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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / missing car loan payment

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My son has a car loan through Wells Fargo Auto Finance. I co-signed the loan because my son is a college student without established credit. Either he or I have always made timely payments on his car loan. His payments are due on the 27th of the month. Back in March (2007) we received a phone call stating that the February payment was never received. I checked my records, along with my bank statement, and noted that I had, indeed, made the payment. I called Wells Fargo back (back, meaning I called their 1-800 number which connects me to a "call center." There are several call centers in the U.S. and customers have no control over which call center they will be connected to.) Thus began the four month run-around from which there seems to be no escape. Since that day in March, I have faxed information 4 times, and have spoken with Wells Fargo about 100 times. Twice I faxed copies of my electronic banking statements, showing the deduction from my account. A supervisor I spoke with, told me that I could have easily just generated those copies fraudulently, so told me to fax a copy of the bank statement sent in the mail. He wasn't very nice. (Couldn't I have fraudulently created that copy, as well?) So, I faxed a copy of the bank statement. Again, there was no resolution from that communication. Then, I went into my bank and asked if there was something I could fax that would prove that the payment had been made. The bank manager did his own research and came up with a trace number - generated by Wells Fargo - that was attached to the payment. The bank manager told me that trace number was for this specific purpose, to trace a payment in the event it went missing. I called Wells Fargo and gave the collection department (call center) the trace number. They entered it into the "notes" on my account in the computer. Apparently that wasn't what they needed. Next, I spoke with a woman from one of the call centers that told me to get a letter from my bank stating that the payment had been debited from my account. Again, one of the bank managers typed up the letter while I sat at her desk. She included her name and direct number so Wells Fargo could contact her with any questions. The next day I faxed this woman this information. I called her to make sure she had received it (she actually gave me her extension number). She did, indeed, receive the fax and said she would personally follow up on my account - that the file was on her desk. She told me to give it 10 - 14 days (keep in mind I had been told this three other times - its been 3 months at this point). Now, I have been trying to get a hold of her for the past 3 weeks, but every time I call the phone number she has given me, I don't have an opportunity to enter an extension number - I just get a "call center" . This morning I asked if I could get transferred to her extension. I was told that because the "automatic dialer" is turned on, there is no way to transfer me to her desk. I asked when I would be able to call her extension and the person I spoke with said that the automatic dialer was on a schedule and she wasn't sure when it would be turned off. I have no idea which calling center this woman works at, and no one ever seems to know who she is. Each time I am told that the information has been sent to their research department, and it is out of the hands of the "call center." I have spoken to supervisors, who have no authority to do anything. Just this morning, I was told - by yet another supervisor - that they would personally call the research department to try to resolve the issue - that this has gone on long enough. I asked if I could call and speak with the research department myself and I was told that that was not possible. I asked the "supervisor" to give them my number so they could call me back and update me. She said she would. Do you think they will call me back? Of course they won't. I have been told to keep calling the call centers and that anyone I spoke with would be able to update me on the status of my account. That is a bunch of crap! What a goofball operation! Nobody knows anything, and the department that is responsible for resolving the missing payment issue is off limits, apparently. I get called constantly, by their "automatic dialer." Because, according to Wells Fargo, I am one month behind, I keep getting late charges tacked onto my account. I have done everything they have asked me to do, and I am extremely frustrated. Any suggestions?

Shawn Scheel.

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  • Ay
      22nd of Jul, 2007
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    I have been with wells fargo bank for about 1 year, my father co signed a loan for me i would always make my payments a week early, i then hit a ruff spot and was behind about a month an a half, then the calls began i received calls from wells fargo call center with representatives who are so rude. I tried to make a payment the wanted the amount that was owed in full which i think was about 700 dollars they then began to threaten to repose my vehicle. I then want asked to talk with a supervisor,thinking i was talking to a supervisor who was really a team leader he was rude also his name was dennis, as i was trying to explain the situation he kept saying if you were my child i would give you the money i kept asking them to take the money he an the others kept refusing it because it was not the full amount. I have been with them for about a year and they kept telling me the account was fairly new, they needed all the money. I have never seen a bank like this before it is ridiculous how these people act!

