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Walmart - Smartstyle Hair Salon / no customer service!

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I went into SmartStyle Hair Salon which is located inside of Wal-Mart for a haircut which includes a shampoo for the price stated.

I had to wait first of all for about 30 minutes and there was only one stylist working and she only had one customer she was styling. Then when she finally got to me she asked me how I wanted my hair cut and when I told her she said she was not comfortable using the razor to cut my hair because, she cut herself often and preferred to used the scissors and then she cut my hair and never offer me a shampoo. I was so frustated by this time and in so much back pain that I decided to let it slide. She asked me if I wanted her to blow dry my hair and I told her yes because, I had some shopping to do at Wal-Mart. She spent no more than 3 minutes drying my hair and use no styling tools when she was drying it.

The real kicker of this story is that when I got up to the register to pay she charged me an additional $3 for drying it and I asked her shouldn't the drying be free since I did not receive my shampoo and she said no because, the company required her to charge the additional fee if she used to blow dryer. My hair was still wet when I left there and I ended up paying $15.95 for a cut I am not happy with instead of $12.95 and got cheated out of my shampoo.

I will not be going back to SmartStyle ever again and advise anyone who does to watch out because, customer service is what I call no customer service.

Judy Bertoson

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  • Ev
      27th of Sep, 2007
    -2 Votes

    how much is a wet set if anyone knows wash and curl with rollers

  • Te
      30th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please the salon in wal mart should please employ people to work than one person attending to many people. So bad.

  • An
      6th of Feb, 2008
    -3 Votes

    You get what you pay for, i mean come on you got your hair cut in wal mart. Did you really expect anything more? If you want service go to a real salon next time.

  • Be
      2nd of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    @angelique manns Hey stupid!!! Real hair stylists work there!

  • Ap
      16th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @angelique manns I expected my hair not to be cut to the scalp, that's what I expected!! A offer for a shampoo and blow dry would have been nice since it's suppose to be included in the cost! Coshocton Ohio don't go to Shannon!!

  • Ap
      16th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Beatrice Norcross Little the flunkies work there!

  • El
      3rd of Apr, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I agree with the section of the complaint that deals with the finished style. If the stylist was planning to charge the 15.95 for a 'complete style', it should have been completed, and not left messy. The way you style without charging for a curling iron is to use a round brush while you are drying. A little hair spray and the customer is ready to go.

    I do not back up the part of the complaint of having to wait 30 minutes to be waited upon. Each stylist has an individual pace she/he works at, and each customer has individual requirements he expects to be met. Some customers are fussier than other and require quite a bit more attention and satisfaction before they are ready to leave.

    I am a stylist at Smart Style; I greet customers when they walk in and let them know how long a wait they may expect. There are times when when we work alone because employees are unreliable and play hooky or quit without a notice. This is beyond our control; we just work long hours with no days off until another stylist is hired to fill the gap.

    To respond to the comment by Angelique of 'next time go to a real salon': I have the exact same education as a stylist who works in a 'real salon' and I have NEVER had someone come back on me with a complaint. This is because I am careful and listen to my customers. I have many repeat on-a-budget clients who enjoy having a knowledgable stylist in a reasonably priced salon. I know a few high priced stylists who could use a refresher course on customer satisfaction and good service. Unprofessional behavior and unacceptable results are not only visited upon Smart Style salons, Angelique.

    Thanks for listening, Elizabeth

  • Pa
      19th of Jun, 2008
    +7 Votes

    I took my daughter there 2 do a perm nd her neck was hurting 4 a whole week untill she told me nd she had a scab nd i tuk her 2 da doc nd they said she had a 1st degree burn nd also i tuk her 2 other salons b4 who do worsser so don't say it's a wall mart go 2 a real salon so if u ask mi i say u should learn how 2 style ur own hair cuz nobody knows how 2 style! nd guess wat they only gave me 250 dollars back.

  • Ge
      5th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Did you forget to check your text spelling before submitting your comment to Wall Mart (Wal-mart) ? WOW!!! oh wait i guess it could be worsser!!! ROFL FYI Worrser is not a word genius!

