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Walmart Prepaid Visa / excessive service charges

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I bought a Walmart prepaid Visa debit card for my daughter for $100 with a service charge of $8.94 attached to it on sept. 27, 2008. I called the service line to activate the card on the same day and arranged to have the card mailed directly to my my daughter. She had not received the card up to October 8, so I called to find out what was happening. they told me the card had been mailed on Sept. 29, but she would not receive it until Oct. 14, because the post offices would be closed on Monday. I find this hard to believe because I use the mail service all the time and it does not take that long for letters to be delivered. I do not believe they mailed the card out yet they charged me $2.00 to remind them to mail out the card. They also deducted $4.94 for monthly service charge and my child has still not received the card. So I am already out $15.88, while Walmart has been sitting on my $100 for nearly 3 weeks without providing a service. Given the other service charges that apply, this product is not worth it, even if you need something to teach your child how to use it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS NOT WORTH IT

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  • Ta
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    Walmart Prepaid Visa - money ripped off
    Broken Bow
    United States

    I bought a walmart prepaid visa money card, last month.It should still have $200 dollors on it but it only shows me to have $70.00 what's up with that?I am so angry that know one seems to know where it went.

  • B1
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Wow talk about word manipulation. Okay lady, either your lying or an idiot. Because I've got the same card, when you purchase it you get a temporary card to use until the actual one with your name on it is mailed to you. Your temporary card works just the same as the mailed one. I used the temporary one all the time, pretty much every other day with no problem. So either stop being dumb, or stop being deceptive.

    btw: I LOVE this card, mainly because I'm so sick of dealing with the scamming banks.

  • Su
      14th of May, 2009
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    I also had a bad experience with the Walmart prepaid card. My aunt bought me one for Christmas and It never worked. It had $20 on the card, but it cost her $28 to buy it with all the fees. I never saw a penny of the money on that card. I called into customer service to be charged $2 to talk to someone about the "invalid?" card, by this time the card balance was down to $5.44 because of all of the fees. I never got back any of the money!!! I had a very bad experience with this and will tell as many people as possible not to every WAIST their money on this. I could have just flushed it down the toilet and ended up with less stress.

    Susan from Kearney, Nebraska

  • My
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    OK, Let me get to my complaint first...I have had this card for almost a year and while it is pretty convenient, easy to load, cash checks, convenient to use...It is also very frustrating, at times. I have had multiple instances of being charged for something that I didn't authorize or had pending authorizations on my card that shouldn't be there. When I call the vendor, they release the funds or credit my back the charge; but for some reason, Walmart representative claims that it will take 10 to 21 days to release those funds for my use. As an unemployed, low income citizen this is extremely inconvenient to me. And yes, it makes me angry. I use this card to pay bills and to have even a little amount unavailable to me, well it's hurtful. I am considering taking legal action...and I suggest that those of you who have had trouble with the card do the same. No credit card company should get away with this. Vendors and creditors alike need to be accountable for their actions. After all, we, the consumer, are.
    okay, I understand how "b1naryatr0phy" gets her opinion, but i have to agree with both other posters. They are not liars or an need to understand that there are different type of cards at Walmart to purchase and that the fees are different on each card, which are not always well stated and the cashiers don't inform you of those charges. Also, when calling in to speak to a CSR, they did charge for talking to a representative. Hidden fees occur all the time. And we aren't always aware of them till and unless someone points them out. And the representatives aren't always as helpful as they should be...
    Thank you

  • Jl
      26th of Aug, 2014
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    b1nary whoever I certainly agree with anyone and everyone who says the Walmart card is a scam, they are so if you got one and you love it then great for you BUT don't go saying everyone else is lying because we are not. I have never bought one of these before as i have credit cards as well as Debit cards with both my banks BUT i decided to get my 17 year old daughter one of these and it has been two weeks still no permanant card in the mail. So i called them and since she is a minor i thought i would talk to them but they said they will speak with her. So after asking her questions they then told her to use her change still on the card then she will just have to buy another card. Then they hung up. When she told me this i'm like what the heck? I bought this and they said just buy another without any explanation at all. I have tried calling them back and cannot get through, their phone system sucks. So that is our first time awful experience.Thank You very much oh and the reason i called them besides the card not coming yet was also because when we went to load 100 on the card earlier today it would not allow us to load on it.--First and LAST time for us.

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