Wayfairrenwick wool red indoor/outdoor area rug

I am a return rugs reseller. The red rug that I got was listed as this name and the retail price matches the one on wayfair. Now, wayfair usually changes the name of the rug, but even the manufacturer's name. There's usually a whole "About" section of a manufacturer that seems made up. What's worse is that when I looked up the rug from the label, there was no mention of the material either on the rug or on the website I found it on. Yet, this rug is advertised as a wool rug.
It is very clear, when I smelled the rug that the smell was very, very strongly synthetic. The backing was supposed to be jute, so there was nowhere the smell could be coming from. This destroys the whole credibility of the business. It's an absolute fraud!
It sells hand-made wool rugs for $2000+ and who is to tell whether they are hand-made or not. You can smell wool, but not everyone knows how to tell if a rug is hand-made. If the site is garnishing the description of a rug by lying about it's very material, the manufacturing method might go even more unnoticed. I grant that this rug is not an expensive one for this size, but people will buy it if they want that colour and design. There is no need to lie about the material. It just makes the site look all the more fraudulent.

Dec 04, 2018

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