Walmart Pharmacy / being given the wrong medication

Madison, TN, United States

On Oct. 2, 2016 I went online to refill my medications at Wal Mart in Madison Tn. I picked those up the 4th. When I got home the pharmacist had duplicated the refill for the Coreg. When I started to take my first dose of Lasix from this refill I noticed they were different, I called the pharmacy and was told that sometimes they get medications from different companies therefore they will be different. I believed him. After taking them twice a day for a few days my problems only increased, even to the point of having to pull over on the side of the interstate because I was so impaired. A few days later I was so sick I went to the E.R. but didn't take my meds with me. more days went by and I was retaining so much fluid that I wouldn't walk across the room without being short of breath. I then went to my primary doctor taking my meds with me, the medication they gave me for Lasix was Hydrocodone a controlled narcotic. I am 63 years old with congestive heart failure there mistake could have cost me my life. The manager at the pharmacy laughed and said I bet you were sleeping a lot. There was nothing to laugh about and now it is January and Wal Mart doesn't care to talk to me.

Jan 14, 2017

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