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Aig & Wells Fargounauthorized charges to bank account

My wife just received notice that her check account was overdrawn. When we investigate the account statement, we find that AIG insurance has place two withdrawals to this account for $24.9o each. This withdrawals occurred on 1/20/09 and then 2/18/09, less than one month later. AIG never received any authorization from us for insurance. We never received any policy or notification of what this insurance is. The only way AIG could have access to this account, is if Wells Fargo gave them the information and authorization. THIS IS FRAUD! Wells Fargo has now charge this checking account over $75.00 in overdraft fees, for charges that they, not us made.


  • Ji
    j in ohio Mar 17, 2011

    I have had the supplemental health insurance policy paid with my wells fargo mortgage for almost two years. Unlike most customers I suspect, I actually made my doctors fill out the ridiculously detailed forms and submitted them religiously every month. It turned into a regular routine, I pay my 30 dollar co pay, submit the burdensome paperwork and get a check (after a month or two) from AIG/NUFIC for $115.00. Between me and the kids it was almost every month. Then Wells Fargo stopped paying the policy. I called them in October and was told I could continue to pay the 24.90 per month myself and they asked for a quarterly payment. i paid it. Having not received a submitted payment in a month or so I contacted them today. They said the policy has lapsed for non payment and that they sent me a bill in october. I of course got no such bill or letter and the timing is completely off, they unfortunately can't provide me a copy of the letter or the last bill or a copy of my phone conversation with them in october. I will contact the home office and the ohio department of insurance but at least i know that for almost two years I made money off these dishonest bottom feeders.

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  • Ra
    rageinacage Dec 28, 2010

    as a current employee, i apologize for all this misunderstandings..

    I understand where everyone is coming from, but if you think about it, the overdraft fee is in place because of the fact that its there when someone doesn't have funds to pay for the item. So if you think about it, and you knowingly made the purchase without having funds in the account, you in fact, are committing fraud. - common logic -

    I do sympathize with you, and i know where other former employees are coming from, however at the same time, you have to use common logic, don't sign up for anything you don't 100% need. Wells Fargo doesn't force you to sign up for anything the burden of blame is on you.

    have a nice day.

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  • Ua
    uabblazers Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think the same thing happened to me. Have any of you pursued this further? Please email me if you were/ewere not successful.

    [email protected]


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  • Mi
    Michael CoB 3/22 Inf Jul 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar situation with me.
    I received a privacy information notice from NUFIC two days ago. It seemed odd because I'd never heard of them and I could imagine what business transaction I had conducted with them. So, I starting checking my bank statements online and I was horrified to discover that FUNIC had been deducting $24.90 from my checking account for nearly four years. I felt stupid and angry. It was just the right amount to be overlooked and the charges blended in with a number of others.
    The total amount came to a little over $1, 100 - for nothing!
    I went to a branch of Wells Fargo today and asked that they block NUFIC from any further fraudulent charges. At first I got the run around and an offer to change my checking account. I objected because my VA and SSI checks are direct deposits and I insisted VIGOROUSLY that that the fraudulent charges be blocked. After a whole lot of evasion the young woman I was working with finally called a Wells Fargo employee who informed that the insurance policy had originated with Wells Fargo and that I had agreed to it "over the phone."
    I disputed this and demanded that the charges stop and that my money be refunded. The gentleman on the other end of the phone agreed to stop the charges and investigate "the situation."
    I have file a complaint with the Washington State Insurance Commissioner and I will also write a registered letter to FUNIC demanding the refund of my money.
    If you are doing business with Wells Fargo - keep your eyes open wide and
    always check your online statements carefully!

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  • Sh
    Shannon35 Jul 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I couldn't tell you all how many times I have heard these things while working at the customer service call center for NUFIC/AIG, but it all got to be too much. Sure I had to make a living, but not at the expense of my own integrity and health, so I got out of it recently. The basic job of customer service is to get people to keep their policies that they probably never gave permission for anyway, and it is actually Wells Fargo who is responsible for sharing your personal account information to AIG/NUFIC if you have any accounts with Wells Fargo, move them and tell them why. They should not be doing this at all. It is fraud and its why I couldn't stand it any longer. Think its hard to get them to quit debiting? Try filing a claim against your policy if it has doctor's visits included at 1 per quarter. I couldn't tell you how many times I have heard from customers that they sent in their paperwork, the claim form and itemized bill from the doctor months ago and still have not been paid their "benefit". I can't imagine how hard it would be to get a disability benefits that are often included in these policies, it must be damn near impossible, if people cannot get a lousy 50-75 dollars for doctor's visits in a timely manner. If anyone ought to be ashamed of what they do, it Wells Fargo, and any company that sells information to NUFIC when you buy something over the 'net and other financial institutions that have anything to do with NUFIC/AIG, not the customer service representatives that are trying to do an impossible job. It is all true, that the customer service representatives and their team leads and supervisors do not have a number to call the main office in Jacksonville. Just a perspective from the other side of the phone. I am glad I got out of it, I could not live with the knowledge of fraudulent wrongdoing on the part of the banks and NUFIC/AIG anymore.

