Walmartrude jewelry dept manager at, wal mart horn lake, ms was treated like crap to my face twice!

I purchased on Dec 18th 2016 a 10kt gold rope chain necklace for 48.00 plus tax. Less than 2 weeks later I was standing in my kitchen and felt something on my neck thought it was my shirt tag and maybe I had my shirt on backwards. I barley pulled the collar of my shirt out to see if it was the tag and the chain popped off like it had been pulled on very hard. I couldn't believe it had broke that easy since I had not put any pressure on it at all. When I tried to swap or return it the lady jewelry dept. supervisor told me it was broke and she couldn't help me with it in any way because I didn't have the receipt for it and I couldn't prove when I purchased it. I pulled my phone out and showed her where my bank debit card had cleared that purchase and she told me I could of purchased gas for that amount and there was no way to prove it otherwise. She then turned to the 2 young girls working behind the counter and said "you need to start telling people about these rope chains we're getting way too many of them back!" I thought about her saying that for a couple of days and went back this past Saturday and spoke to a different supervisor and told her my story, she said my need to come back during the week and talk with Barry Hill the store manager because if they were getting way too many of them back something must be wrong with them. I went back (for 3rd time) today and was told Barry was on vacation (by Brian another manager) but a copy of the receipt could be pulled up and for me to wait there for a minute. He came back with the same rude woman and said sorry but she said it's broke in the middle and we can't do anything about it. I said broke is broke what does where it's broke have anything to do with it? He said sorry and walked off. I'm stuck with a 48.00 piece of crap and very hard feelings about the way I was talked to & treated. NEVER again will I purchase anything there and will also let my friends and family know!

  • Updated by Sharon Myers, Jan 18, 2017

    I would also like to add when I went into the store Monday and spoke with Brian I mentioned he returned with the same rude woman. I was talking about the jewelry dept manager that I had already spoken to the first time I went in to return/swap on Thursday Dec. 18th. She walked by in front of me and gave me the "if looks could kill" look didn't say a word and left. I'm 59 years old and know better than to jerk or pull hard on an necklace. I'm also honest and if I thought I was in the wrong the least bit I would have taken the broke chain to a jewelry repair shop and had it repaired. This was suppose to be a gold chain not a gumball machine purchase.

  • Updated by Sharon Myers, Jan 18, 2017

    I think I might have posted the wrong date on the first time I went to store to swap/refund it was on Thursday Jan. 12th. I purchased the necklace on Sunday Dec. the 18th, my debit card bank cleared it on Monday the 19th total was $51.36. It broke on Tuesday Jan. 10th. I went to return/swap it on Thursday Jan. 12th and on Sat. Jan. 14th and then again on Monday (to see Barry Hill) Jan.16th. Sorry for the mix up!

Jan 16, 2017

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