  • Ju
      7th of Nov, 2007
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    If you are only going to be able to make a partial payment, call Wells Fargo and get their city code for Western Union and tell them you are going to send the money through Western Union. Tell them you don't want to do a check by phone, you want to Western Union. And don't tell them you are sending a partial payment. If they get pushy go ahead and tell them you are Western Unioning a full payment or whatever they want. Just get the city code. Then go to the western union office and send as much as you can via Quick Collect. Within 24 hours they will have accepted the payment. And then as soon as you can, send them more money this way. Yes, it costs $13 each time, but it will likely keep you from getting your car reposed. If you send them a check for a partial payment, they can by law refuse it and send it back, but if you send it via Western Union is automatically gets deposited in their accounts which legally means they accept your payment.

  • Ni
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I just received a call from Wells Fargo saying that a payment in March of 2007 was mis-applied to my account and that a customer who has a account number very similar to my account number made the payment. It's bull!!! Well's Fargo is the worst ever in life!!! No joke.

  • Am
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I just refinanced my car with Wells Fargo in May of 2007, and since then, they keep trying to charge me for their own 'car insurance.' They keep claiming that they don't have proof of my insurance, despite the fact that I have faxed them the information multiple times, and given them the policy information AND contact numbers for my insurance company. They literally call me every day at work, and if then, despite the fact that I talked to them earlier in the day on this issue, they contact my mother! Now, I don't live with my mother, and I never gave them her phone number, and her number is unlisted, so how the heck did they track her down? Anyway, I talked to a real gem in their collections department today, some wacko named Jaqueline who told me that it is my responsibility to make sure that they have their file complete, and that they were going to report this on my credit.

    I just filed a report with the better business bureau, so hopefully this will resolve the situation. I have never heard of anything like this before - Wells Fargo is the most incompetent organization that I have ever run across. I truly regret refinancing my auto with them.

  • Br
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    The date was October the 24,2007. I made a cash payment for my auto loan in the amount of $500.00.

    I had all my dogs in the car so I went through the drive through window of Wells Fargo Bank. I chose the isle closest to the bank and placed my money in the slider along with my drivers license. She took the money without counting it in front of me and went to the lady behind her for 10 minutes. I directly handed the lady $500.00 and counted this twice.

    When she came back to the teller she asked," do you know how much you gave me?"

    500.00 was my answer. She said, "no, you only gave me $400.00. " I was pissed but could not prove it and gave her another 50.00 which left my car payment short another 50.00. I was sure that I had enough money left over before I left my house. Now I'm short on the payment and no money left.
    I confronted her about the missing $100.00. What could I do but take the loss.

    Two days pass and a phone call from the loan auto alerts me that a payment has not been made on my account for the month of October. I explained why I was short $50.00 they told me sometimes it won't credit to my account unless the entire amount is payed. After going into the branch and speaking to the same gal who took my payment and admits to remembering the whole story about the missing 100.00, and the $450.00 payment etc... I gave her another $50.00 and she credited that amount to my account in less than a minute. She assured me we would find the payment and she had no problem with her memory.
    For two weeks I retraced every step I took to find where that missing receipt went. I have 6 dogs and a convertible and it's possible it could have blown away with the wind or one of my 6 little dogs found it.

    Unable to locate the receipt for the transaction but the gal still is trying for me. She explained to her workers and everyone new of my situation for two months and even though she admits to taking the money and misplacing it, with or without the receipt should have not made a difference in my payment since the teller has admitted to her mistake. Let the bank credit me from their own money and search for the missing money on their own time. Or deducted it from the tellers pay check. But to let me suffer when you have a teller who claimed to be a Manager her name is, Amanda Alvarez Service Manager ll Address is 7255 South Rainbow Las Vegas, NV. 89118 .

