Walmart / racist to my 11 year old.

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I will start this letter off saying I am not happy with my daughter has done, nore do I approve of what she did

However my daughter and I went shopping. My daughter wanted to look at the toys. After we met up again my eleven year old daughter was arrested for shoplifting aswe left the stor. I thought they were just arresting her because she was black. However she was actually shoplifting.

However here is where the unfair treatment is. If my daughter had been white they would never have suspected her. She would have gotton away with it.

The security had the nerve to tell me that they have been watching her for a few weeks because she was acting suspicious. I guess all blacks are suspicious in their eyes.

They lied to me and said that my daughter was trying to steal before. My daughter admitted this, however if my daughter had been white they would never have caught her in the first place because they would never suspect she would steal.

I have punished my daughter for this. However the fact that she is black is the major reason she was arrested. They would not have even looked at her if she was white.

She stole Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets for your information.

Jun 07, 2018
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  •   Jun 07, 2018

    Lady, get your head out of your [censored]. They saw a thief, period. White people steal, too. Your daughter is a juvenile delinquent and blaming it on race is ludicrous. Raise your child better and teach her not to steal. Her race doesn't matter; her lack of morals does.

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