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I was taking my 3yr old son to the restroom in walmart. He and I could not fit into the stall together, so the door remain unclosed with my back to the outside. Beside my mother in another stall, I thought we were alone but soon enough I turned around to see what was breathing down my neck, and it was an walmart employee/custodian! WATCHING MY SON PEE! My son exclaimed " mommy, what's that man doing here"? (which was actually a woman with a really confused identity)! I turned around and the woman started to speak to my child without even acknowledging ME!!! I firmly told her to back off and let us finish our business and I looked at her name tag, then later (when my son wasn't around) I called the store number on my receipt and spoke to the "co-manager" who seemed to understand. This all happened a few hours ago, so I've yet to receive feedback about the associate's misfortune. The co-manager has my contact information so I'll wait til tomorrow morning, then I'm calling again!!! possibly speak to someone else and get more people informed! This is an outrage!

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  • Me
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    If they were really breathing down your neck and acting the way you describe . . I'd say they are partially ###ed.

    Oh and if you and your son can't both fit into a stall . . .and he is only 3 . . . time to get on a freakin treadmill honey!!!

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  • Li
      25th of May, 2010

    Well, is full of fatties who shop there, so I guess she's in that site's targeted demographic.

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  • Bc
      10th of Jun, 2010

    You should also report this to the local POLICE department! Sounds like there could be a predator working there! Think about the children using the restroom without a parent in there with them!!!

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  • Ev
      7th of Jun, 2011

    the manager will not call you back since all the have to do is put in the computer saying they did talk to you and everything was handeled professional, i know it's been a year but trust when i tell you if you waiting for a response from a manager good luck,

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