Walgreens$3,000 monthly sweepstakes

Bq Jan 26, 2015 Deerfield, IL

I bought some prescriptions at Walgreen to which I was given a receipt with a notification that if I take the survey, I can entered their $3, 000 monthly cash sweepstake by going into

If you logged into, you get pages of advertisements and you have to almost CLICKED on every one of those sites to finally find the sweepstake entry. I read some views from other customers WHO ALSO COMPLAIN about this SAME issue. If the Walgreen receipt states to logged into, it SHOULD take the customer STRAIGHT to the sweepstake survey site..NOT TO EVERY OTHER THING listed on 2-3 screens.
To get to the sweepstake entry, you have to answered about 10 -15 customer evaluation multiple choice questions(5 - 7 minutes) to get to the end where the entry form for the sweepstake.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Deerfield, IL When you get to the application and you start putting in your name, address...IT FLIPS ITSELF OUT to THE NEXT SCREEN) : THANK YOU FOR YOUR SURVEY. It does this before you can finish entering all the necessary data on the entry form about yourself for that sweepstakes You try to use the back arrow to get back to the previous screen where your entry application was so you can finished entering the rest of your information and it won't let you.

If you go back to and re-find and try to start from the beginning, it also won't let you stating again : THANK YOU FOR YOUR SURVEY. SURVEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN.
Survey: [protected] Password: [protected]
How to contact Walgreens:
Walgreen Company Corporate Office
Write or call us at:
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

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