  • Za
      1st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I understand your frustration with smart cuts. I went in today with my 6 year old son who has mild autism. I asked if they would cut his hair and they said NO! I don't want to get cut! No wonder these people are working in such a place.

  • Rk
      30th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I stopped at the Wal Mart Salon for a "simple trim". I thought the person who cut my hair was a little odd at first. As the minutes went by, I started get nervous and scared because she was really tweaky, jerky, and obviously high on something. She said something about meeting a guy in the parking lot on her break! Great, the person cutting my hair just hooked up in the parking lot for a boost. She was getting worse by the minute and when I thought she was finally done and I could get out of there, she did a couple of quick scissor jabs at the hair on top to "thin it" she said. I have fine, thin hair -it certainly doesn't need any sort of thinning1 Now I have 3 sections at the top of my head where 1" long stumps of hair stick straight up! I threw down 15 bucks and Ran out of there! Aren't the people working in the salon drug tested?

  • An
      15th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    this is hilarious!! I also am an employee and manager of smart style hair salon. I personally think that the people who are complaining about it on here are people who have nothing better to do than degrade other people.. I also do a great job in my line of work.! Sometimes you get a bad hair cut by someone I understand this. However, instead of posting complaints on the internet you should go in and do something about it.. Smart style takes pride in having good customer services. When you are unhappy with something all it takes is going in and nicely telling them about it. They should be able to do everything they can for you within there power to do so. Also there is an 800 number on the wall behind the counter in every smart style that is for customer service complaints and what not.. As for the comment about going to a real salon, any stylist knows that it is not the salon you go to it is the person you get while there.. A terrible stylist could work in a "real salon" that would be much higher priced. Bad haircut for more money. At the same time a Great stylist could work in a smart style give you a wonderful hair cut and you would pay less. When you get your hair done make sure the communication is good. I cant help you get what you want unless you tell me. I can not read your mind. So when you go in if you want a shampoo and for some reason werent offered one then simply ask them could I get my hair shampooed. Simple as that. If by some chance you do get a bad service then telling the manager is best. It is good to let people know in a nice way if they did something wrong, people often learn from their mistakes. So next time instead of sitting down and voiceing complaint on the internet go in and tell them whats wrong. Don't be rude about it becuase its not going to get you anywhere..

  • Be
      2nd of Sep, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @anonymous That's why you are staying anonymous you loser!!

  • Ap
      16th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @anonymous I do have a lot more to do thats why its taken me 3 weeks to say something! But bad costumer service needs to be told about!

  • Mo
      17th of Oct, 2008
    Best Best Advice +8 Votes

    Well i agree to the comments that people have went threw with there hair cause i will be astudent at a beauty school soon so i know how tuff it can get. And it can be tuff for students to hopfuly when i grad from school that i will be placed at wal - mart salon i just happend to come acroos some of the comment about wal - mart salon and how will it be if i were to work there. Hopfuly my custmer will like me.

  • We
      24th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I took my 8 year old daughter to get her hair washed and trimmed in the wal-mart salon and they gave me an attitude about washing her hair even though it says it is included for kids. It was very cold outside and they said they would dry it some, when I got up to the register they charged me for conditioner I didn't even know they put in her hair and they also charged me the blowdrying fee. I could have taken her to a real salon and payed less. She said it was standard to put conditioner in hair and she said it includes a shampoo, not conditioner. She didn't actually style it either, just took some of the wetness out.

  • Mi
      25th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am very disappointed in several of these comments regarding smart style being a real salon. In fact it is one of the realest salons in buisness today. We are convienant we are knoweldgable, we are constantly training everyday. I happen to manage a smart style & I am a two time award winner. For many of your, edification we are owned be reigs a for runner in the ART of hairstyling. The reason we are available to everyone at a moments notice is because we are SO inexpensive. The reason Our haircuts dont include a conditioner is so we can be as inexpensive as possible while providing quality service I take pride in my stylist and we take pride in our work. I Personally came down from chicago to be by my mother I left my assistants & receptionists Because I needed a job, Smart style provided one & I have been here for three years & love it. My clients thank me everyday for not only makeing their hair fabulous but enriching their lives. Open your mind people before you make hurtfull non factual comments If you have issue with YOUR area smartstyle please call the 800 # we alwyas want to hear your complaints so we can fix problems causing you headaches.

