Walgreens / advertising

I would like to register a complaint regarding the constant advertisement about two older females buying an arm load of sunscreen. My objection is the blatant support for public nudity by showing the sign of a "nude beach." It is an offensive advertisement to my value system. I am aware that adults can do whatever they like but I would hate my children being exposed to the idea that nude beaches are an ok and normal consideration for a life style.
While I have found Walgreens to be place to shop periodically for prescription drugs in emergency situations and other such commodities as special events as in Christmas and Halloween I am now seeking to avoid purchasing anything at Walgreens until the adolescent and irresponsible advertising stops. My hope would be that Walgreens would be more sensitive and a provide advertising of a higher quality than it is now engaged in.
Thank you for receiving and giving some consideration to my concerns.

Mar 08, 2017

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