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  • Fl
    Fla George Jul 19, 2010

    Always offer the inconsiderate sots to come to your town and explain it all to a judge. Send the offer return receipt with your tel number and believe me...they will be calling you . I've done it many times. A couple times I used a lawyer friend to send a demand letter. This really gets em off their [censor].

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  • Fl
    Fla George Jul 19, 2010

    I had the same complaint but different. I have two lines of credit for two houses we have with Wachovia bank. Wells Fargo bought out Wachovia and then sent us news that they added $9109.56 to both houses for homeowners insurance...WHAT? I called them to tell them that I already had HO insurance and they were wasting their time. They told me to send them proof and I did. This was two months ago and I just got another letter that the 9 grand is still on there. I am on the phone for two hours while I am typing this.
    MORAL: Large institutions do not work...PROOF... take a look at the shape of this country
    Keep Punchin,
    George Quinn
    Ft. Pierce, F orida

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  • Ap
    Appalled in Texas Jun 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have written to AIU demanding that proof of authorization be given to me (which they will not be able to do because I never gave my authorization), and that I expected an immediate refund of all funds that had been taken out of my account illegally. When I called Wells Fargo, they connected me to the customer service department of AIU. The young woman, Destiny, who answered my call mumbled through a prepared statement, and when I asked her to repeat what she had said, she said, "The whole thing?" It is appalling that Wells Fargo would allow access to my account.

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  • Ma
    maryjoh Mar 29, 2010

    i just got a letter stating my insurance lapsed so they canceled my insurance.what insurance may i ask?never had any with this company.i will follow up like everyone else is doing. these companies are tyring to make up for the money they are loosing since the new law pertaining to credit cards took affect

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  • Sa
    Sautier Mar 01, 2010

    I just received a letter stating they will be charging my credit card at Citizens. I have been on line waiting to speak to someone for 40 minutes and I still can't get anyone on the line. I have no agreement for insurance coverage with these people. I live in MA, this is wrong and it has to stop.

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  • Ac
    Aceotrophix Dec 09, 2009

    I work for NUFIC thanks for paying my bills:) You often get this policy when ordering things like ENZITE and COLON CLEANSER. You don't read the things that you're are signing, that makes you stupid not us.

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  • Id
    i dont want to give my name Nov 05, 2009

    I am a former employee of the company and I feel sooo bad about what all of you are going through. I felt that I had to lie to the callers every day about an insurance policy that I felt was crap. However, I had to make a living in some way. Then here I am now, without a job and feeling guilty about everything. One tip for you, if you have only been billed for a couple of months, get really upset, but DONT curse at the person on the phone and ask for a supervisor. When/if you get a supervisor, threaten legal action. The company doesnt want the hassle of a lawsuit and 75% of the time you will get a full refund without the hassle of the letter. HOWEVER, if you still have to write the letter, ask for a recording of the call and threaten legal action, complaints with the BBB and dept of insurance in your state. Those combigned will get you a full refund.

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  • Bi
    BillWbr Sep 06, 2009

    The same thing is happening to me. I have cancelled this policy twice and received cancellation confirmation numbers which National Fire Insurance Company is denying the number exist. I have threatened legal action and will make a complaint to the California Insurance Licensing Board against the insurance agent. If there are sufficient complaints against the agent, the agent may have his license revoked to sell insurance in California or has his license suspended for a certain amount of time. Entering a complaint against a California insurance agent is easy use this link to file a complaint

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  • Ko
    Koniucha Aug 27, 2009

    I have the same story as all of you. I ordered some powder make up and had to use my debit because of the shipping charges. I called to cancel it right away so that all I paid was shipping. The girl on the phone started pushing an insurance policy and I just said fine and asked for the number to cancel it as soon as I got the paperwork. So I canceled right away but apparently I had two and did not cancel both. I was checking our online bank account yesterday and noticed a 14.95 charge being taken out every month. Called this morning and the guy said I canceled one in March but not the other, some sort of "accidental death policy". They told me it was a verbal agreement gave me the "corporate office" address. How does this office not have a phone number? I want all of my money back and I will also be reporting them.

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  • Ka
    KatieLisMad Aug 24, 2009

    August 24, 2009

    I too was charged every month, 26.90 per month for an insurance I believe I never signed up for. This organization told me they couldn't give me proof I signed up in writing, said it was verbal over the phone, I said I wanted proof of that and got the same address listed above, but was told there was no phone. If they verbally signed me up by phone (supposedly), why can't I be provided a number I can contact regarding this? This is such a scam and I intend to do as the individual above and write letters. I told the representative she should be ashamed of working for a company that would do this to people at a time when people are losing their homes.

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  • Lo
    LOlson Aug 14, 2009

    I posted a comment 32 days ago in regard to my mother having these deductions taken from her checking account with a supposed "verbal" approval. Her deductions started back in March 2007 so it was a tidy sum for a widowed woman living on social security. . . We did contact the BBB and the attorney general's office. I also wrote letters to the insurance company and Wells Fargo asking for a copy of the "verbal" approval or else we wanted a full refund of premiums deducted and also stated that we wanted them to cease this practice. They refunded all premiums to Mom. However, I don't feel that this is the end. Mom will be moving her account elsewhere and I would like to continue to pursue this as I believe it is SO WRONG!!!

