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Walmart / theft

1 Walmart way in south Point, OhioSouth Point, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (304)894-3235

This is in reference to the self check out lanes at walmart which has now costed me and my husband a Theft accusation charge! We were shopping on the 29th of December at the South Point Ohio Store and as it turned out we as well had did our after Christmas gift returns. So we proceeded to shop after returning about $173.00 worth of item purchased for Christmas and we bought roughly about $125.00 worth of things mostly little & cheap items. One of Our items was a Sweeper that we needed for our home and it was the cheapest one they carried as well. So as we went to leave we seen that all lanes were terribly crowded so against normal routine we chose to go through the self checkout and as we fought " as we normally do " with our 7 year old about candy we as well had to deal with our 2 year old boy who always has a hard time with checkout due to the overwhelming site of candy bars and gum that are always present at the check out of about any store. So in the midst of doing that I got stuff out of the buggy so my husband could ring it up and he had just learned how to unload the bag area so that the computer would not freeze due to removing things just scanned. But instead he was waiting for it to show the scan & bad prompt so he could remove items from the bagging area for when making a one hundred dollar purchase the two little bag slots is not enough space so you must wait on the bag prompt and then unload so you can scan and rebag more items. So after getting a full buggy of bags filled with merchandise we paid and started to exit, when while walking I said "you scanned the stuff on bottom right " my husband then grabbed the receipt right out of my hand quickly and I could see his eyes looking over the items on it. He then stopped me with his arm and was going to say we need to go back and pay for the sweeper but the Big Bad "God" of walmart and his bag boy side kick stepped in front of our cart and asked if we could step into a side room which we did with no problem . This prevention officer was so rude and arrogant it was almost unbelieveable, he then began to make remarks in front of my children about how we was not slick enough and that we almost made it except and then he would ask a question instead of finishing the statement! My husband then " Understandably" became very mad and said some things back in our defense about the security at the store as well as picking on us because of a mistake! Long and short of the matter is we were not out to rip off anything and after are purchase we still had several hundred dollars but we was made out to be thieves and was charged accordingly ! this is wrong and should not be acceptable in todays world of justice and equality! My Husband and I are in court on Friday in the Lawerence Co Municiple court which is located in Chesapeake Ohio at 9am. i hope that justice prevails and the truth is brought to light! No matter what Walmart should be highly ashamed and we will be glad to never step foot back in one ever !

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  • He
      3rd of Dec, 2007
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    On December 3 2007 i was in walmart shopping for christmas presents for my children. I had been in the store for about an hour and was ready to leave when i remembered i need some makeup, so i headed to the makeup department and found what i was looking for but couldn't remember the color i needed. So i picked up the two i thought were closes and compared them. After a few minutes i decided on one and put the other one back. I placed the other one on top of the toys in the child seat part (my purse was underneath). As i was trying to find and register that didn't have 7 people in it the makeup most likely slipped down and fell beside my purse. By then i was irrated about the long lines and decided to go through the self checkout. I placed my items on the belt and scanned them and payed for them.. I forgot i had the makeup and didn't see it sitting there so i continued to the door. As i was passing the security area a man came up behind me and asked if i had anything i didn't pay for. My heart sank and i said OH MY GOD I totally forgot about the makeup... He ended up taking me and my boyfriend into a room in the front of the building.. He was very rude about this situation and said "where did the other stuff you stole go?" I said i didn't steal anything and the only thing i forgot to pay for was this peace of makeup. He continued to say "i was watching you and you had two things of makeup that you took where did the other one go?" I told him i only put one in my cart and i fully intended to pay for it. They asked how much money i had on me and told me they were going to give me a warning and i was no longer aloud in and Walmart of Sams Club store for the rest of my life. Is this fair and is it legal for them to ban me from there store when no charges were filed and i wasn't even fined?

  • No
      3rd of Dec, 2007
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    No it is not fair and no I do not beleive it's is legal either, contact a lawyer, plus call wal-mart back tell them that they will be hearing from your lawyer and I bet they will drop everything and try to make some kind of deal withyou

  • Ar
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    Are you upset because of what WalMart did, or because you need makeup so your husband thinks you're a frightening Minotaur beast without it?

  • Me
      28th of Nov, 2009
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    Don't people use paragraphs on this site?

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    People don't always use paragraphs here, or they use them at the wrong time. But it is better than talking like Captain Kirk. where. every. single. word. is. a. sentence.

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