    The bank has insurance for reasons like this. It's one thing if the teller denied the incident but she remembers all the dogs in the car and when I asked her about giving her the additional 100.00 that was never found and remember excepting the money that day. You can see how clear it is from the story above that with or without a receipt she still had not resolved her problem. My evidence is the teller and the bank won't make this right.
    She remembers receiving at least the $450.00 as I was willing to let my missing $100.00 wash away. Let the bank take the loss or deduct it from the tellers check. But to make the customer pay twice is really shocking.

    Could I have been more organized, of course. Looking at the situation from the start with this teller is a red flag that she stole my cash of $55o.00 and walks without answering to anyone. Sorry but two accidents in a 10 minute time frame is not something I consider an accident.

    To much man power to rewind the videos for that day was what the bank told me. How about all the hours it took for me to earn the money given to your bank and not resolving the issue the right way. $550.00 means nothing to them. I worked for that money!

  • St
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    I worked at Wells Fargo, the company is corrupt, and anyone who opens an account with them is nuts.

  • Te
      20th of Jan, 2008
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    I am still in shock after reading all the complaints about Wells Fargo. How can a company like this still be in business? My daughter and son-in-law both lost jobs due to downsizing and outsourcing. My wife had co-signed the loan for their vehicle. Soon after both kids found new jobs that pay well with good benefits. In order to keep Wells Fargo at bay, we sent the kids $2,000.00 to help them stay afloat until they got their checks from their new jobs. Rather than relating another horror story, let me just say, everything I have read on this site plus three other sites concerning Wells Fargo's harassment, incompetence, lies, cheating, fraud, out and out theft, false advertising has happened to us also. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB and have advised my daughter and son-in-law to do the same. I am in the process of gathering as much information concerning their case and cases from other people that are similar which I will present to my Federal Government Representatives.

    My wife's credit score has been totally trashed by Wells Fargo as has that of my daughter and son-in-law. I am not even sure that any of them will ever have a good credit report again. In lieu of all of this I am seriously considering filing a law suit. I've been in contact with my attorney and have been assured that we do have a case.

    The problem is, Wells Fargo will recover and it will be business as usual for them. One or two small law suits are nothing to an "Institution" this size. If anyone is interested in starting/joining a class action suit against Wells Fargo please contact me immediately. My email address is:

    How many hundreds of families have been ruined because of Wells Fargo and their shady, suspect dealings? If enough people band together we may be able to put an end to the madness.

  • Da
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    First hand experience, I closed my account with Wells Fargo because they kept charging me $6.95 every month for a checking account that was suppose to be free. When I complained about the problem, they said they would take care of the matter and it won't happen again, well it continually happened every single month, so I closed my account and walked the money over to Washington Mutual. Unfortunately, that bank was doing the same thing to me, so I had to close my account and moved it over to a bank in Alabama, where banking is, and this is my opinion, one of the best in the nation. They don't play games like the folks on the left coast do. They are forward and honest with you and do what they say they are going to do.

    Anyway getting back to Wells Fargo, even after I closed out my account, they had the nerve to keep my checking account open so they could continue charging me their fees. I was absolutely rivided when I got their last statement, and when I complained to customer service about it, the guy who was suppose to help me was arguing with me, and refuse to credit my account, of course he switch me over to his boss, and the lady not only took care of the problem, she credited my account in full, and apologized to me for the inconvenience the bank did to me. I do appreciate the fact that some people do care, this lady gave me exceptional help, when it was needed. Unfortunately, the guy before her, needs to find another job, because he was not a professional at all. But we're stuck with what we get, until we demand a higher authority, and if you can't get satisfaction there, keep going up the later until you do.

    I suppose the moral of the story is get a written statement from the teller who closes your account to write it down. I never take anybody at their word anymore, it isn't worth a grain of salt these days. GET IT IN WRITING! A simple sentence would okay, but make sure they date and sign it and file it with your bank statements for at least a year.

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