  • Ch
      12th of Feb, 2009
    +7 Votes

    I was previously employed by Smart Style and I enjoyed it. It did have grueling hours and sometimes I was opening and closing by myself but It taught me how to be self sufficient and different techniques to go along with my own style. One client can take up to three hours if they are having a chemical treatment done like a perm or weave. Everyones own experience is different. Smart Style is owned by Regis who also owns many salons in popular shopping malls like Trade Secret, Regis Salon, and Master Cuts. Its pretty much all the same. Smart Style only rents the space from WalMart along with certain terms. If you do not like your stylist, let the Smart Style manager know. I am sure they will work with you, they can refund and offer to fix it. If you say nothing, then nothing will change and the stylist might continue in the same manner. Each stylist is different and uses different techniqes and has a different personality but if you think your stylist is on drugs then the authorities should deffinetly be notified.

  • Ki
      27th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    i agree this so called hair salon is a piece of crap!
    i just got home and went straight to blow drying my newly died hair that i paid $95.00 for and it was all good untill it started to fall off wtf is wrong with these ppl did they ever go to beauty school? maybe craker jack boxes are giving away free passes to become a employe at the walmart salon! im going back and getting a refund! i went in with healthy thick hair and left with hair that looks like a wig a bad one at that!

  • Ja
      8th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    i went to smart style the end of jan. for a perm as i work in wal-mart 2 weeks into feb. my hairvis poker straight my stylist told another co-worker of mine the reason for it going straight is because i used a hair clip on the top of my hair. this was said because they wont reinburse me for the perm for this reason and i dont want them to do another one on my hair so im stuck. they will never get my busness again or any one else thinking about going there

  • Sh
      14th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    How about this... what if the Stylist complain about the customer. Try this on for size. A smartstyle stylist works several hours on their feet, to be met with a constant flow of phone calls, retail sales, checking out customers, and questions, such as my favorite..."How long will it be until I get my haircut?". All this happens, while the Smartstyle stylist is working on her clients hair. I am often interupted anywhere from 3 to 6 or 7 times, each client. Understand, Smartstyle (Regis) will not allow us to have a receptionist. Trust I have begged for one. Also, the Stylist works hard to please the client, but sometimes is met with conversations that go a little bit of mind reading game. Like, the Stylist asks "How would you like your haircut?" The Customer, "I don't know...short" The Stylist "How short"
    The Customer " Short" The Stylist, " short is short? The Customer "Short short". 30 minutes later...The Customer, "Ohhh, that's too short!"
    Wow. Communication is key people, better yet, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say.
    Look, I agree about the wait, it sometimes can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours or more. All, I can really go by is my particular salon, and I know we work extremely hard, just to be treated poorly by the customer. Some won't even speak words, but just hold up two fingers in a sissor manner up to their hair, or better yet... the one word, ..."haircut?". Is there any other professional worker, you walk up to and just speak like that or gesture what you want? Just walk on up to a Dentist and say " braces" or go up to a mechanic and say "tire".
    I have a great clientel, they are some of the best you could ever meet, and I often get to meet some of the most amazing people you could ever run into, and so with what I do come the good with the bad. But yall have got to understand, We are not Wal-Mart haircuts, we are not uneducated stylist, (we btw have classes to continue education in cosmetology), and we are definately not lazy. Don't Judge too quickly before walking in someone else shoes.
    Thank you, Renee

