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I went to get gas, and it preauthorizarion my card for $120. I called and they told me my money would be back on the 1st, which would be a week after the preauthorization. It is now the second, my money is gone, and the pending transaction is no longer even showing! You can see all the transactions and how they don't add up! The $120 is just gone. And of course who can I call? They're "customer service" people have been giving me the run around all morning. One hung up on me, another had me hold while waiting for a supervisor which never happend because he told me "Oh I see it will be back on the 4th" I asked to please leave me on hold for a supervisor, he disconnected my call and sent me to the customer survey, after which the call ended. The next time I called the girl told me after 10 minutes that it would be back on the 7th. HOW IS THIS LEGAL?? Ithe can't be. I will surely close my account AFTER I get my money back. I am a college student, already struggling, and this was the money for my textbooks and calculator. Now I have no clue how I will pay for it. Something needs to be done about this, it's just another form of social stratification, a way for the big 1% to keep us little people down. I am officially boycotting walmart and green dot. This isn't right.

Feb 2, 2017
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  • Ro
      25th of Feb, 2017

    I think this is very poor business on Walmart part and I do plan to turn this over to my lawyer on Monday. They owe me I wasted my internet time to do there surveys and they will pay me or I will turn it into the B.B.B. also. I can't believe Walmart would let this happen. I am a disabled person and I don't have internet time just to throw away. We will see what me lawyer and the B.B.B. says Monday.

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