Walgreens / pharmacy

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

The pharmacy at this particular Walgreens location is terrible. They have about 2 people working at all times even though they are a 24 hour pharmacy and there is always an extremely long line. The people working at the pharmacy do not know what they are doing. I went to get my medicine refilled, it took an hour after them telling me it would be 15 minutes, and they gave me the wrong medicine, but of course I didn't notice until I got home because it's in a stapled bag. So the next day I went to a different and better location of Walgreens to get it fixed, but they told me that's only the store location that messed it up could fix it. Then I went to that location that messed it up in the first place to get the correct medicine, which took long over an hour and they gave me a different medicine this time, but still the wrong one again. Now I can't go back again because they refuse to do anything else with the medicine, so I am stuck without my correct medication until I can get an appointment with my specialist doctor. Not good. I will not ever be visiting this Walgreens pharmacy ever again and I will also advise others not to. Worst experience ever with a pharmacy.

Oct 17, 2017

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