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Concern as a walmart employee, been with walmart two years now the first year I work my butt off knowing I had surgery due to a large fibroid tumor that was the size of a five month old fetus, never did I get a card of a get well rosemary from walmart that i work at in richland, ms... after the surgery i went back to work, noticing my body had alot of changes that was going on, I knew then my body was'n t the same after the surgery... so the medical bills started flooing in, OMG... they was a etimated total of 43.000 so I ask walmart do they have a program about associate in critical need, they responded sure we do, so i ASK how do u go by getting this program. they told me u have to have unpaid medical bill, behind on rent due to any unpaid medical bills, OK... after the co-manger sent it to cooprate office, they responded back we don't help famalies with medical bills, but they help other countries, speaking as an american... so as I began to sit down an sort things out at home finguring how to stretch my money what hospital I'm going to pay without filing bankruptcy, I also went a month behind on rent... so I went back to the co- manager to see if walmart can help me with rent, it has been almost two months before they even responded to me, so how concern really are they for there employees. do anyone really care... NO, , , they want u to get your work done on time show up for work, that's there only concern... i have been a very sick employee latley, due to the cancer in my cervical area they found once they said they removed, but now I don't know anymore if someone is reading this letter, please respond because i really need to know someone out there care,


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  • Fa
      Oct 01, 2010

    rosemary, hold your head up, things will only get better for u.. take care of yourself and god bless u in everyway, I hope u get help soon... from someone who care..

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