Walmart Money Card / walmart money card

Flint, MI, United States

I was introduced to walmart money card by a close family member of mines. I originally got it for my income taxes back in Febuary 2014. Ive never had a problem with it until my very first personalized card was demagnitized, I called to get it replaced, waited exactly a week and recieved my replacement card only to attempt to activate it and they put the wrong expiration date on the first replacement card now im stuck with 2 pay checks on a card that im unable to use. Its hurting me badly because ive already waited an additional 2 weeks for.the.second replacement card and im still waiting, im being very.patient due to the fact im not one to get involved, but if i must, then i will. I have a.home that im renting and need to pay my rent, i work i need gas in my make it to work, i eat, i have to live, once i get all money off this stupid card im closing the.account and then it will be byebye walmart money card for.good, customer service aint worth crap and i need my money, thats not hard at all to understand. You can tell the customer service.people that u cant wait, that ur getting evicted they dont care, but they make sure they keep ur money straight bs.very unsatisfied

Sep 03, 2014

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