Walmart Storesaroma professional glass tea kettle

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I order a glass tea kettle from Walmart, after two days used its smell burn? Then I contacted Walmart customer service and got a response within two days from cheapees.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Woodside, NYcom. They said I can return the product but they are not responsible for the retuning fee? Ridiculous??? Why I got to pay for the return fee, it's not my problem?...

  • Updated by Willllll, Feb 04, 2017

    Never buy anything from Walmart third party products? The third party company never responsible for any return fee when the product damages?

  • Updated by Willllll, Feb 04, 2017

    Fine ? The kettle in the garbage already, its only 36 buck to buy dumb cheap things

  • Updated by Willllll, Feb 04, 2017

    Fine? The kettle in garbage already. It's only 36 buck to buy the dumb cheap things

  • Updated by Willllll, Feb 05, 2017

    Just want to let peoples know don't ever buy from cheap company, dumb like me!!

Feb 04, 2017
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  •   Feb 04, 2017

    You purchased from a 3rd party vendor. It tells you it is a 3rd party vendor before you pay. You always have to pay return shipping no matter who you buy it from.

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  •   Feb 04, 2017

    If it is only $36 bucks why are you here complaining?

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  •   Feb 06, 2017

    Yea. I am sure people will take your advice. We are all smart enough to know how to read, and that we have to return stuff for a refund, not throw it away. It is not their fault you threw it out instead of returning it.

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