  • Fa
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    +6 Votes

    It is so handy to go to Smart Style, you can shop while you are waiting . they will page you. I showed the stylist a picture of the hairstyle I liked. she looked & said ok.when she got through it sure didn't look at all like the was a old style. I was so dissapointed. I had a shampoo, cut, & style $30.90. I was shocked. Sales ticket says shampoo & style Basic $14.95 conditioner $1.00 & adult shampoo & cut $14.95. the other salons in town charge $25.00 for shampoo, cut & style. I would'nt have minded my hair looked worse after than before. I know I should have told her I dont like to complain, so my loss. It just dont happen at Smart style salons. Faith

  • Sm
      7th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am a stylist for Smart Style, we are not part of Walmart, we rent from Walmart!!
    On our sign outside of the door it does tell you : Hair cut and shampoo $14.95 .
    Also under that it says : Haircut, shampoo, and blowdry $17.95 and up !!
    We also have : Perm $44.95, and up!
    We do relaxing, up do's, Braids!!!
    We try very hard to please everyone that comes in our salon!!!
    We are a REAL SALON!!!
    I myself have had Clients come into the salon, and have gotten a bad hair cut from some where else that charged them a whole lot of money!!!
    I now have that client, who is pleased with my work, and comes back every 4-6 weeks!
    That client was very shocked that she could get a great hair cut, and service from a solon in Walmart!!!
    She told me she would never go back to the other salon again!!
    She would be back to see me, and she has been!!
    You also have to understand we are people too, we have bad days just like you!
    We make mistakes just like you!!
    We are human, and our feelings get hurt too!!!
    I have done hair for 24 years, and have done all, and seen all, and I understand your frustration, but you also have to remember, that not all stylist, are bad, go back try someone new!!! Do not put down a solon because of one stylist!!! You could be missing out on one great one waiting to do your hair the way you want it done!!!
    Also if you are wanting to know how much the service is : Ask!!!

  • Ca
      12th of Apr, 2009
    +5 Votes

    I am a stylist for Regis Salon. In response to Shirley about her perm. Regis stands behind all work done in the salon. If you are not satisfied with your hair you should speak with the manager of the salon . We always try to do everything we can to help you. Maybe go in for a few conditioning treatments and then try again. I am sure you will get satisfation or maybe try a differant stylist. Do not give up on Regis as a whole. I have been with the company for almost 17 years, A few times I have had to redo things for differant reasons. I always try to accomidate the client the best I can and still maintain the integrity of the hair. I hope this helps

  • Nb
      21st of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am a stylist from SmartStyle. I must admit, even reading comments on here I am trully ashamed of what some managers hire, what being stylists. Some stylists amaze me that they have a license and a job. Even the girls i work with now, are just trashy. They completly misrepresent everything that SmartStyle and the Regis corporatioon stand for. It is disgusting and if you have a complaint or have had a bad service done on yourself, let someone know. Every salon has a customer service notice posted behind the register, call the number. When there are issues within a salon it is not only the complainants job to complain, but it is then handed to the area supervisor to assure that customer that the issue is resolved.
    SmartStyle is a great salon, if the right people are working. I have come accross some drug users who were obviously let go when their 'secret' was let out, it happens in every industry. If you have an issue, don't vent on the internet like a child would do, be an adult, speak up when you have an issue before you pay. Its very frustrating for everyone when after you pay for your service and go home that you then 'realize' something's wrong. If something were wrong, you would have held your head hi and said"Excuse me my hair is straight, that perm didn't work". Or "Ma'am your sign says..." let them know you're not an idiot, because if you call days after your service, it's less likely that they will believe you. For example, myself and coworker did spiral perms on two sisters, we each used 3 boxes on their think nebver before permed hair, this two girls after no complaints in the salon came in when our manager was working and asked for a refund, I happened to be there when they returned days later and stopped my manager from refunding their money without full examination, because these girls had straightened their hair before returning, you could see lines from where the iron had sat too long. After wetting their hair down(one girl had not agreed to this) we saw that their hair was still curly. And it is people like these two women and people who blog about their issues that give professionals like myself and other dedicated stylists that bad name. So grow up, learn how to speak up, and you WILL receive only the services at the quality you deserve.

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