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I was in Walmart store # 5173 for around 2 hours shopping and left empty handed. I have never been treated or embarrassed the way I was treated at Walmart. All because I was using coupons and using them correctly. A CSM came over to the register I was at because she saw that I had coupons. She stopped the transaction and took my coupons and left. I stood there completely embarrassed and angered. The cashier that stood with me apologized numerous times to me for the way that the CSM treated me and talked to me. She said multiple times how bad that she had talked to me and how rude she was too me. ( their own employee mind you) The lady returned and begin saying how my coupons were fake and had been illegally copied. Which I know is a bold face lie. I printed those coupons out myself from A total legit site for printable coupons. This whole time other employees and customers have gathered around. I felt like I could have crawled in a hole. I was treated like a thief and liar. I refuse to be treated this way. I will never go back to Walmart. After the news crew that I have contacted gets done with Walmart they may not have to worry about loosing me as a customer. They may need to worry about loosing all business period. I honestly don't think Mr. Walton would be very proud of the way his employees are treating his customers.

Sep 07, 2018
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      Sep 07, 2018

    I would goto the walmart site and leave feedback comment ( contact us)

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