Walmartdebit card

The Walmart Moneycard System was down about 4-5 days ago, and due to it going down, it caused for every transaction on my account to show up twice on my account (1 as Pending and 1 as Purchase Completed). I have talked to Several reps and Supervisors, and none were Helpful! the 1st Supervisor did advise me of the System Glitch and advised that everything will be fixed. Now, everything was not fixed, and my card is still showing a negative balance. How is that possible, on a Prepaid Card? And to think that I had this last rep, and supervisor, make it seem like I overdrafted my account by paying items twice.. BS! This supervisor that I spoke with a few moments ago offered to "Compromise" my card! I had to get her to understand that the Glitch was THEIR fault, it was not fraud going on! I had to hang up on her, because I was tired of listening to Foolishness!

Apr 07, 2016

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