Walgreenswalgreens #21

On Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at 10 pm, I stopped by Store #21 at 4345 W McDowell Rd. in Phoenix Arizona to pick up some items. I had my three daughters with me and one of them suddenly needed the rest room. I asked the cashier where it was and she called for the manager to assist us. The manager, Isabella said she could not let us use the rest room because of an incident and was told not to open it after a certain time. My daughter was panicking (she's on the autism spectrum) and I told Isabella, whatever the incident was, probably involved adults and not a little girl who had an emergency. The cashier started to laugh ( I don't know why) and I overheard another customer say "that's messed up." I have visited scores of Walgreens with public bathrooms and my family visits a Walgreens at least four times in a week. This is unacceptable, this location needs to post a sign "No Public Restrooms". I am posting a complaint also with the BBB AND the EEOC as discriminatory. Isabella's behavior was rude, unsympathetic and the cashier who laughed ...well, no one thought it was funny. I had to hurry out and find a facility for my daughter.
Cheri Patton - 7132 W Tuckey Lane, Glendale Arizona [protected]

May 19, 2017

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