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I was a Prime Pharmacy mail order customer. They never messed up my orders and they always notified me when there was any issue at all. Well this all came to an end when I as well as others were notified that Walgreens would be taking over the mail order process. When I heard this I cringed thinking is Walgreens still bad processing scripts. Well I soon found out that they are. First off the process they used to convert former customers from Prime to Walgreens was less than adequate. They could not move over any of the scripts from Prime. Do you think they would have vetted this first, no! So, I had to get involved to go through my meds on the phone so they could be transferred. The next issue was payment. With prime it was easy, you just put in your credit card or bank info once and you were done. Walgreens did not have it in their system to ask for this information when ordering meds. So, I didn't really think about it until I received a letter stating I should pay my bill so I could continue to receive medication. The letter seemed somewhat threatening. Instead they should have said that they had an issue with their system and I should login and post a credit card. Now the latest call was due to my not getting all the meds that I reordered. I only received one out of 4. When I went on line I saw that my heard meds were on hold for some unknown reason. I called and the guys said I would not receive them until Dec 4th. I said I would run out before then. He cancelled the order and set it up to do shipping so I would receive the meds by this Wed. I called on Sun. I thanked him for doing this. Then I found out that one of the other meds I ordered was on hold for no reason they would disclose to me. I will get this one in time because I had enough to carry me over. Walgreens should have done a much better job at getting their system ready for all of this. I tried to register a complaint with them and was on hold for about 5 min. before the guy came on line and said that he could not transfer me and that I would have to call back during normal business hours. I hate Walgreens!

Nov 19, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    I would recommend changing services. While I do not have experience with Walgreens, I did experience something similar when a small pharmacy was transferred to CVS.

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  • Lo
      Dec 13, 2017

    I love Prime Mail. I have the exact problem with Walgreens. I HATE HATE HATE WALGREENS!

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