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Please provide me a resolution to my below complaint that occurred on 11/11/2017:

You've got to be kidding!! My husband and I placed 7 items on the belt of a 20 items or less checkout express lane yesterday, a usually busy Saturday. We were behind a lady who was checking out and one young man behind us with 1 item. As soon as the lady swiped her credit card she was approached by the clerk about a promotion the store was offering of a $25.00 savings to customers spending $75.00 or more and that she qualified. Of course, she was all in. So, the clerk proceeded to process her application via credit card scanner. After the clerk attempted to process the task it was obvious that she lacked any knowledge of this procedure so she summoned a supervisor over for help. And the supervisor had difficulty completing the task and I made it clear to her that this was ridiculous and poor customer service. Her response was that they serve all their customers. Well, what about all of us customers behind who have waited over 15 minutes? She had no comment until after checking me out when she apologized as she handed me my receipt. I was tempted and regret not leaving our goods on the belt and walking away. We are unhappy customers to have experienced this at the checkout especially an EXPRESS lane. This promotion needs to be accomplished in an appropriate manner to better serve all your customers. Your help is greatly appreciated. We have gone to the store manager with a couple of complaints in the past dozen years but this one qualifies corporate attention.
Anita & Ken

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    Even if it's an express lane, they still need to follow their required procedures. They often have goals for promotions like these and customers shouldn't miss out just because they entered a lane for less items.

    The employee apologized to you. There is nothing else that can or should be done.

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