Walmartreturn of phone

I have shopped at walmart for years, not anymore!!! I was to leave for vacation and everyone suggested I get a pay as you go phone. So I thought ok I could pick this up at walmart. I went there to get a phone which the electronics guy didn't seem to know a whole lot, but I could figure this simple thing out, so I purchased the T-Mobile pay as you go along with a extra minutes card.

I get home load the phone, try again and agian to load the sim card only the little clip is broken that holds card in place, so the next morning I 'm supposed to leave at 5 am for vacation, I stop by walmart and they do not open until 6am. This is okay I'm only gonna lose a hour travel, was I ever wrong on that, I go to customer service to return phone and was told I needed to go to electronics they would be able to help me.

I get back to that department and the gril there tells me they don't open that up for service until 9am.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Benton Harbor, MI This is total to long for me to wait, so I go back to the service desk and just asked to return the phone and extra minutes card, and the guy calls over the shift manager(PAT) and I explain how this doesn't work and would like them to remove this from my credit card. While she is sifting through the bag she comes across the minutes card and the seal is scratched off she refuses to return the card. At this point its 7am and I try to explain it's not my fault the damn phone and card is missing the seal, this was my first experience purchasing both products.

I told her I didn't appreciate the way I was being treated and that I would never step foot in there or any other walmart for the rest of my life. I would spend approx. 600.00- 1500.00 per month at their store with grocery's and misc. things. I was very disappointed in the whole experience of trying to return this product, and plan to shop at TARGET, MEJIER, AND ANY OTHER STORE OTHER THAN WALMART.


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