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Wal - Mart Tire Lube Express / pot heads

1 Salem, OH, United States Review updated:

i used to work in the tire lube at salem, ohio walmart. there are people working on your car that no nothing about cars. my manager was a big fat ### from the pet department but she sucked enuff ### to get the t.l.e. support manager position. this woman would tell us to put wrong oil in cars and do things to cars we shouldn't! so before you get your vehicle serviced you mite wanna smell the air and see if you can smell the pot burnin from the dopeheads workin on your car at salem wal-mart!!!

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  • Lu
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    iin April of 2008 I took my van to a WIchita Wal Mart for an oil change. When I returneed a large window was smashed out. tHEY TOLD ME IT WAS THAT WAY WHEN i BROUGHT IT IN AND DIDN'T NOTICE IT. I wrote about it on this site. I have since went to small cLaims court where they showed a pitiful security tape of my van approaching the shop. They convinced the judge the window was broken out because you could see through the window. I invited the judge to go out and look at my van windows and see you can see through them. He wouldn't listen. I appealed but I had no lawyer and they did. They pulled the same story and had 2 witrnesses who lied through their teeth. Thei lawyer said they didn't want a transcript but I requessted one-thank goodness. Again the judge didn't look at the pictures clearly. He didn't notice in the picture I took right after it was broken that you can clearly see 2 vehicles (1 a Wal Mart truck) thriugh the wundow on the opposite side. OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN SEE TRHOUGH THE WINDOWS. tHEY PRESENTED A DAMAGE REPORT STATING THE WINDOW WAS BROKEN WHEN iIBROUGHT IT IN BUT NO MENTION OF A BROKEN WINDOW IS ON THE WORK SHEET. tHE "GREETER" SAID HE WALkED AROUND MY VAN IN A "WALK AROUND" AND NOTED THE BROKEN WINDOW. hOWEVER THE SECURITY FILM CLEARLY SHOWS HE NEVER SET FOOT AROUND THE VAN. THERe IS AN INSIDE SHOT THAT SHOWS A GLARE ON THE WINDOW AS IT WENT INSIDE. iT'S VERY ODD THAT DURING THE WHOLE TAPE NO ONE IS SEEN TO BE WORKING ON THE VAN-IS SOME OF The TAPE MISSING? THERE ARE OUTRIGHT WRONGFUL STATEMENTS BY BOTH WITNESSES. i'D LIKE TO FIND PEOPLE INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. i STILL HAVE A SIGN OVER THE WINDOW SPACE SAYING, "ASK ME HOW I LIKED MY WAL MART OtL CHANGE!" THE RESPONSES HAVE BEEN OVER WHELMING. THE MAIN COMPLAINTS ARE: OIL PLIGS LEFT OUT RESULTING IN A BURNED UP MOTOR, OIL FILTERS INCORFRECTLY INSTALLED, AND WHEELS THAT CAME OFF AFDTER WHEEL/TIRE WORK. i DOL NOT HAVE A COMPUTER SO HAVE TO GO ON LINE IN LIBRARIES. I'D WELCOME A CONTGACT AT 620-325-3494. iIHAVE THE WHOLE TRANSCRIPT AND SECURITY TAPE. I MANAGHED TO FILE WITH APPELLATE COURT BUT COULD NOT FINISH THE PROCESS ON MY OWN. I JUST AGREED IN COURT TO DROP THATG PROCESS WITH THE UNDERSTANDING I WOULD EXPLORE OTHER AVENUES. SIGNED, A MAD GRANNY IN KANSAS

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