Walmart / unethical behavior

Temple PA, United States

This happend quite some months ago. I complained on walmart costumer service and never got any information or resolve. I reported on phone and by website.

This happened last year late november. I had a bad experienc in store. i rung myself out at self checkout. Then I went to the return counter because a dvd that was on sale rung up higher than the sticker. I was told it didn't matter if the signs were wrong, that they were not honoring it. Charged regular price for left over blackfriday stuff that was still in sale boxes with stickers. After leaving costumer service I went to exit. I looked for my reciept and could not find it. I was told I could not leave. Which I don't think is legal. I told the where I checked out and to visit costumer service or call because I just walked away where I returned something with todays receipt.

I was made to feel like a criminal and told I couldn't leave the store because I'd misplaced my receipt. I was asked for my credit card number. No other options were given to me. I told them I was sick and needed to go but they ignored me. Many people walked past showing no reciept which three people were called over to "help" me. I was offered no way to leave the store and was told I couldn't. I went to the costumer service and the woman who was called up (i believe was a manager) I always see her hanging around the office...told me feel free to return the stuff...because it wasnt like I was getting money for it. I returned my things and also discovered my receipt. I returned my 40 items and left with my money. No apology or anything. I also the next week spent 15 mintues waiting for a manager to talk to about the issue. Nothing.

Oct 22, 2018

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