I ordered this ring as a surprise for our 10 year anniversary on 9-3-10 for my husband. I realised on 9-5 that this ring was going to be to small. I called and was told my order9still in processing) was cancelled and that my CC would be charged back. On 9-10 I looked into my account for the credit and nothing. So I looked into my Wal-Mart account to see if it was cancelled and the ststus was SHIPPED. I then called Wal-Mart back and was told no problem, just return it to any Wal-Mart store and they would refund me. I went to Newington NH this morning with all receipts and was told nothing would scan and the only thing I could do was return back in the afternoon with MY BANK STATEMENT(per Heidi P CSM) to prove that I paid for this ring. So I then went home printed off my bank statement FURIOUS and drove to the next local store Concord NH and was told that they could refund my money after I had to log into my Wal-Mart account at the store so they could prove I paid (they had never heard of having to see a bank statement), all said in done, I was given a STORE CREDIT not even the charge back to my account minus the shipping fees!!! NEVER AGAIN will I buy from and am having serious doubts about shopping at Wal-Mart again!

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