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Our local walmart store has recently remodeled. They have made the isles wider and removed a lot of the clutter that used to be there. They claim that the products have not changed and that they will still have everything they had before. The last five or six trips to walmart, I have not completed one single list of items I went to pick up. One of walmarts big things is being a one-stop-shop store. Today I went to our local walmart store to buy my son some overalls. We have had a lot of snow over the past couple days, and being a teenager he wants to play in it on his 4 wheeler. After driving almost 30 minutes in the snow, we find out that walmart dosent have any coveralls. Couldnt even find a place where they used to be. On my way to the other side of the store, I found a manager. When I asked him, he told me coveralls were not in season. I laughed at him, we have 6 inches of snow on the ground in January. He made one excuse after another. I asked about other items that they no longer carry, and he had no answers. When I mentioned that my wife was already buying her groceries somewhere else because of lower prices, he let me know that he would make it with or without me. Well I gave him that chance by leaving empty handed. If I had of bought the items on my list today, it would have been over $200. I will take my money elsewhere and will tell anyone who will listen why I have done it.

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      21st of Jul, 2011

    I go to the Walmart in Tawas City, Michigan and have never seen a dirtier store than that one. First of all all of the bird fecies that greets you at the front doors is atrocious. I realize that there are a lot of birds nesting, but I would think it could be hosed down at least once a week instead of it just building up and spreading disease. I see a lot of filth inside the store as well. When you are low on an item, If you pick something to buy it should not be full of cobwebs with spiders and bugs( House hold items in groceries) I feel that when items are low, the space could be cleaned before it is restocked.The night shift has a radio blasting to the point that it hurts your ears at the meat department. You can hear it in the clothing dept. The behavior of the night stockers is that of a store that should be closed while they stock. I think that a mystery shopper should come in every once in a while to observe. this store is a disgrace to Sams and Walmart Corporation.

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