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Omg_never again will I set foot in the store again - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - they never< ever have enough registers open - - - - - - even the self - serve had only 2 open and they were backed up. I only had 15 items, so I was in the "speedy checkout" line. took me forever. line was through the store - - - - - - - - - - - no manager or supervisor in sight. the woman at register was the slowest human on earth. now, I have worked retail for 27 years - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I know the right and wrong way to run a store, and the time has come to close that freaking walmart store!!! I could have gone to my local publix 4 times, came back and had dinner, in the time I stood in that line. now, don't hand me that line about, you have to cut hours because of the economy - - - - which i'm sure is part of it, but, this store at collins hill rd, has always had a problem with never enough registers open, although, this afternoon was the absolutely worse it has ever been, also, they must not staff the fabric dept. at all after 5 pm. - - - - - - never anyone working there, and customers have to plead with people in camera dept to call someone to come, which takes 4 or 5 times!!! maybe you should clean house there - - - - - fire some managers!!! better yet, like I said before, just close the store!!!

Jul 30, 2014
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      Jul 30, 2014

    What saves Walmart is low prices. What kills Walmart is terrible service. Your comment about Publix is interesting. My experience has been Walmart frequently locates very close to Publix stores, but Publix is thriving. Good service beats low price; I know, I've worked for both.

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      Jul 30, 2014

    You can always choose to shop during the times that common sense says the store won't be busy. I go so early that I have all my shopping done, through out the entire store, plus my banking, and getting a hair cut, and am home by 10:0AM and that includes the time I have to wait for a cab to get home.

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  •   Aug 09, 2014

    I have to say can't beat low prices for sure, Take Publix Boar's Head meat, I don't think it's really worth that much a pound, Boar's Head is way over rated very high in price at Publix stores..., When I worked at Publix every first Saturday of the month prices would go up on everything in Publix stores.., I know cause I would put up the new price tags. Be about the time food stamp customers would come in the store, We at Publix would always try and get that extra buc.. When Boar's Head first got in Publix stores' Boar's Head agreement was it would not sell Boar's Head at any other small mom & pop deli shops down south. Well small location deli shops started to sell Boar's Head cheaper, customers would come in Publix and ### about how cheap Boar's Head was at the deli down the road so Publix [censor]ed at Boar's Head. This forced the small deli's to raise prices to meet Publix prices. What happen was them small mom and pop deli's started to close. Publix slice meat was cheaper, Publix Turkey, Ham, Salami, even Publix sliced cheese was cheaper then Boar'S Head. No more.Publix brand foods, can goods etc. Are way higher, you can buy name brands at Walmart for cheaper!! Customer service really is not the same at Publix or Walmart, all young workers working for a low pay check that's it. Overall I'm happy with Walmart cheaper prices, Walmart has Thruman's Meat at the deli I find way better, I find Walmart cold items colder at Walmart, no flies at the Deli like Publix during the summer days.Publix was made by customer service and lately Publix has been losing that area of business, I haven't shopped at a Publix in a long time, Lot's of old Publix workers are leaving, Change came to Publix, it's like the most important thing is making way more in sales every year, and not keeping them old full time workers anymore. Publix back in the day would stand out as one of the best places to work and shop, It's slowly dropping in past 4 years. With class action lawsuits (so far 3 this year 2014), DATELINE NBC did a report called HOW SAVE IS YOUR GROCARY STORE, out of just 2 Publix stores 22 critical violations they found at Publix..Walmart had less!!! SO Publix is not better then Walmart..

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