Walmart / invasion of privacy, harassment

Knoxville, United States

What a horrendous day...I went to Walmart to pick up a prescriptions I had taken 2 weeks ago (from an ER visit I had to make) and my daughters script from the oral surgeon. I didn't go and get the script (from the ER) because I had a few at home as a just in case.
The pharmacist proceeded to take me to the side, speak to me as if I was on trial or being questions by a cop with a chip.
She asked me:
-Why have you waited TWO weeks to pick up your prescription?
-WHAT were you being seen for at the ER?
-Well then, WHAT test did they run to prescribe you this med?
-What was your diagnoses...?
- What other meds did your dr prescribe for your so-called diagnosis?
At this point I interject...and tell her that my daughter, who just had oral surgery one hour prior, was waiting out in the car and I needed to get her home. She counters back with..."THIS is a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE - C2 I am talking about, it can wait"
And proceeds with the cop like questioning...
-what did you do for the 2 weeks you DIDN'T pick it up then?
- You had a script for Nausea, why don't you want it?
-Exactly how did your nausea resolved ITSELF?
-HOW are you related to my daughter (same last name as me and I just handed them her insurance card)?
She finally stopped, after looking at her computer...and she then bags the meds up, let's me pay and I leave...
Now let me say this. I haven't had a narcotic prescribed to me in over a year...I can not get my script filled at any other place other than Walmart so they have my ENTIRE script history...I provided not only my DRIVERS LICENSES, but my daughter's insurance card, my debit card as ID...
And all this inquisition in FRONT OF customers walking by and in line, as well as 3 staff members behind the counter...she was hateful, condescending and offensive! She treated me like a drug addict trying to pass bad scripts!
I have never been treated like a drug addict in my LIFE AND How HUMILIATING!!! This is the same Walmart I go to 3 days a week, in a community that my children are schooled in...what if someone I knew walked by? While I was being interrogated like a drug addict?
My daughter outside the entire time in pain and all I wanted to do was get her HOME!! Or else I wouldn't have answered any question and probably would have had to have been escorted out...! But I needed to get her I suffered through it!
I got her home and returned to the store! I calming asked to see the Asst. Manager and informed him he would be hearing from the corporate report I was fixing to make. I was kind, civil, precise and void of cussing. I've reported them to their ethics board as well.
That was the ABSOLUTE, WORST Walmart visit EVER! Doubt I'll go back to that one at least. (Except I can only get scripts at Walmart!)

Jun 3, 2015

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