Walgreens / dangerous management

Daytona Beach at Beville Rd., US
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I had lived in Daytona as a business owner for about 2 years when an alcoholic girlfriend purchased alcohol at the Walgreens near the racetrack.
I was at home working at the time. She drank the alcohol in front of the Walgreens and fell on her face. A manager came outside and saw a bruise on her face. Then this manager "David" called the police and said, "we have a woman here whose husband beat her up and dropped her off". I was not her husband, did not touch her and did not drop her off. I though she went tot he Publix next door to the Walgreens.

Two female cops came to my door with her. They asked my name and when i told them said that this woman had claimed I was beating her up on a regular basis, turn around you are under arrest.

I was falsely arrested and did not resist other than telling the cops my side of the story. I was put in jail for days and paid thousands of dollars to a lawyer to release me.

It took me months to be cleared by the court as my case was non-pros (not prosecuted) once the court finally and stupidly realized they had no case.
After this was over, I relinquished my portion of the business and moved out of town as quickly as possible. The police department is about as incompetent and uncaring as could possibly be. The courts are draconian and the Walgreens should have been sued for slander with massive damages, but I was so pissed off and still in dis=belief, I just wanted to leave this horrible place.

There is no question, Daytona Beach with all of its beggars, low-lifes and drug addicts is a hell-hole as my electrician back here in Maryland said to me, and he was only there for a few days on vacation. Volusia County ids the poorest county in Florida and is a perfect example of all f the bad things in the state. Going there for any reason is a major mistake. Find a racetrack somewhere else, this one controls who the mayor is. The entire town is corrupt. Avoid Daytona Beach at all risk to you and your property.

I am an educated man, obviously making a serious mistake bringing this woman into my home from another country I knew her in. I had already purchased an airline ticket to send her home, but in the waiting period this incident happened . I had never been subjected to the behavior of a real alcoholic previously, so I didn't realize how dangerous she was, the Walgreens could be, nor how bad the Daytona Beach Police Dept. could be.
Walgreens made no restitution and is only concerned with protecting their name, not the customer's well-being.

If you intend to move to Miami-Dade or Broward County, I suggest you research other locations north of Pompano Beach or South of Cape Canaveral. There are large regions on the east coast that are equally as dangerous like Miami, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville. better to check out the panhandle or the west coast. Less sleaze, not none, just less.
Anywhere in Florida, get a lawyer and a gun the week you move in, you may need both.

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