Walgreens / drive thru pharmacy service

We had been sent by our regular Walgreen's pharmacy to another Walgreen's pharmacy on the corner of Waldo rd. and University ave. In Gainesville, Fl.. Our regular pharmacy was out of the medication we needed and had told us that they called the one on waldo rd and that they had it in stock. So we drove across town to that pharmacy, there was fairly young African American woman working the drive thru( May 31st at approx. 4:15pm). We told her the other Walgreen's sent us over, she then said that they did not have it in stock and that no one had called from any other store. She was very short and rude with her response as if we were being untruthful about being sent by the other Walgreen's. She definitely needs a refresher course in manners and customer service. She made no offer to call the other store and help figure out the problem after we had already drove across town. Customer service is often the life or death of any business and in her case would definitely be detrimental to Walgreen's business.

May 31, 2018

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