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November 26, 2016
I shopped this morning at Walgreens store #09089 in Huntington Beach.
While purchasing my items at approx. 7:30am, I was greeted by Susie, a nice, friendly and extremely professional employee, who has worked for Walgreens for approx. 10 years. This morning was very cold and a bit windy. Susie was wearing her personal clean black sweater and expressed (as we all did in a brief chat) that it is "very cold this morning." She was working in the front register and every time a customer enters the store, a cold breeze comes into the store, so it made sense for her to wear her sweater. The appalling and troubling complaint is that this same morning, a manager, Mr. Tom Charala, entered the store and without saying 'hello' ... he singled for her to take off her sweater! The 4 customers and I that were in line to purchase our items and were appalled and troubled by his heartless action! How dare he (1) embarrass her like that in front of customers, and (2) make her take off her sweater with no regard if she was cold or not! As customers, we were all shocked and then felt very angry at the Walgreens manager, Mr. Chavala. Susie has been a super wonderful employee at Walgreens for 10 years...Walgreens should buy her that $35.00 Walgreens sweater, as she is very deserving of it! I cannot believe that you prefer to have your good employees become ill (cold season) because they cannot afford to purchase your company sweater...Walgreens is a multi-million or billion dollar company and how dare you not award your long time dedicated and hard working employees with your company sweater to keep them warm and happy! Shame on Walgreens and their unsupportive management!
What a disappointing Thanksgiving weekend to see the type of treatment Walgreens gives dedicated employees! Let me say that if Walgreens does not change this inhumane and no compassion policy... and continues to be cheap with dedicated employees, I will influence my friends and family members to change to shop at CVS instead!
From a long time loyal Walgreens customers for the past 20 years...but very angry at how I saw your manager treat one of your most dedicated employees just because she can't afford to purchase your company sweater!
Shame on Walgreens!!!

  • Updated by RoseGalvan, Nov 26, 2016

    Susie does not know that I wrote this complaint. When the store Manager made her take off her sweater in front of the customers, she did not complain, but it was obvious she was embarrassed. Anyone would be! As a long time Walgreens customer, I felt compelled to send in this complaint of Nov. 26, 2016 in hopes that Walgreens does the ethical thing in purchasing a Walgreens sweater for Susie, at the Huntington Beach store (corner of Garfield and Brookhurst). thank you!

Nov 26, 2016
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  •   Nov 26, 2016

    For one, I agree with you. However, I disagree with you jumping on the internet to complain since no one from Walgreens will see this. You should have taken your complaint and your anger to that manager to their face.

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  • Po
      Nov 27, 2016

    Unfortunately this can be the nature of retail; although I truly empathize with Susie. Please consider contacting their corporate office!

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  • Ho
      Apr 26, 2018

    Walgreens has very unsupported management, what good does it do to call corporate if no one does anything about it! Walgreens is a slave driven company! Northern Colorado has the worst STORE MANAGER'S I've ever had to deal with, they're heartless. WALGREENS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

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  • Ho
      Apr 26, 2018

    Walgreens train all your managers, specially the store managers to be sympathetic, have a good heart. And Not to be lazy and be slave drivers! Maybe you won't have sooooo much turn over. And train right all your employee, because those PPl videos really don't help. (Northern Colorado)

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