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Walmart Canada / bad service

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Received a laptop as a gift with no receipt. Attempted return of laptop to upgrade to a better processor (approx $100 more); box was factory sealed (never opened) and had waybill from HP to Walmart on box. They refused to facilitate return - overall bad experience. Beware of purchasing electronics from Walmart as they give you a hard time. And there's no one that you can even reason with - they have very young employees with little customer service sense and no business acumen (even the managers). I have sent them a complaint and awaiting a response. Ended up getting receipt from gift giver (very embarassing for me!) and exchanging laptop. I've learned my lesson though, low prices comes at a high price to your dignity! Next time, I will support establishements that value their clients.

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  • Mo
      10th of May, 2010
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    Obviously you don't pay attention to detail and your knowledge when it comes to most retail policies across Canada is limited. I wasn't trying to receive a refund or a store credit. I was returning an intact product, that could be resold as new to the next customer. I wanted to simply pay the difference for the better laptop because as you stated a laptop is an expensive product and while it was bought it good faith, it didn't fit the type of activities I would be using it for. Secondly, you obviously have little faith in humanity if you think that the typical person would steal something off the shelf. I am a hard working individual with integrity and like 99% of the population would never dream of shoplifting or trying to return stolen merchandise. I do however agree that I am the one who embarassed myself and suffered the blow to my dignity by asking for the receipt from the gift giver, but if you examine my situation closely you would see that this exchange wouldn't have cost Walmart anything, actually they would have profitted from the exchange. As far as me having limited life experience, I would look in the mirror, I'm sure that most people have received a gift in the past that wasn't exactly what they wanted and have tried to exchange so that the gift wasn't given in vain. Are you perhaps a Walmart employee/manager in disguise? Come on, you can tell me, promise I won't hold it against you!!! And lastly, my age is inconsequential to this situation - because afterall I am the customer but I am from an era where the customer is always right and obviously you my friend come from a different time where you think that customer loyalty is meaningless. I do however see a change in the service and retail landscape and there's a positive return to good customer service and people like you will be weeded out or you will conform to the 'new' policy. There's just too much competition out there to provide bad service or to let a customer leave unhappy.

  • Mo
      10th of May, 2010
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    Thank you for your interest in my complaint, your obvious passion for the other side of the matter and your insightfulness is inspiring. Good luck with the job hunt... but with your level of intellect and maturity, I don't believe luck is needed.

  • Go
      24th of Jun, 2018
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    Got home with order from Walmart...found one item missing...went back to customer service with bill...after waiting in extensive lineup asked if this item had been reported or held...they didn't know...was then told to go and get same item...did so...waited in another extensive lineup...went to agent and was told this was wrong one...many of same items in same boxes...just different prices...they said identify by bar code?? idea...went home down $70.00...also 3 years ago or so went to eyewear section of Walmart for glasses...all the usual measuring etc. BS...they called a few weeks later...area closed in middle of day... after a couple of weeks they called me to pick up glasses...went there...area closed again...gave glasses somewhere else...ordered online with Walmart...itrm deducted off credit card...never credit back on card...last trip to Walmart for me...

  • Ks
      9th of Sep, 2018
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    Although Wal-Mart seems to be pushing self-checkouts as an improvement in the customer experience, I find it to be insulting to loyal customers.
    Yesterday, I visited store #1004 in Toronto and my shopping experience was the worst! I hesitated to go to that store, since my previous experience after the self-checkouts were introduced was unsatisfactory, but I only wanted a few items and this store is close. Note to self – next time, I will pay more for actual service.
    I arrived at the store to find that my first self-service act would be to find a shopping cart. The pen in the lower level was full, but the down escalator was in pieces, leading to a long line up at the elevator. So, I searched the outdoor cart returns and finally found a functional cart.
    After purchasing 15 items (including multiples of 3 items), I got in line for full service because I do not agree with self-checkout. Previously, I would have visited an express checkout for a few items, but those have been removed, leaving approximately 6 full service checkouts. With the removal of full service checkouts, most customers do NOT benefit. The benefit of lower labour costs due to staff reduction goes to Wal-Mart, not the customer.
    It appears that in an effort to further push customers wishing full service to reconsider, the cashier working cash #15 was incompetent. She had no knowledge of many common sense tips (e.g. multiple items of the same cost). I waited as she tried unsuccessfully to process 36 units of the same item several times, before she scanned each individually. Same for multiple cans of juice, multiple cases of pop, etc. Eventually, she finished one of two orders from the couple in front of me, and they eventually walked away from the second order. A customer service staff member showed up after we waited in line for her to proceed, and told her to suspend the order, and asked if she knew who to call if she had questions. My cashier said no, she did not know who to call. This is NOT a criticism of the cashier, it is a criticism of the training provided, and the decision to post this untrained cashier at a full service checkout on a Saturday morning. She was not prepared to work independently.
    Eventually, the same customer service person came back and took the items from the suspended transaction away and the cashier started my order. As she moved my bags from the front of my order to the bagging area, she asked if I needed bags. I said no, and indicated that she was moving my bags. Next, she asked if the multiple units of items that I placed together, with labels facing her on the conveyer belt were the same. I said yes. After more than 40 minutes at the checkout, I had my very small order purchased and packed (I ended up repacking most of it).
    I realize that this is a business, but if your goal was to improve the overall shopping experience for anyone with more than 10 items, you failed. I am insulted by the lack lustre effort made to provide customer service. Luckily, I have other options.

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