honest hacks.

  • Ja
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I also have had similar problems with wells fargo, they are a very proud to be a "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER" and I believe that they take great pride in this label, they work so hard at improving it every day and have made great strides at being the best in the industry. I am now for the third time involved in the Wells Fargo Un- Merry- Go round of no call backs, no fax backs and empty promises of : I am truly sorry for your problem, I know how you must feel, just give me a few moments to talk to my supervisor and I will... DO NOTHING! MY ADVISE TO ALL THAT WILL LISTEN: GO AND FIND A LOCAL BANK IN YOUR AREA, HOPEFULLY THERE IS ONE JUST STARTING UP SOMEWHERE CLOSE, AND OPEN AN ACCOUNT OR ACCOUNTS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH A REAL PERSON WHO REALLY CARES BECAUSE HIS LIVELYHOOD DEPENDS ON MAKING THAT SMALL BANK GROW! I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS AFTER 21 YEARS OF NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND IT IS AT THE VERY LEAST BEEN SUCH A GREAT BENEFIT TO MY OVERALL HEALTH, ESPECIALLY MY HEART AND MENTAL WELL BEING. TELL OPERATORS LIKE WELLS FARGO TO KISS YOUR BUSINESS GOOD- BYE- YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.

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