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  • Re
    Remtx Jul 25, 2009

    My goodness I am shocked at all this dishonesty. The same thing happened to my mother who is on a fixed income. She received a notice for overdraft fees and I that is when I found that she her account has been debited several months with these charges. Even worse when I called to complain on her behalf they told me that they had spoken to her and that it had been in spanish and she understood and approved. I am outraged with this whole scam. Despite our Spanish last name, my mother doesn't even speak spanish well enough to order food for carryout much less to approve an insurance.

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  • Lm
    LMOlson Jul 13, 2009

    The same thing happened to my mother. I am not stopping there. The attorney general's office will be notified as well as local TV stations. This is outright fraud! AIG under the auspices of National Union Fire Insurance and Wells Fargo have quite a racket going here!

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  • To
    Tom G May 23, 2009

    Thanks you goofee12 and Anthony A. My experience gibes with yours, goofee12, in that I discovered the charge this morning when I was notified by email Wells Fargo that my checking account was overdrawn NSF, as a result of the $24.90 automatic withdrawal you refer to. Additionally I had an overdraft charge of $25.00 plus a charge of $5.00 for one-day's 'continuous overdraft.' A phone call to what appeared to be a 800 number in the description field on the online banking transaction record of the charge put me in touch with a representative who told me what you described, the mailing address you list, and so on.

    I'll write the letter and see what happens. I will also cc California State Insurance Board and Wells Fargo. Wells has pestered me with letter after letter offering one or other insurance "benefits." I don't respond to them, even the one they said was absolutely free of any charge any time ($1500.00 Accident Insurance I believe). But the marketing call for some reason must have caught me off guard, since I thought the sales person said was "my last chance" to sign up (I've been told that many times before by letter and telephone call concerning the Accident Insurance offer - the ostensibly free one. I was extremely stressed at the time caring for my partner who was having a health crisis that required my full attention to coordinate his treatment, meet with physicians etc. I unwisely thought that if I finally said 'yes' to the person I would not get the letters or calls any longer, so I probably didn't listen or think carefully enough to spot the sale.

    Finally, the customer service rep I talked to at AIG told me that in the sales call I had been informed that they, AIG, were calling "on behalf of Wells Fargo." He repeated that at least once and said the recording would validate his claim. If in fact Wells Fargo authorized AIG to represent itself as acting on behalf of Wells Fargo, I will take it up with them. If they did not authorize, I think I will officially complain to the State insurance authority that I believe AIG perpetrated a fraud on me.

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  • An
    Anthony A Apr 21, 2009

    This happened to me as well. I noticed a 24.90 charge on my mortgate statement with Wells Fargo. Called Wells Fargo, and they said that I signed up for something 5 months ago with the insurance company, and I would have to call them.

    I said, no way am I calling them to cancel something that I never signed up for. It was on my Wells Fargo bill, and they needed to refund all my money and cancel the insurance.

    Wells Fargo then got AIG on the phone, and said my wife signed up, which I KNOW she didn't, as we never agree to these telephone scams or extra insurance. Luckily, I never increased my payment, so I never was actually out any money, and I had to cancel my payment.

    I said I wanted to hear a recording of the call where they claim my wife signed up... so they said to write to their "corporate office" at:

    National Union Fire Insurance Company
    Dept: Sales Dispute
    PO Box 44260
    Jacksonville, FL 32231

    and they would send me a cd with the recording on it...

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  • Go
    goofee12 Mar 26, 2009

    The same thing just happened to my wife on her account. Long story short. Aig calls Apr2008, talks to wife who says she doesnt understand and that she will go to the branch and see about it. Fast forward to january. I did an accounting of her bank accounts and noticed a charge of 24.90 to AIG IPP. Hmm I asked if it was our dental insurance from her employer. Thinking maybe they did things differently. Nope it was not that insurance. Turns out when we went to the bank to get the money back they actually had no idea. Honestly they were dumbfounded. They initiated a fraud calim on the account and took it all the way back to June of last year. Which happens to be when the money started coming out. Then the lady proceeds to tell me that I have to write a letter to the office in Jacksonville Florida requesting a refund for the amounts withdrawn on an unauthorized insurance policy. And we never received any paper work or anything in the mail as the lady stated we should have. HMMMMM>...

    Think about the amount $24.90 . it is not an obvious amount could be anything. Yes our fault for not catching it earlier than we did. however when trying to correct it with AIG. BIG PROBLEMS. Run around and saying welll we can only give back one month. I said I want it all back because it was never authorized. They said that it was. I KNOW MY WIFE. I dont know how they record there messages or when they start and stop the recording. Tricks of the trade. Easy to deceive people into this.

    I got so mad on the phone that Istarted wondering how many people are getting caught with this kind of scam. How many people are unknowingly loosing 24.90 a month out of their accounts.

    So letter it will be. Or two. Call to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), AIG home office in NUFIC DEPT SD, PO BOX 44260 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32231. If anyone wants to write them a letter or letters. And a letter will also go to Wells Fargo.


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