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Walmart / scam and cheating

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I returned chicken breast because of bug in package. Was charged again. Would like credit without having to keep going back to store. Also would like answer ASAP. The replacement package was not marked so checkout didn't know it was a replacement. The store is changing things so it makes it much harder to shop especially for older people. Since this is not the first time I have had to make an extra trip back to the store I would like to find another way for getting the credit for this shopping trip. And I am unhappy about this.


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  19th of Sep, 2008
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There is a member of this site who goes by the name Trevor. The site is called complaintsboard. He claims to work at wal-mart. Let me tell you a few things about this employee. He is overly rude when defending the company. I have commented on several letters written on complaintsboard. "Oreo cookie and banana split oreo cookies" and "Wal-mart told me to wait for my parents." Trevor came on those letters (not written by me) and was starting to be rude for me. I don't know what store he works at. I really think you should fire him if you find what store he works at because he makes the company look bad with his rude answers towards me. He is harassing me constantly and sticking up idiots. In fact this ### is even siding with customers to go against what I have to say.

If you are reading this get an IP trace on him and fire his a$$. I have proof of him harassing me. Just look at the letters on these forums titled "Wal-mart told me to wait for my parents" and "Oreo Cookies and Banana Split Oreo cookies."" for the proof.

Trevor if you are reading this letter(and I know you are because you come on here periodically to see what we have to say about your company) get the f**k off this site you ###. I hope you get sodomized and fired. F**k you.
  17th of Oct, 2008
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I bought a E-Machine computer/monitor from the Walmart on fm1960 in Humble, while still in warranty the monitor stopped working, I returned it to Walmart, they refused to replace it for me. I had to go to Best-Buy the next day and buy a monitor.

I advise anyone to never buy anything expensive from Walmart, buyer beware! In my opinion, once they have your money, the warranty ends. I should have known better, last year I bought a Kodak Digital camera that the shutter stuck when it was only about a week old, they refused to exchange it for me. So from this time on I will never buy anything expensive from Walmart, I wish I would have been aware of how they adjust a expensive purchase compared to a cheap pair of socks! Haha Again, take my advice, buyer beware at Walmart.
  18th of Dec, 2008
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I purchased a WalMart money order and filled it out, then decided not to use it for the intended purpose. MoneyGram told me I could write 'not used for intended purpose' on the back and sign it, then just deposit it to my bank account. I deposited it to my friend's bank account with that notation, my signature and their signature, but the bank refused to cash it. WalMart won't take it back since it has been completed. Now I am waiting to get my money back from Money Gram - for a $15 fee.

That will be the last WalMart money order I ever purchase. Even Pete's Check Cashing in Saginaw, MI, told me they would not cash it because it had already been written out.

Every other place I have spoken with who sells money orders tells me they would have cashed it if I purchased it from them...
  25th of Feb, 2009
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"I hope you get sodomized and fired. F**k you." That's real nice...yup, your the mature one here.

And don't start thinking that I'm the so called Trevor, cause I'm not, but let me start tracing an IP to fire him...nah haha.
  29th of Apr, 2009
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I purchased a bra which rang up at .15 cents, it turned out to be a size too big, I went to exchange it for a smaller size and Walmart would not exchange it for me, even though I had the receipt. They wanted me to pay full price for the other bra, even though I purchased this one at a sale price. I contacted the store manager, and the customer service center and they would not budge. For as much money as I spent at Walmart, they could have just exchanged the bra to keep a loyal customer happy. I am Chaplain for the State of Connecticut, I also am an active member of my church which has over 1, 000 members and many who shop at Walmart. I will be sure to tell everyone I know, and post as many notices I can regarding Walmart's lack of customer service and resolution.
  9th of Sep, 2009
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Cat fight!
  27th of Sep, 2009
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Didn't 15 cents seem kind of fishy? That wasn't the right price and you know it. I don't blame them for not exchanging it. And by the way, there are signs that say it is up to them if you can exchange an item or get a refund. In every store.
  23rd of Nov, 2009
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Would you like to wear a bra that someone returned? Also it was evidently a clearance item. 2 styles of bras may look a like but if one was an older style it will be marked down. I dont blame them .
  9th of Dec, 2009
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you got this bra for 15 cents... you obviously didn't try it on... they are charging you for the full price of another... and way to being religion into this... you just need to suck it up and pay for the new bra
  12th of Dec, 2009
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goodness, you got a bra for 15 cents??? I would wear that whether it fit or not...LOL that a darn good price for a bra. If you don't want it can I have it??? A good one costs 30 and 40 bucks. You just send it right on over here. I'll even give you a dollar for it, so you get your 15 cents back and then some...
  12th of Dec, 2009
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* deposit it to my bank account. I deposited it to my friend's bank account * I am guessing this is where your problem came from. They told you to deposit it to your bank account not your friends.
  14th of Dec, 2009
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.15 cents was obviously the wrong price. I have never seen an item clearanced out for lower than $1. When you wanted to exchange the item they probably saw the mistake on the receipt and they weren't willing to make that mistake again. Did you go back to the same store that you bought it from? Because if you didn't then the store you're trying to exchange it out of is definitely not going to fix another store's mistake. Whatever the situation may have been, you still got a bra out them for .15 cents. Be happy and enjoy it because I promise that you will never buy one for that price again.
  22nd of Jun, 2010
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You should have tried it on before you bought it. That would have saved you a lot of aggrivation, and would have avoided this situation completely. The .15 was definately a wrong price. I used to work in apparel at Wal-Mart, now I'm in the Deli, but we never clearenced anything to lower than .50. This is a good lesson to people to try stuff on before you buy it.
  24th of Sep, 2010
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You do know they have warranties after you pay right? Depending on how many days that are given and you can return an item that you bought at walmart to ANY other walmart across the nation? Do you often return things that maybe they become suspicious that you do it all the time?
  22nd of Apr, 2011
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As for the person who said they haven't seen anything clearanced for under a dollar, go to the Walmart in Winona, MN sometime. There are quite a few items for under a dollar at times. Especially gloves and hats and things like that. As for a bra for 15 cents, that does seem odd, but if it is an older one from a year or more ago, it's possible. Also, sometimes only specific sizes or styles get marked down and with clearance, you take what you get. They don't have to give you a different size if the one you want isn't on clearance. You have to look at clearance items like you look at a garage sale. It's left over stuff that nobody wanted to buy at full price to begin with and they're marking it down to get rid of it so they can bring in newer items. Try things on before you buy them or ask a fitting room attendant for a tape measurer so you can determine the correct size in the first place. They don't owe you a brand new bra at 15 cents.
  22nd of Apr, 2011
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and i sure do likes dem tities, in or out of a 15 cent bra.
  11th of Apr, 2012
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Amsterdam walmart is a joke. The Customer service Managers hardly speek english, I hear them talking about other employees, I see the employees using the handicapped stalls when they don't need them. And then I caught a girl in the bathroom smoking. And in the handicapped stall too. She worked for Subway. And I reported herand Walmart said there was nothing they could do about it, that the smoker wasn't they're employee. And when I went in again the same girl was still employed with Subway. I try not to go there unless i really have to, Target is across the way and now Kohls is there too. So I can go other places.

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