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Walmart / pharmacy

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I picked up a prescription Wednesday and my bottle of medicine only contained 23 of the 30 tablets. I understand that medicine is something that has to be heavily regulated and society today really abuses the system. Yet, I am not an addict, I am very ethical, I am honest, and I am a good and loving husband to a great wife of almost six years. I live my life in a way as to be of the most benefit to my fellow man. I called the Wal-Mart Pharmacy and told them of my situation. The pharmacy technician told me she and the person who filled the prescription were working and I did receive 30 tablets. At this point, I have informed my doctor and also attempted to talk with Wal-Mart, yet on the fourth call, the pharmacy told me they would review the security tapes and call me with information. I have not heard from Wal-Mart yet and at this point I am planning on taking a half tablet for a few days. Yet, I payed the full price of over $100 and I expect to either be treated fairly or to boycott Wal-Mart. I have some pull in the information and technology area and I have thought about setting up a web site just to make people aware of the poor treatment and bad service I received.

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  • Ls
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I had to wait 2 hours for a prescrition to be filled. I asked if there was anyway to get it put up closer to the front of the line as I had a sick little boy and would like to get home. I was told No and I would have to wait just like the rest of the people.
    So I waited and waited 2 long hours with a sick child. I would have gone somewhere else but with the time being late I thought that I better just wait the 2 hours.
    Jennifer Sierra

  • Re
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    I will never fill another script at Wal-mart. In my area, they are the same as in yours. The $4. generic is a hoax unless you use their generics. I found this out when I was not able to take their generic brand of one of my meds. When they had to get it from another generic company the cost rose to $56. I promptly moved ALL of my meds to one of the drugstore chains and get their discount card which helps lower my payment for my meds.
    The #1 way to protest such treatment is to STOP USING WALMART! It works! You think you are one tiny ant...but when we ALL join together, WE ARE LOUD! Why do you think those usually FULL aisles in Wal-mart are now empty??? The recession, some, but people have begun to wake up and shop wisely. I've personally 'rolled back' to other local chains that have also lowered their prices.

  • An
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    I got my meds filled at Walmart and one of my prescriptions was for 120 pills and 30 of them were short! 30 pills were missing! I took the bottle out of the sack while I was still there at the store and could tell just by looking at the bottle that it was short so I told and showed the pharmacist right then and there and after standing my ground, they fixed it but said it would be the only time they would honor a mistake like that and fix it. It was THIER mistake! I will never again get my medicine filled at Walmart, or at least not that one.

  • Yo
      28th of Feb, 2013
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    What most people forget is that PHARMACISTS and PHARMACY TECHNICIANS are people, too. We screw up. It's interesting, however, that 99.8% of the "screw ups" that get called to our attention involve some sort of narcotic and the quantity. Please. Nobody ever calls to tell us that we shorted them on their blood pressure pills, which require virtually no additional inventory stipulations. Interesting...

  • Wh
      6th of Mar, 2013
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    Anita, what she is saying is that we do not believe you when you say a control or narcotic is missing pills, because how the hell can we ONLY miscount controls and narcotics? We seem to never miscount blood pressure or water pills or vitamins, but somehow every time a customer says we shorted them it is ALWAYS a control.

    They are LIEING. We count by 5. And controls are double counted, and narcotics triple. They are also circled and initialed. We know people are trying to steal more pills. That is why the LAW states once you leave you are SOL.

  • Re
      6th of Mar, 2013
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    Whythelongfeces: You welcome here has been terminated!!! Goodbye.

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