Walgreens / discrimination

Pompano Beach,, US

Store # 5008
Good morning my name is Nichalaus T Horton and I am a frequent Walgreen's shopper not only for prescription's but also groceries. I went yesterday to my new Walgreen's store and was denied service. This is the first time this has ever happened to me at any Walgreen's. An employee Dave Thomas took my prescriptions and then ordered me to sit down. I felt at this point that this employee was not having a good day because I found it rather rude. After around 10 minuets my name was called and Mr. Thomas told me that he would not fill the prescriptions. When I asked why he said it was his choice. I was extremely humiliated and frustrated at this moment. I have been taking these prescriptions for sometime and my body is used to functioning with them. I asked for a store manager and spoke with the assistant manager and he also told me that it was up to the pharmacist.
Last night I started to do my research on policy's and procedures from pharmacy's. I found that this is somewhat common with Walgreen's stores in particular. Since I feel that I was discriminated against either for my skin color or perhaps the way I was dressed. I think it is normal for people to ask themselves these questions after being denied service and since I am usually in work attire and on this particular day I was rained on coming in and in gym attire I perhaps was denied.
This is my first step in my mission to not let this happen to people. No one deserves to be humiliated and told they cannot shop in stores such as Walgreen's. Discrimination has no place in our society today. Further more denying people their prescriptions written by Doctors without merit is dangerous to ones health. If a pharmacist has the power to deny service justifiable reason needs to be provided. This power can be abused and I feel in my case it has been.
While doing research on Walgreen's I was reading though many bio philosophy's and under Dave Thomas's states
"As a Walgreen's pharmacist, I offer health advice and answer questions on medications, disease states, and so much more, because I want to help you stay well."
I don't understand the point of having bio's if they are not lived out. This cannot just be for show. I was not offered health advice, Mr. Thomas refused to answer any questions I had, and how is he helping me stay well by turning his back on me in the store and denying prescriptions written by my Dr.
I will finish by adding that since this is the first time I have had a problem after shopping at Walgreen's for many years I will not judge the store from one disgruntled employee, but I will continue to search for avenues so that discrimination can be minimized in our society. I feel that when any United States citizen feels this is happened it is their right and their duty to speak up. We all have a voice and if one believes in his voice strong enough it will be heard.

Nov 21, 2017

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