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Walgreens Pharmacy / pharmacist attitude problem

1 Hammond, IN, United States Review updated:

Went today to pick up prescriptions for my wife.She has been fighting cancer for 3 years now, and I have been the one to pick up her meds, i am her husband.anyway, this is a two part gripe, the first being the kid in line in front of me.He was picking up a prescription.The pharmacist (Ruby)asked him the address and did all the right things.She rang his stuff up, and he also had a bottle of Robitussin .She refused to sell him the Robitussin because he was underage.My question is how he can pick up a prescribed medicine but not one off the shelf?It is my belief he should have not been sold either product.
Now its my turn.I give the name, address, and date of birth of my wife.Ok, she gets her meds off the will call shelf, asks me address again and proceeds to ring it up.I take out my visa and swipe it, she says "why dont you have insurance?'I explained that her medicaid was up for renewal, while she was in the hospital, 9for 21 days, with kidney problems due to the kemo)and sent in the forms and havent heard from medicaid since.She gave me a stare like I just robbed a bank or something, withdrew her arm back with the meds, and did not want to give them to me, and I heard a sarcastic hmm, then she handed them to me.Sorry to dissapoint you Ruby, but I am a 40 yr.old man, myself and my family are respectable people.I dont know who you think you are Ruby, but you do the same thing as someone who works at Mcdonalds, so lose your stinkin attitude, and have a little compassion for others that are sick.By the way, this is not the first time I have put up with her little attitude problem.Last time my wife went without her meds for the weekend because Ruby did not look it up right on the computer.

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  • St
      9th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    FYI, there are certain laws that prohibits the sale of dextromethorphan & pseudophedrine to minors

  • Mr
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    This is a Walgreens story.

    For three years I have been getting my scripts filled at the local RiteAid, I have once received the wrong medication, at least four times received the wrong strength, an a equal amount for the wrong amount of pills. Once dropped of my scripts off early, and RiteAid lost them, both schedule II, if you don't understand what schedule II is than Google it please, schedule II medication could be methadone, oxycodone, secobarbital, fentanyl etc . .

    Once again RiteAid does not have what I need, RiteAid has two stores with in a mile, still nothing. Calling around the area I found Walgreens had exactly what I need and since that Walgreens is the main 24Hr secondary pharmacy for one of our best local Hospitals chances are that Walgreens wont make stupid mistakes.

    I will update my findings within the year.

  • Aa
      6th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Listen stupid:

    A pharmacy tech requires a hell of a lot more than just working a cash often end up doing a lot of the same work as a pharmacist while having to wait on impatient sick people who are often whiney jerks. In fact, many techs are actually in school to become pharmacists. You probably didn't know all of that, what with having your head shoved up your ### and all.

    Look, I'm sympathetic to your current familal difficulties but your complaint is asinine. You don't like the person who checks you out? Go someplace else or get your meds when she isn't working.

    I'd be a little more willing to be on your side if you'd mentioned that you tried to talk to a manager about your problem or if you didn't submit that massive wall of text filled with grammatical errors and silliness. But as it is you come across as someone whose ego got bruised and decided to rant about it a little.

    My patience gets bruised by idiotic consumers like yours on a daily basis and this is my little rant against you. Works both ways goober.

  • Go
      4th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Like the other guy (who happens to be a douchebag) said, this is something that you should have brought up with a manager if you you were that upset about it.

  • Aa
      6th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    And gomakemeasandwich is a waste of life...seems relevant somehow.

  • Bi
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Change pharmacies; next time Ruby's giving you Cyanide tabs.

  • Sr
      17th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    FYI, in some states, you can't buy Robitussin if you are a minor LEGALLY.

  • Am
      16th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Walgreens policy is that someone can verify your address and pick up your prescription. Wether they are 15 or 85 it doesn't matter. Cough syrup and other cold medicines cannot legally be purchased by minors. So yes, someone can pick up your prescription but not cough syrup. Don't like it? Write your senator to see if your opinion will change the law.

    Also, when she drew her hand back and said "hmmm" after you said you didn't have insurance, she was most likely thinking how she could save you money. Walgreens has a RX savings club for people with little or no insurance. But, since you were probably being a jerk to her, she decided not to waste her time on something that was clearly not going to be appreciated. I know I wouldn't waste time for someone who wasn't appreciative. Since I'm sure you don't know this either, retail pharmacies make more money off from a RX that is not billed to insurance than one that is. Reimbursement rates are crappy and insurances never pay the total amount, leaving us with a cost to basically eat. You sliding your VISA card has a very good reimbursement rate. If you weren't so preoccupied with being so offended all the time, maybe you would notice.

    In general, if someone comes up to you with a crappy attitude to begin with, are you going to make every effort to be nice to them? Not a chance. We may work in retail, but we are not door mats. We do nothing more than McDonald's workers? Hmm. I don't think many people with Doctoral degrees work at McDonald's. I sort of feel sorry for you because you are so ignorant. Who do you think checks for interactions between medications? Most doctors have no idea. They don't go to school for that. WE do. So if we are nothing more than McDonald's workers, essentially you are saying we are not needed. Go ahead, take all those meds that your doctor wrote together. You might not be breathing well enough to write another ignorant complaint.

  • Be
      7th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    walgreens pharmacy
    east sahara branch
    las vegas nv,
    i called up the telephone number 702 432 5633, i have to wait for the next available staff, after 44 minutes of waiting a lady asked me what do i want and i answer her in a nice way and the lady in return reply SORRY I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU AND SHE HANG UP

  • Ca
      24th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I can beat that..I had recently had double back surgery...they told my husband the doctor didn't write the RX right. My husband being very I'll was in no shape to argue..I had only been home one night and needed my small RX for 1 week of meds..I sat at the window so sick, finally this women slams the window open, and I explained that my doctor being confused, asked if she'd call him..she snarled no at me and closed the window, I was so sick and weak, I'd begged her just to call. I ended up back in the hospital as she was so rude and upset me so much I'm still here..My other doctor took one look at me and said she should of called 911 when she saw me..What a horrible and mean spirited women, and at the holidays..her cruel and judgemental attitude made me so upset, I was hospitalized. And could she care, no way! My doctors here think I should sue..and we're thinking about it.For those of you thinking of going to Walgreens, I'd reconsider if you value your lives..

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