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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / filing wrong information/ rude customer service (supervisor)

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have been banking with Wells Fargo for a few years now and I also have a car loan with Wells Fargo, and I am always on time on my car payments. I have been very satisfied with your personal until today. On February, 2008 I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance to inform that I was laid off of work and I wasn’t going to be able to make my entire car payment on time. I ask the lady that was helping me if I could pay a part of my car payment on that day and if there any way I could pay the rest on the 25th . She told me that I could do that. She set up an check payment for the 25th and I agreed. After speaking to the customer service personal I drove to Wells Fargo Bank and I made a payment of $224.36 on February 6, 2008. I was very satisfy with the Customer service personal because I thought she had help me. I was checking my e-mail on February 12, 2008 and I notice an e-mail from Wells Fargo titled Insufficient Funds. I open the email and read that my account didn’t have “Insufficient Funds “ I didn’t understand what was going on, so I checked my account online and I notice that my account had two overdraft of $35.00 I didn’t understand. I had about $200.00 on my account just to get me through the rest of the month and now I am over. I notice that Wells Fargo auto Finance took 197.18 out of my account. I was very confuse because I made the agreement that my bank account was going to be charge on the 25th . I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance and spoke to a gentlemen . He was very nice and he sound like he was trying to help me out . I explain to him that I agreed to electronic payment for the 25th of February, but no for the 11th of February, He then told me that he will talk to his supervisor and he put me on hold for abut 10 minutes. Once he got on the phone he explain to me that he spoke to his supervisor and she said that they can’t reverse the charge, but what they can do is send you a check of the amount that was charge on my account. Then I would have to fax them my account statement that states the overdraft fees so they can reimbursed me for the overdraft fees. I said “okay”, I agreed, the I asked him “ what am I going to do about the fees that are added to my account for being over each day“? He said “ I will need to talk to my supervisor about that issue“ .I asked him if I can please talk to his supervisor and he transferred me over to Mrs. Beddy. I explain to her about the misunderstanding and how my account was charged on the 11th of February and how I didn’t agree to this charge. I told her “why would I go to Wells Fargo bank the same day I had called to make a payment, instead of depositing the cash and just waiting for the check to go through on the 11th, this doesn’t make any sense at all. She then told me that she really could not do anything for me at all. Then I asked her about what the customer personal had told me about the check and faxing over my bank statement that show the over fees to fax number [protected], He gave me this number so I can process this information to them and they would reimburse me the overdraft fees and send me a check with the amount that was taken out of my account with out my “permission“. She denied that she ever gave him any authorization to tell me the information he gave me. I really don’t believe this is true because he put me on hold to speak to a supervisor, then when I asked to talk to the supervisor he transferred me to Mrs. Beddy. Mrs. Beddy is wha twhe said her name was when I asked her for her name. Then when I asked to have the names of the person who first file the wrong information on the computer she told me that she couldn’t release that information for security reasons . Then when I asked her to give me the name of the person that I was speaking to before her, she said that she couldn’t release that information for security reasons also, but she knows who he is, this is what she said.Once again I asked her so you never said or okayed any thing the costumer representative personal told me that you okayed? She said no, so I told her “ so he is given me wrong or false information ? At this point I was in tears because I couldn’t believe how rude she was with me. She told me that she never said anything because there is nothing that they can do for me . So then I told her that her worker just gave me false information, so what I am stating is true that her workers are making mistakes on there customers accounts. One entered wrong information and the other told me wrong or false information according to the supervisor and to what I have heard. One of the Wells Fargo Auto Finance personal entered the wrong information then the other customer personal is gave me false hopes and information, At this point I am very stressed out and feeling very depressed that Wells Fargo cant help me when I asked for help. I am always on top of my car payment and I am never late and the one time I do asked for help I come out paying $ 90.00 in overdraft fees that I cant afford in the first place. The money that I had in my Wells Fargo bank account was for food for my family and gas for the rest of the month until I get paid. I have a family, I have to take care of especially in this hard economical crises we are in. I have so much stressed at this moment that I really can handle any more. Mrs. Beddy if this is her real name gave me the hardest most afoul time I have ever had in my life when dealing with customer service personal . I was crying, I just didn’t know what to do. I asked her for a number where I can call to file a complain and she gave me the same number I called to reach her [protected] this to me is like she was laughing at my face, and she was abusing her power. I expected more professionalism when speaking to a supervisor, but when I spoke to Mrs. Beddy I received the total opposite. I asked her if any of my calls were recorded? and if they where if she could listen to then, so I can prove that I didn’t authorized the first Electronic Payment on the 11th of February and she can hear when I told the young lady that I was going to make my first payment right when I get off the phone with her and I did. I also told her if she can hear the conversation that I had with the gentleman I spoke with before her, so she can hear what he told me about sending me a check for the amount that was taken out of my account and to fax over the bank statement so they can reimburse my overdraft fees. She said” no we don’t record any of our conversations with our customers. I just couldn’t believe how bad this lady made me feel. I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance to inform them that I didn’t have all the money to make my care payment, that I only had half and if the can “help” me by letting me pay the rest of the money on the 25th of February and this simple plea for help turn out to be the worst experience I ever had with Wells Fargo. The conversation ended and then I called wells Fargo Customer Service and the lady I spoke with was very respectful and nice. I explained to her my situation and what had happen and she actually made me feel good. She explained to me what I can do and how she can help. She made me feel relaxed and she gave me hope that something can be done for my situation. I want to thank you for having employed like this lady I spoke with. I really do believe that Mrs. Beddy need to get replaced. I work Customer Service and I always speak to my customers with respect and courtesy and if there’s a problem with any thing I try to help as much as I can. Mrs. Beddy lied to me and made me feel like I was a liar. I am not a liar. I am a person who is going through hard times and is looking for some help. I am a hard working person that likes keeping up with all my bills. I don’t like staying behind on any of my accounts and the one time I asked for help there was a misunderstanding and when I try to fix the problem by speaking to what I thought where experts one so call lied to me and the supervisor made me feel like if I was trash. There has to be justice regarding my situation and what I have experience today on February 12, 2008. I wish that no honest, hard working person experience what I have experience with Mrs. Beddy at no moment in there life’s. I would never wish this treatment that I have experience with Wells Fargo Auto Finance on any other person not even on people who don’t pay there bills on time or at all.There has to be some kind of justice to this matter.

I dint authorized an electronic payment for the 11th of February and the supervisor was very rude and nasty with me, when I spoke with her about the matter

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  • Li
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I been dealing with Wells Fargo regarding a problem I am having I have a 2005 car financed threw which I regret since the day I did it. I lost my job and have fallen behind on the payments I called ans explained it to them but they dobt care I made arrangrments with them to pay so much a week to stop with the reposession it might work but i dont really think they will laeve me alone they are the rudes people I have ever dealt with . Yes I am wrong but Iam asking them for help and they dont want to hear it . The arrangementsI made I hope they dont still take my car you Dont know because you mever talk to he same person twice it always some one different everytime you cal. and they all ave to make a different arrangment. they are driving me crazy and I am really going to work on getting this caugt up so Idont have to talk to there people again and I will NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN AND I WILL TELL EVERT ONE I KOW DONT DEAL WITH THEM THEY ARE TO NASTY TO THE CUSTOMERS. YHANK YOU LINDA RUSSELL NEW PALTZ, NY

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