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Hi my name is Valerie Jean Arroyo and I've been working for Walgreens 3197 for a little over 2 lovely years. I love working for a company that allows me to shine and give the best customer service. My customers know the lengths that I will go to just to help them find that one item no matter how big or small it may be my customers applaud me everyday on what a great worker I am and how I run circles around my store just to keep us running smoothly. My management and crew also applaud my work ethics. Every review has been great and I always score high. I understand from my General Manager that since I am full time I must comply with the hours given to me even though I've communicated that I had issues with the new hours I've suggested if they needed to that I would take the hit lose the hours just so they could fill the space and give the day to another employee ( plenty employees willing to take the hours) the concern was not the coverage. My Manager Ms. B stood across from me and told me I was her greatest employee and in the same breath stated "well...I hate to see you go but. . .." This puzzled me and made no sense to me. I know very well what I offer to Walgreens my crew and my customers why would a company let someone like me go? It's not the company it's a person in my most honest opinion. I truly feel like my Manager Ms. B, and I state her name and her name only because " she rules the roost" even when she was out sick demanded her management crew to continue to set up the schedule and put me on for hours she knew I couldn't work so I may get written up till I'm fired. I feel it's a personal issue at this point because the crew does confide in me when they have questions or feel like they're being treated unfairly this highly upsets her and as she confides in other employees who have a hard time keeping a secret then the gossip spreads like wildfire. It's wrong cause she's the head of it all and sad because I even had a customer over hear her. I love keeping our store in harmony and it shows any customer could tell you how Valerie works I don't let petty gossip affect me. I've been wanting to have a sit down with my district manager to speak further about this matter but the right time never came as the company is going thru a ruff patch...but why let such a prize employee go? Ms B assured me that he was also on board with her decision on letting me go. I'm just finding it very hard to understand how a company could let go of such a great employee. Ms B kept drilling about policy & procedures and it still wasn't making sense to me if I had such a great employee I would not be letting them go so easily. I've been terminated was extremely hard sitting in the office with Ms B and my Assistant Sam voicing to me how I'm being let go as he is fighting back tears to get the words out. So I feel it my moral duty to alert Walgreens that Ms B picks and chooses what policies and procedures she wants to follow all done in front of crew and customers and I truly feel like this is unfair to everyone not only me and as I was walking around the store saying my goodbyes to my crew nobody could understand why I was being let go yet on the other hand most knew she had it in for me...perhaps she felt like she lost some respect as a manager but that had nothing to do with me I have no say on how she decides to manage her store there was a time with a crew member being treated unfairly and I voiced my opinion to her and that's where I feel like it all started. I did not speak ill with
her although she was not happy I was standing up for a crew member. I thought hard before writing this letter this job has meant more to me then just work I've enjoyed every day working with everyone of my crew and that even includes Ms B and taking care of every single one of my customers whom I know most by name. My wish is not to have anyone fired but just become a better manager for both your job and community. Before this job Jersey City was foreign to me and although I've heard not so great stories on the location...I truly fell in love with this community this is a place that I will sincerely miss. As a manager it is your duty to keep your crew and customers safe and I know that Walgreens has procedures and policies to keep us safe when catching a shoplifter for example. My crew has been bitten, pushed, scratched, punched, spit on and even worse. So now that I'm gone I would like to make sure that my crew and my customers are safe and that the general manager Ms. B is complying with all policy and procedures everyday. I was terminated for all the wrong reasons and not the reasons that were put in paper. What I would like to happen? Even if I don't get my job back? is that there's a safer environment for both my crew and my customers and that starts with following those policies and procedures that Walgreens has set up.
I will miss this community of lovely souls that life made me a part of. Please take care of every single one.
It was a pleasure working for Walgreens...this location will always be more than family to me.

Dec 01, 2016

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