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Walmart Stores / car care in tire installation center.

1 Tarentum, PA, United States
Contact information:

Copied from a complaint left on wal--mart website.
Incident last took place on November 2017.
Resolution: Discipline mechanic and refund cost of oil change & extended service fee.

I would like to bring my experiences with your Pittsburgh Mills, Frasier Township store to your attention. My first experience with your automotive store was uneventful however my second and third experiences should be brought to every ones attention.
I was shopping at your store and decided to get the oil in my car changed and I even paid the extra $10.00 to have my windshield cleaned and fluids topped off. As i drove away I noticed my windshield had been cleaned but with a greesy cloth. After a number of cleanings I still can't get all the grease off my windshield. After driving my car a couple days the oil light came on, when I took the car to find out why the oil light was on what I found was the car had been given the wrong amount of oil and was two quarts low on oil.

Next experience, Although I had the previous experience i decided to give your automotive department one more try. I had tires which i purchased from you installed on my car. After waiking around the store for about 2 hours I decided to check with the automotive department to ask when my car would be done. I was told by the female person behind the counter my car was done but she forgot to call to tell me.
So, as if that wasn't bad enough I then walked out to my car to find it parked in the parking lot with it's windows rolled down. A $200.00 dog kennel in the back seat, numerous confidential documents in the unlocked glove compartment and personal property lying on the front seat for anyone who walked by to take at will.

So, upon finding this, I again went to the service counter to complain about the careless irresponsible way my car was left in the parking lot.
I told the female counter attendant I was very upset because my car had been left in the parking lot unlocked with the windows down and I felt it was very irresponsible of the mechanic and wal-mart had a duty to protect my car while it was in their care.
Her response to me was "So, you didn't tell us not to leave then down".

I asked for a manager to which I was told they didn't have a store manager. I asked to talk to whomever was in charge of the store she reluctantly called someone. Another female person appeared, I explained the situation and she then paged the automotive manager. Who after 10 more minutes of waiting still could not find his way back to his department.
So, I finally stormed out the door vowing to never use any wal-mart automotive center again, ever. And, to tell everyone i talk to about care car facilities about my experience with the pittsburgh mills automotive enter.

My treatment was unacceptable, the careless way your mechanic cared for my vehicle is unacceptable, and the juvenile behavior of the female counter attendant is very unacceptible.

Dec 28, 2017

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